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New Home Sales Training | Best Builders

This is the incredibly humble Dave and I’m here with Aaron Anstiss the founder of builders training academy. Aaron is an industry leader in new home sales training and he’s here today to share some wisdom on helping new home sales people help themselves. Now Erin as we’ve talked in the past and we’ll continue to do so the whole process of new home sales. New Home Sales Training
It is a process. There’s steps that you want to take every customer through and you want to be consistent with it. And obviously this is a this is an industry based on commissions so the money’s there. You don’t get paid as a sales person unless you close on a client.
Yeah I would say that word right there is the word we use as salespeople. But I’d be careful not to use that word in front of the customer. I mean I think one of the worst words that we can use to describe helping someone acquire their dream would be close. But for today Dave you have permission to use that word. Just between us. Let’s just for new home sales people out there let’s make sure we don’t use that word in front of the customer. Certainly
certainly it just makes us thousands of people that are listening to this. All right so what should the sales managers mindset be towards closing the sale What should they be thinking what should be going through their minds.
You know it’s interesting because a lot of people in sales when we start talking about closing I think they get the mindset that it’s an event that happens when I think it’s really a process from the very beginning. And so for the sales person I mean part of what I train on in new home sales is I try and get the sales person to realize that they earned the privilege to ask so that it’s not so uncomfortable. I mean you truly need to go through the steps and through the process so that you have earned that privilege to be able to ask them and the other mindset is you need to realize the customer expects you to. I mean after all they walked in your door of your model home and they were looking for a home. New Home Sales Training. They are waiting on somebody to ask them to purchase it because they walked in to purchase it. So it’s you need to get the mindset of the customer expects it. The other thing is a mindset to keep is you know the customer wants to end the torture of house hunting. And what I mean by that is you think about this you might have a husband and a wife and let’s say they have two kids at home and the kids are four and six years old or her three and five years old. You got some. Activity going on in that household. You got some busyness happening inside of that household. New Home Sales Training
Not only do you have to 40 hour a week jobs but you also have taken the kids to daycare picking them up from day care taking them to soccer practice or baseball or T-ball or you’ve got stuff going on you’ve got activities all day long every day. And while they’re in the house hunting mode they’re also having to fit that in as an additional activity. And because it’s such a big purchase for people they’re going to take it very seriously and they’re going to do a lot of looking. So by the time they’ve been looking for a month or two or six they are worn out. It has been a torture for them. They are sick and tired of looking and they are looking for somebody to just put them out of their misery and close on them. So you need to realize that customers get to that point. They just want someone to rescue them so that they can move on with their life to the next phase which is where it’s being built.
Well you know we use this word a couple times now and as you said we have to use it only behind closed doors just in the industry. But the word close what defined for our listeners what you think.
The meaning of close is. Yeah. So here’s what it’s not. It’s not dropping the hammer. Hits. It shouldn’t feel like dropping the hammer.
I mean after all who wants to have the hammer dropped on them. Certainly not me. Probably not any of our listeners today.
But you know to close just means to get mutual agreement on something. It’s to ask a question and get the answer that you actually wanted. It’s also to conclude discussion or negotiation. So when we talk about clothes I mean don’t you think most people when they’re having a conversation feel the most comfortable when you’re getting mutual agreement about something or you know if you can ask questions that you get answers you want from them then that is a very comfortable conversation. It’s not a hammer dropping conversation. It’s just very comfortable and very natural feeling.
So in your training do you teach the process of closing. Is it a is it a process of closing or is it an event you know it really can be both.
I mean like I said earlier it is a process in that you are closing on many things with the customer all the way from how low to the actual event of closing. In other words taking the keys and moving into the home. So it is a process though. You know for example when when they very first walk in your door you’re closing on what their name is. You know you’re asking a question and you’re getting the answer you want from them. You know when you’re when they first walk in the door you know you’re closing on a lot of different things so that is a process as you go through and you’re asking them about what kind of floor plan they want and all the different things you’re just trying to get the answers you want. And you’re trying to get mutual agreement and have a very comfortable conversation with them all the way through the process. So yes the closing on the home is an event but there is a process to getting them there. New Home Sales Training
In past talks we’ve we’ve talked about the things you do through the process. Name 10 things you can close on in the process as a sales manager.
Only 10 days. That’s all you need. Just 10 and just 10. OK. Awesome. Well let’s run through some. OK so first of all I mentioned you can get the customer’s name so just closing on that. And there are some easy ways to do it you can say. I always find it’s if you’re going to take something from the customer it’s best to give them something first so you know an easy way to get a name is. Hi Guys welcome to such and such community. My name’s Aaron and yours is. So I just gave them something and I take back. So I would say you can close on the customers names. You can close on registering a client’s contact information. This can be done either whether they call on the phone or they’re standing there in person. So you know closing on getting their contact info. Scheduling another appointment and you know when you schedule an appointment there’s some really great ways to get the answers you want. Like we talked about it’s to get mutual agreement or ask questions and get the answer you want. So one of the ways I love to schedule appointments is with the two choices method. So I’ll give them two choices of when the appointment can be. So I’ll say hey guys in order for us to get together and answer all the questions you had I wanted to go ahead and set up a time for that. Is it better for you guys during the week or on the weekend. Those are the two choices. New Home Sales Training
There are always going to say week and most of the time. So if they say on the weekend great is Saturday or Sunday better for you. They pick one of those and then the last part is great is 10:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. best for you. So you just keep giving them two choices. It’s amazing how easily you can close those appointments and get mutual agreement and get the answers you want. When you use that method a fourth way would be closing on their favorite floor plan. Fifth would be closing on a home site that they like six would be closing on the number of garages they want. Seventh would be if you offer structural features closing on which one of the structural features that they want 8th would be closing on the payment and then the price via the payment. So you know finding out what kind of price they want or payment they want on the home ninths would be closing on building versus a move in ready home. In the tenth since you asked for 10 day is closing on the actual purchase of the home. New Home Sales Training. And obviously that’s the one we want to get to. But as you start asking questions that you’re going to get the answers you want out of them and you keep getting mutual agreement. All of these things through the process it becomes easier and easier to get them to closing on the home if you’re getting a lot of yeses. All along the way and that is a new home sales training technique that I love to use. It’s just getting small yeses. New Home Sales Training
So when you get all the way to the time for them to go ahead and purchase they’ve been saying yes yes yes yes yes to everything in agreement agreement agreement agreement. And now the very last thing you ask them when it’s time you’re trying to get them to go ahead and sign. You asked them a very assumptive very simple question like so do you guys want just one of your names on title or both. And it’s not a difficult like awkward feeling. It’s like everything you talked about they were in agreement with and now it’s just yes we want both names and you’re done.
Like you mentioned earlier you’ve earned the right to be asking those questions. Exactly and they expected it anyway. Yep and none of those steps. I asked for 10 and you gave me 10. But none of those were hammers and I didn’t exactly know him. Well Erin thank you for joining us today and sharing your builder wisdom with us. I’m David Dumont. We’ve been speaking with Aaron Anstiss the founder of the builders training academy. Thanks for listening. Be sure to apply everything you heard here today for better business tomorrow.

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