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New Home Sales Training | Phenomenal Trainers

New Home Sales Training | Phenomenal Trainers

This is the incredibly humble David Dumont and I’m here with Aaron Anstis the founder of builders training academy. Erin is an industry leader in new home sales training and he’s here today to share some wisdom on helping new home sales people help themselves. Erin thank you for joining us today. You bet. Should you take every customer through your model. What is the the mindset for a sales person out there is it why is it important. Should they do it. New Home Sales Training
Absolutely not. Not every customer. You know it’s interesting there are some people who don’t want to do your program and they’re going to give you the talk into the hand kind of feel. And so you want to feel it out a little bit and see if they want you to take it through. Now should your goal be to do that. Absolutely. Here’s the thing you want to show them as many homes as you possibly can. And it’s interesting because I think a lot of people don’t understand you know that they get into new home sales and they think as soon as the customer tells me they found a floor plan that they love i should stop and try and close them. I totally disagree with this method of selling. Here’s the thing. Most people when they’re buying anything they’re going to go through looking at more than one of something and most customers when they walk into your model home they don’t want to insult you by telling you they don’t like your home. New Home Sales Training
They could very easily walk into 10 different builders homes across your city and tell every single one of them they love their model home because they are beautifully decorated. They are pretty.
So they could walk in and say oh we love this right off the bat. And so here’s the thing. You know that they’re going to look at a certain number of homes before they finalize a decision. They’re not just going to look at one home and then write their huge check for their huge downpayment and buy the most expensive thing in their life without shopping around a little bit. So it’s just as important to show them homes they don’t like as it is to show them homes. They do like they have to have a sense of context. If they see one home and they go We love this home. It’s awesome. They’re going to fall more in love with it the more you show them homes. They don’t like. So don’t just show them your model home only if you have other floor plans in your neighborhood or at your disposal to be able to show them show them as many as you possibly can until you’ve kind of worn them out because guess what happens if you don’t do this.
They may tell you up. This is the one we found it. We love it. You don’t show them any more plans. You just showed them the one model home and you know what they’re going to do. They’re going to go home and go. Well.
We want to be sure that this is the right one and we really haven’t seen that much. So they’re going to go to your competition to look at more homes. If you wear them out showing them homes you have they feel like they have the context and they’ve had gathered enough information to make a decision. So don’t make that mistake.
That makes sense. Now in the process especially in your training when you’re working at the sales managers do you get it across to them that their goal should be to fully demonstrate their model to everybody that walks through that door is that one of the things that you teach them that should be their drive. New Home Sales Training
I think in new home sales training it’s one of the most important things is to do a full demonstration. I try and teach everybody that here’s a thing you want. The reason you want to walk him through a full demo is because customers when they walk through a model home they’re almost like starry eyed and they’re not focusing on how they live. They’re not focusing in on some important things like their lifestyle. And so they’re they’re looking at colors because they’re visual. They’re looking at decoration because they’re visual. Did I mention that customers are visual. And so they’re not sometimes they don’t have as high of an emotional intelligence to sit there and think OK now based on the lifestyle that we live and our family how we live is the architectural design of this plan. What’s going to function well for us. They are not focused in on the function they’re focused in on the pretty stuff they see. And so. As a new home sales person you want to make sure that you’re actually demonstrating the model you’re talking to them about the concepts and ideas behind the architecture and design of the plan that would make it a great home for them to live in for years to come so they can see themselves living in it and how it would function and how it would improve their lifestyle to be in that home.
Now I’m sure in your training there’s a long list and I’m sure you can go on at length on the things that the sales manager should pay attention to when they’re doing the demonstrations of models. But what is the number one thing you feel they should avoid when demonstrating a model what’s that one thing. New Home Sales Training
So are you saying I can ramble on Dave is that what you’re saying. No absolutely not. Never been accused of that. So I would say the number one thing to avoid is giving an effing demo. And and what I mean by that is like F stands for feature dumping what I’ve seen a lot of sales people do is they get into the model and they just start literally verbally vomiting on the customer every thing they know they just start telling them a laundry list of information that the customer is never going to really care about. The thing is is you want to take it a step beyond that you want to get information out of them before you start giving too much information. So if you’re just running down a laundry list going.
So this is standard in that standard. This is an upgrade that’s an upgrade. You’re just going to drive your customer nuts and they’re going to stop listening to you they’re going to glaze over. I actually had an experience where I shopped a builder one time shopped there salesperson and I am not kidding you my wife and I went in there never asked a question.
And for 30 minutes straight the guy talked. New Home Sales Training
We finally got sick of listening to him and we so we interrupted him and asked him a very pointed question and it was like we never even asked him the question he took a breath and stop for a minute and kind of stared at us blinked a couple of times and then went back into feature dumping us and never answered our question. About 10 minutes later I stopped him and interrupted him again asked him a question again. He blinked and stared at me and then continued on with this feature dumping he never answered any of the questions we asked. We were there for an hour and 15 minutes and it was very obvious to us he was just going to go through his list whether we were there or not and we couldn’t stop him from going through the list.
It was the worst demonstration I’ve ever seen. With this is you know we’re talking about the early on process of meeting a customer you know getting him greeting him is starting to.
Build a relationship. You don’t obviously know at this point what this person is looking for and you’re standing in a model of what is the purpose of demonstrating that model when it may not fit anything that they were after.
Yeah that’s a great question. Actually that’s one of the main reasons to do it is because it’s going to help you to determine the customer’s needs wants their motivation. You’re going to hear some of the things they like. You’re going to hear some of the things that they don’t like. In fact it’s really important for you to make it very clear to them this isn’t your house that you designed. It’s the builder’s house that his architect designed and that you’re not going to be offended if they tell you things they don’t like. You have to give them permission to do that. So that they can tell you the things they like and don’t like. Which will help you to read into how to best close the customer anyways because you can start formulating a plan and a picture in your mind of what’s going to work best for them. And so you know it’s really just to find out where the customer’s needs and wants and motivation that is the main reason to do it what should be the mindset. New Home Sales Training
The community manager or the sales manager has at this point when they’re working with the customer what what should be their focus or their goal.
That’s a great question. You know here’s the thing you have to be kind of a rock star. You need to make this into a dazzling presentation. So what I’m saying is you have to have some show. And you have to have some business. It’s called show business. You know you don’t want to just straight forward give them information that’s boring. You want to present the information in a way that’s fun. You’ve got to throw some jokes in there. You’ve got a script some jokes and some fun into your demonstration. I mean after all if you’re going to be sitting in this model home you’re going to have people walking in every day. You should be great at nailing it on the presentation of this home. You should have some some funny stuff built in like I’ve heard some some good ones over the years. But you know I had a sales person once upon a time who used to always say to the customers right when they came in. I mean the guy is usually kind of disengaged in the woman’s interested I’m excited to look at homes and you know the guys miss in his Saturday football game so he’s a little perturbed. And so she has to right off the bat say as soon as they walked in she would say. OK look I know she would say to the husband I know you’re not too excited about being here today but when I show you the man cave in this home you’re going to go nuts and she’d get him all excited she’d hype him up about this man cave. New Home Sales Training
And then a couple minutes later she’d take him into the laundry room and go OK. Here it is what do you think. And of course the guys would start cracking up. You talk about an ice breaker and something that just breaks down the walls when you get them laughing like that. It’s just it worked every time. They always cracked up. And she would say things like yeah work. You know you could put a big screen TV on the wall in here we could put a popcorn maker in here. You can have the guys over to watch football and fold laundry at the same time.
What does. Oh I’m sorry. Erin thank you for joining us today and sharing your wisdom with us. I’m David Dumont and we’ve been speaking with Aaron anti-ice the founder of builders training academy. Thanks for listening and be sure to apply everything you heard here today for better business tomorrow.

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