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New Homes Broken Arrow | a Hard Working Team

Speaker 1: (00:00)
I’m ready. So we’re going to go over the path to your new Shaw home, and we’re going to start with the model tour. So that tour will take us about 90 minutes altogether, depending on how many homes that we would be looking at today, um, anywhere from six to 12, depending on what you guys are exactly looking for, something that’s great about this model home tour. Cause I don’t know about you guys, but for me, it’s hard to be able to determine how my amazing dining room table is going to fit or how my bedroom is going to bedroom furniture would fit. So what’s great is all of our models that we will see today will be fully furnished and decorated. Um, and something that you guys will be able to do is drive your own cars. So if an emergency comes up, you’re more than welcome to leave at any time.

Speaker 1: (00:42)
Um, and we go over no pricing, so there’s no really no pressure at this model home to our appointment. And we just want to focus on all the information to get to give to you guys today. Um, and also my goal, my goal is to just make sure that I’m setting the expectation for you guys, um, on building your new homes broken arrow. So we just want to focus on the function behind the home and making sure that we’re looking for exactly what you guys are needing. So, um, we do have 80 plus floor plans and they are very versatile, um, as they can be a single story or a two-story home. So during that tour today, we’re going to find out that home that you guys would be interested in building with us. Um, and then the next step is financing. So in this step, we’re going to be looking for that budget that you guys are wanting to stick to.

Speaker 1: (01:26)
So we will always give you a monthly payment quote based on, um, the base price of what you will receive at the end of this evening. And also we do have an amazing extra incentive when you do use one of our preferred lenders. So instead of it being a $10,000 incentive, it actually bumps up to a $15,000 incentive. Um, in sending that’s a great, the applications with our lenders, it takes about five minutes. Um, you will get that approval within 24 hours or less typically. Um, and the wonderful thing is they will do interest rate matching and closing cost matching. If you already do have an approval letter with somebody else. Um, and then also all the types of loans they can do conventional FHA VA, native American, um, just depending on what you guys are wanting to do for your financing for your new homes broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (02:13)
So that first step was one picking out the home. Two is picking out that budget and step three is picking out, um, the location of where you would like your new home broken arrow. So at that time a thousand dollars deposit would be asked of you guys, but the great thing about that is refundable for seven days. Um, we do that. So you guys don’t make any rash decisions to say your husband wants lot seven, a block three, but you really wanted maybe that corner law on blocks six instead. So the great thing is you can switch during that time. Um, we want you guys to take your time and get all of your questions answered before you make a committed decision on which Homesite you’d like to go with. Um, and the great thing is, is we don’t even cash that check. It just sits in my desk for those seven days. Um, so then that way we are blocking competing

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Customers from that home site. And we always say that they are one of a kind hints, the unicorn, because maybe there’s only two corner, lots left in that one of a kind neighborhood that you want to live in. So we just want to make sure that we can reserve that for you and make sure you guys can get all of your questions answered before making that commitment. So like I was saying, the model home tour is to pick up that home. Step two of the financing is to pick that budget to stick to, um, step three is picking where you want to put that home in which community, and then step four is our price out. Um, and that is going to be picking out the design features in your home. So what’s great is we will meet at your favorite home. Um, and it takes about 45 minutes to get through that price out for you guys.

Speaker 2: (03:40)
The wonderful thing about it is you get line for line itemized pricing on everything in the home. So for instance, say, um, this, the front door on this house, for instance, you’re like, ah, I really wanted an eight foot door. So what’s great is we are going to go through a slide show and you will see the options for that eight foot door along with the costs for the eight foot door. So we don’t want any surprises for you guys. We want to make sure that you can see exactly what you are paying for. Um, and then hopefully, you know, we will get that price down, um, exactly the way that you guys are wanting right down to the dollar. And you might refine it a little bit in the design studio, but this is going to get you super close for you guys. Um, and the wonderful thing is, is we don’t hide that information.

Speaker 2: (04:22)
We will give you complete pronounce on the spot when we are done, and you can take that home and marinate on those decisions. And you know, maybe you guys are gonna fight over a couple of them, but at the end of the day, we just want to make sure that you have the chance to go over them and make sure that you guys are picking out the way that you want your home to be priced out. Um, and then after that is going to be our purchase agreement. So backup. So step one was picking out the home. Step two is picking out that budget. Step three was picking out where you want to build your home. Step four is picking out those features and designs in your home. And step five for that purchase agreement is just finalizing those decisions. So, um, what you guys will be doing is watching an informative video that will go over every step that’s next in this path, as well as answering any possible questions you guys probably might have.

Speaker 2: (05:13)
Um, then it’s going to take about one hour, um, altogether. So, um, and the only two things that are final at this time are your structural options. So the home that you were wanting to build, and if we are moving any exterior walls and then to the home site that you were wanting to put your new homes broken arrow on, but the colors in the home and the finishes in the home are not final. You will get to pick those out in our award-winning design studio. So I’m the only other, um, funds that are asked of you, um, at purchase agreement is your additional deposit that would be due. So that is dependent on the purchase price of the home. So if your purchase price is two 50 or less, it is $5,000. And of course we’ll take in consideration that thousand from above. So we would need another $4,000 that time.

Speaker 2: (05:58)
If it is two 50 to 300, it would be a $10,000 earnest money. And of course, again, the thousand dollars above, so $9,000 at that time, if it’s 300 to three 50, then it would be $15,000 for your earnest money. And again, that thousand above so 14. And then if it is over 350 for your purchase price, it would be a 5% for your earnest money. Um, and that check, you’re not making it out to myself, you’re making it up to, um, Shaw homes. And it’s your earnest money like your skin in the game. Cause we’re going to be carrying that construction loan. We’re going to be making the payments during that duration of the build in interest. So that, um, is all going to go towards your down payment at the end, when we close on your home six to seven months from now, um, and say you guys are needing to be a contingent or a delay of build.

Speaker 2: (06:46)
We are more than welcome to do those for up to 120 days as well. So then that way we can get everything started and finalize what that purchase agreement still. Um, and then the next step would be the design studio. So you will meet, uh, we will be working with our word winning designers, um, and we have the largest design studio of any Tulsa builder. Um, and there are tons of options offered in. It’s a really simple process because you will have your designer helping you the whole time. And it’s done in three easy meetings. So you’ll have an interior appointment, an exterior appointment and then final signatures. Um, and just remember no structural changes will be able to be made at this time, but all the interior things that maybe you want to design something out or the finishes in the home can all be changed at that time.

Speaker 2: (07:31)
Um, the only thing we do ask is just no children in the design studio one, you probably won’t be the only, um, new homes broken arrow client that is there. And also we just want to make sure that you’re able to focus because there is a lot of decisions to be made. Um, and then the next step would be, um, your plan review. So something that’s great about that. You’re going to know everything about your home before it’s even being built. So we’re going to review all of your selections. You’re going to discuss the timeline of when things are going to be done on your new homes broken arrow. Um, you’ll discuss weekly updates of how you will be receiving those. Um, and also you’re going to go over your home owners orientation, and then we, you will meet at the main office and you’ll actually get to meet your builder, who is building your new home, broken arrow.

Speaker 2: (08:16)
And you’re going to review the blueprints, your site plan. And you’re going to discuss the grade of the land of where your home is going to be built. Um, the next step is going to be the building process. So what’s wonderful is your orientation is actually done on site, which is pretty neat. Um, so you’re going to meet at your home. You’re going to be able to enjoy the progress that is being done. And you’ll also be getting those weekly updates from your construction manager. So when I say weekly updates, you will be getting, um, emails based in that. What they’ll be telling you is what is happening on your new homes broken arrow. If your framing is going up, or maybe if it’s at a lek, your electric stuff is going to be happening. So you’ll be able to know exactly what’s going on.

Speaker 2: (08:56)
Um, and questions are always welcomed. Do, if you can’t get a hold of your construction manager, you can always get ahold of me. Um, but that way we know that we can get all of your questions answered as well. And then the next step is closing. So at this time, and that’s when your keys are given to you, and it will be time to move into your new homes, broken arrow, you will meet at the title company and then fulfill the rest of that down payment. So remember in that purchase agreement, you gave us that earnest money. So say that you still needed a couple more thousand dollars or maybe you were getting some money back. That is when we would be completing those final numbers down below at closing. Um, and we will be, um, getting the mortgage signed for in the title, transferred out of Shaw homes and to your guys’s name and also something that’s wonderful is we actually have Oklahoma’s best warranty with a full-time warranty coordinator on staff. We have our 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty in a one-year limited warranty and something that’s a great is we do have a 24 hour emergency line along with we do a 60 day follow-up call in 11 with call to make sure that you are getting everything done for your new homes broken arrow.

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