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New Homes Broken Arrow | All the Information You’ll Need to Know

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Hey, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article and dig deep, to gather all the information you’ve been looking for. Um, today we’re talking about our path, your brand new home, your brand new Shaw home and new homes broken arrow. Step number one on this path is the model home tour. So on the model home tour, it’s really designed to help you and your family gather all the information. That way you can make the best decision. Um, we know that you can not make the best decision without having all the information. So if you’re interested or somebody knows interested in building or buying a new home, um, the best thing you can do is just join in on the model home tour. We walked through, you know, six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes.

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Um, that way you can, um, you know, see what new trends are, what new styles are, and really, um, the point of it is to allow you and your family to look at all the new homes broken arrow options, and you guys can make that decision. Um, it takes about 90 minutes for the model home tour, and that could fluctuate up or down depending on how many people we have on the tour. Cause we take two, three, or sometimes four families at once. Um, just to show them all of our different floor plans, all of our different homes. So, but typically around 90 minutes to show you all six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes for your new homes broken arrow benefit of having all of our homes fully furnished and decorated is, um, that it helps you visualize the space that you’ll be living in.

Speaker 1: (01:42)
I don’t know if you’re like me, but with a new homes broken arrow. If I see a brand new home, I cannot visualize myself living in it unless I’m see furniture that way. I know the size of the room and the space, and just helps me kind of orient myself in the space. If it’s a dining room, if there’s no dining room table, it’s hard to guess and visualize a table sitting there. So we have them all fully furnished and decorated that way you can, um, envision you and your family living in this floor plan. And we have over 75 different floor plans for your new home broken arrow. Um, so some of those floor plans have up to 15 different versions in them as well. So also there’s over 400,000 options to put inside of each one of these floor plans. So there’s a lot of information to gather and a lot to discuss.

Speaker 1: (02:35)
So that’s why we take you on the model home tour. So you can find the floor plan that you like, um, and really talk about the function behind the design and why we laid out the rooms the way we did. Um, we, a lot of our floor plans have certain design elements, um, that we’ve created on purpose. Um, and that, uh, you know, you can see if you want to split floor plan or if you want a three or four bedroom, or if you want, um, an entry and an exit out of the master closet, which we call a snooze button design for your new home is broken arrow. But the reason we do the model home tour again, is to focus on the function behind the design, find the floor plan that really fits you and your family perfectly. There’s something for everybody on the model home tour as well.

Speaker 1: (03:26)
Um, we, like I said, walk through six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. So if you’re looking to build a home, this model home tours for you, if you’re looking for just decorating ideas, this model home tour is also for you, um, because there’s so many different designs and different fireplaces, different kitchen cabinets, different countertops. So you really get a good sense on the quality and the style that, that you can create in your brand new, new homes broken arrow. Um, there’s a lot of versatile plans as well. So we have some floor plans that start with three bedrooms and end with six bedrooms. So if you need a single story home or, you know, a six bedroom home to fit the whole family, or if you need, you know, two mother-in-law suites that way you can, you know, a multi-generational family in your new home is broken arrow, whatever you want to do.

Speaker 1: (04:23)
There’s versatile plans to fit everybody, a lot of one or two story options as well. So whenever we walk through these model homes on the model home tour for your new homes broken arrow, we’ll talk about the different functions and the different floor plans that fit you and your family. And again, the whole purpose of the model home tour is to help you and your family gather all the information. So you can make that decision after the model home tour, step number two is financing. The reason step number two is financing is because we want you to know what is the monthly payment going to be?

Speaker 1: (05:01)
Um, that’s what it comes down to is the monthly payment. So with the floor plan you selected and the Homesite you selected, what is that monthly payment going to be? Um, we like to, I’m really connected to one of our four preferred lenders that way. Um, you can, you know, submit that application, know exactly what, um, you know, with interest rates, your credit score, your down payment amount. What is that monthly payment going to be? Um, so we have four preferred lenders. One of them is bank of Oklahoma. The other one is first Oklahoma bank. The third one is spirit bank and the last one is total lending concepts. Um, so even if you don’t know where you’re at, or you don’t know your credit score, or you don’t know what monthly payment you want to be at, the best thing you could do today is,

Speaker 2: (05:57)
Um, talk to one of our lenders that way you’ll know exactly what to do to prepare, um, for your new homes broken arrow. So that’s why we connect you to our, our, our, our, one of our four preferred lenders. And step number two for your new home is broken arrow. Again, the main purpose of connecting, connecting you to one of our four preferred lenders is so that you know, what the monthly payment is going to be. Our preferred lenders also have an extra incentive. So if you’re building new homes broken arrow with Shaw homes, you get a $10,000 incentive where we will give you up to $10,000 in free upgrades. That way you can, you know, tell us what you want to come include it. If you weren’t, um, you know, 42 inch tall cabinets, or if you want hardwood floors throughout the entire house, you get $10,000.

Speaker 2: (06:53)
And now if you use one of our four preferred lenders, you actually get $15,000. So it goes up by $5,000. If you use one of our four preferred lenders, the reason we do that with new homes broken arrow is just so you know, we know you’re going to have a quality experience through the entire thing, and these lenders understand new construction. So, um, they understand, you know, the requirements needed for financing and the draw schedule and the appraisal once the home is finished and just making sure you have a great experience from start to finish. So that’s why we use these four preferred lenders from start to finish is about six months. And there’s a lot that you need to do in those six months, um, to maintain or to maybe build your credit score. So working with one of our four lenders, they’re going to really help set you up for success to make sure you close on your brand new homes, broken arrow.

Speaker 2: (07:48)
And, um, another thing that they do is it’s a super easy application. So it’s, it’s a five minute application and a 24 hour approval process. Um, so again, if you’re just thinking about it or if you’re serious and you know, you have good credit score, the best thing to do is just submit an application it’s super easy, five minutes to fill everything out, and then you’ll know, within 24 hours, what your approval is. Our four preferred lenders also do interest rate matching and closing cost matching as well. So if you’re pre-approved with a different lender or a, a local lender, bell do interest rate matching and closing cost matching as well. And our banks are our preferred lenders. They do all the types of loans that you could need as well. So if you have any veterans benefits or native American benefits, um, they will help you there.

Speaker 2: (08:43)
Or you can also just do the FHA loan or a conventional loan. Uh, there’s a bunch of different loan types as well. So the best thing is that these lenders will help discover and figure out what loan type works best for you and your family, and really help you gather all the information you need to know what the monthly payment will be. And that monthly payment will include principal, interest taxes, homeowners, insurance, HOA fees. So that way, you know, all in what it’s going to be, not just, um, not just the other principal on it. So if you’re looking for new homes broken arrow, definitely check out Shaw homes.

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