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New Homes Broken Arrow | an Answer to All Your Questions

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Alrighty. So for your new homes broken arrow, I’m going to go over the included features for the heritage series. We will start with your exterior on your home. Something great is you will get king size Merridian brick on all four sides and outdoor living. You will get 120 square feet of covered patio on all homes in the size will depend per plan as well that you pick, um, are from foundations are engineered with post-tension slabs polled to 32,000 pound tension. We have low E argon filled vinyl tilt energy star windows with divided light on front and clear view on sides in back. And the choices you get that are included are white, tan or clay, but you always can upgrade to black. You will have, um, anodized seamless aluminum guttering in down sport spouts on front of home. Our framing is two by four by 16 on center interior and exterior walls.

Speaker 1: (01:10)
You will have dewpoint Tyvec house wrap for moisture vapor protection, and you will have LP smart siding per plan on a two-story home. We use LP moisture resistant subfloors on top of LP engineered non squeak floor joists on you will get a 30 year warranty, architectural style shingles. You will have a designer or masonary mailbox to match community covenants and design. You will also have, um, paint on all exterior soffit and trim one main color and accent color, and front door in shutters. You will have insulated fiberglass entry door with continuous weather strip protection, and the back patio door will be a fiberglass door with a full viewing glass for your, um, fixtures in the home. You’ll have Westlock front door entry set, including a deadbolt, and they will be in your choice of black satin nickel or oil rubbed, bronze colors. You have primed him, boast steel, 16 garage door you on home sites that are at a quarter acre home sites will be fully salted front and rear yard oversized and acreage requires extra sod to meet added for landscaping. You’ll have at least a $500 allowance unless the community per the covenants require more than that would be included in your allowance. You get shrubs, trees and flowers. Mulch in green iron edging will be included. You get two free two frost-free hose, bibs, three waterproof GFI

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Receptacles on the outside of your home electrical for your, um, half garage door opener included for second card bay. And for plans that include a third car garage pre-wire for coach lamps on all three bays are included. Your fixtures will actually come out of your lighting allowance. Now we’re going to move on to the laundry room for your new homes broken arrow, and you will have a custom made solid stain grade Alder or pink grade, 30 inch upper cabinets in rod and shelf for hanging laundry. Also a lower cabinet with a two centimeter granite countertop per plan. Your choice of shaker farmhouse or raised panel door styles comes with hidden hinges in crown molding and all cabinets are per plan. You have an in-wall washer box with hot and cold water supply and drain line, and it will have a connection for a two 20 volt dryer, which is gas for your top notch, mechanicals for your new homes broken arrow.

Speaker 2: (04:03)
We have Linux 96% high energy efficiency, gas furnace, as well as Linux 16, seer high energy efficiency, cooling equipment. It has a programmable thermostat. We have a O Smith or equivalent 50 50 gallon, high efficiency, gas, or electric water heater per plan with 200 amp electrical service and a P E X freeze resistant plumbing lines throughout the home for your new homes broken arrow. The next thing we’ll go over is your custom gourmet kitchens. You have extended height vault to nine feet ceilings built in stainless steel appliances that you will have your oven and microwave cabinet. That features cookie sheet dividers and pot and pan Jor below included will be Whirlpool built in oven, oversized window, light clock and timer. You have a Whirlpool dishwasher with silverware spray Whirlpool fit list built in microwave in a third Whirlpool 30 inch gas cooktop, um, with burners and gas line connection, you will also have a custom that hood above the cooktop and your choice of two styles, a two door or a three panel smooth.

Speaker 2: (05:16)
There is also a high capacity food disposal task area. Lighting is going to be recessed with eight led lights in the kitchen in nook per plan, custom made solid stain grade Alder or paint grade cabinets with 36 inch uppers. Your choice of shaker farmhouse or a raised panel doors comes with hidden, hidden hitches in crown molding in your choice of paint or stain throughout the home on the next part of your new home is broken arrow. You also receive two centimeter granite countertops of your choice of flat pencil, edge or half bullnose. You’ll get a full tile, black backsplash water line to ice maker, stainless steel undermount double bowl sink, and multiple choice of Delta faucets with your choice of Vinitaly and bronze Arctic stainless or Chrome finish the next part of your home. We will go over for your new homes. Broken arrow is in magnificent master suite, extended height, ceiling detail in master bedroom, including pre-wire ceiling fan bracket and mounting with two separate switches in your fixture will come out of your lighting allowance for new homes Broken Arrow.

Speaker 2: (06:25)
Custom made stain grade Alder or paint grade cabinets. Your choice of shaker farmhouse, or raised panel doors, your choice of paint or stain cultural marble counter top with integral four inch backsplash, cultured marble garden tub with cultural and marble decking and surround tub per plan standard sized tiled shower with frame glass door, your choice of oil road, bronze brushed nickel or Chrome one led recess flight over the shower with a separate switch, ceramic tile flooring throughout master bath. You will receive a towel bar, a ring and toilet paper holders in your choice of the three colors listed above, and you will get, um, your toilet would be white. Your faucets, you have multiple choices that are in the Delta brand plumbing fixtures of your choice of the three other colors provided. The next thing we’ll go over for your new home is broken arrow. Be your incredible interiors tile flooring throughout all.

Speaker 2: (07:25)
What areas will include your foyer kitchen in nook and all bathrooms and utility room, large selection of included colors and patterns, carpet, and all other areas. Your choice of color with a six pound carpet pad 36 superior build vent free fire box with builder gas logs into starter brick raised hearth and surround a decorative stain or painted wood mantle of your choice of classic or beam style. The next thing you will pick is that you will receive as custom made solid stain grade Alder or paint grade cabinets and hall baths, and utility room per plan. And the choice of shaker farmhouse raised panel doors comes with hidden hinges, hinges, and also crown molding of your choice of one paint or stain color throughout the home bowl. Noise are trays in corners in all entry living dining study, kitchen and hallway entries in the home. You will have a three inch OGE based trim and two and a half casing throughout the homes.

Speaker 2: (08:26)
First interior floor. Second floor per plan in garage doors with painted trim, your choice of Cheyenne Roman arch Riverside, two panels square or six panel colonial style Westlock Cove, door knobs, and hinges in your choice of three different finishes, cable and phone Jackson, great room and study master bedroom, game room and bonus room. If applicable you’ll one paint color for walls and ceiling throughout the home. One for your doors and trim and many colors to choose from from your trim in closets painted wall color, and you’ll get one accent color for your study and or dining. All non masterful bath comes with cultured marble vanity tops and backsplash. All two story homes will have Oak hand railing with Oak Newell and painted square. Ballisters at the bottom of the stairs. Links vary based on plan lighting allowance is 1500 for a one story home in 2000 for a two story. And lastly, for your new homes broken arrow, we will go over the energy efficiency led lighting package is included duct inflation of 4% or less leakage to outside house infiltration of six arch 5,000 energy efficiency, star certified windows, rigid foam installation, slab perimeter blown fiberglass are 15 for walls and blown fiberglass are 38 for addicts, all exterior doors, windows and penetrations are energy foam sealed and or caulked. And all of our energy efficiency is hers rated by certified reader.

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