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New Homes Broken Arrow | First Time Home Buyers

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hi, my name is Ian strata, and today I want to go over three great options and new homes broken, narrow, uh, that you can have. That’d be perfect for first-time home buyers, as well as for, uh, what would be considered a first time, uh, or empty-nesters. So, uh, I just wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about these three great homes and some of the features that they offer and, you know, uh, give you some more information about them. I think that it’s very important to always go over all of your options. Uh, we know whether it be, um, uh, what kind of home do you want, what kind of location you want and what kind of amenities and features you want within the home? Uh, it’s always important to have that working for you there and, and having all the information that’s necessary to be able to create a, a perfect, or to come to a perfect, you know, a decision that meets every single need that you’re looking for when it comes to, you know, a home.

Speaker 1: (00:56)
So very, very important to have all of those options set for you. Um, so one thing I did want to say is, um, uh, the first, uh, option I wanted to show you was just what we call the Baywood. So the Baywood is one of our, uh, you know, nicest floor plans, especially when it comes to, you know, uh, anyone’s budget. Uh, one of the cool features, it’s a three bedroom home, it’s got two bed, three bedrooms, two baths, a really nice home in new homes broken, narrow, uh, that it would be perfect for, you know, anyone who’s looking for. And like I said, a first time home, or empty-nester, uh, one of the great features about this home other than the beautiful vaulted ceilings within the master. Uh, and then the beautiful vaulted ceilings within the great room, uh, is what we, what is with that the laundry room and the master are connected.

Speaker 1: (01:48)
So the laundry and the master room are connected in there. Uh, so that allows for easy access to, from the laundry room to the, to the, uh, closet. So, you know, it takes about what two steps to do laundry and in, at home, which is very, very nice, very convenient for, you know, uh, especially for people who, uh, do laundry a lot or who really don’t like doing laundry in that regard because, you know, usually it takes a long time for them. So, great, great option there. The great, you know, lay out the plan that, uh, has that for you. Uh, also the master closet is connected to the bedroom as you would expect, but the large room has an exit as well. So it’s pretty easy to come home from a long day at work, uh, you know, put your clothes from your work into that laundry room, uh, you know, get some lounge wear for the day, uh, and be able to already be in that area of your bedroom and, uh, an area relaxing turn on the TV, you know, have a nice night after a nice, long, hard work day. So it’s very, very nice, very convenient, the way it all flows together. And the it’s very nice to have that, uh, functionality within your floor plan. Um, another

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Cool thing that that home actually offers as well. Uh, it has a lot of natural light. And so, um, it has about, you know, bunch of windows in that great room that bring a lot of extra natural light, but in the entrance we actually have, uh, attempt for entryway, uh, which is what I was trying to get at. Um, so this, this has a beautiful 10 foot entryway in this 10 foot entry way. It has crown molding around the side, so it really has a nice touch, nice feel to the home. Uh, when you walk in, it’s a really nice wow factor, especially for all of your guests that you may have all of your family that you may have as well, uh, to come to the home. So really, really nice feature to that home, that, that beautiful entry way. So, uh, it was a really nice, uh, touch to the home, uh, new homes broken arrow, uh, that you can actually, you know, have to your benefit whenever it would be, uh, having guests over and having a little bit of a cooler thing to show them.

Speaker 2: (03:55)
So again, that’s the bay would, it’s a three bedroom, two bathroom home. Uh, and so the next one, you know, homes broken arrow, uh, that is perfect for, uh, empty-nesters and, um, it’s perfect for a first time. Home buyers would be what we call the Birkdale. Uh, so the Birkdale is also a three bedroom, two bathroom home, uh, which is really nice and really set, uh, for us as well as for empty-nesters. Some of the cool features about his home is, you know, even though these homes are on the smaller spectrum of, of what we offer for our clients, uh, we still have beautiful vaulted ceilings within the master and the great room that at that spacious your intimate feel like I was kind of going over with, with the bay with so, uh, beautiful spaces and intimate feeling to the homes, uh, beautiful spaces, you know, feeling to the great room.

Speaker 2: (04:46)
Uh, this one also has a lot of windows in the great room as Austin. Most of them, we really like to focus on natural lighting here in new homes broken arrow. So a beautiful last natural lighting there, uh, that has, uh, that going for you as well. Uh, some of the features about this home is it’s a little bit separated, uh, what you would be. Um, so, uh, we have the, the two bedrooms separated from that master bedroom to kind of give it a little bit more of a privacy or a split feeling. Uh, it’s not 100% split living and I’ll get to that later in the next home, but, uh, it is new and a little bit more privacy than what you would have in some of your other homes where you’re on the, you know, on the same side or the home or the, or the masters right there next to the bedrooms.

Speaker 2: (05:31)
So it’s really nice. Both of, I think the bay, the bay would have that as well for you. It’s not as, uh, it’s not as prevailing or it’s not as w what it would be more, uh, uh, natural in that bay would, but it is a little bit nicer set here in this. Birkdale so, really nice feeling, really nice, uh, separation of the rooms there, uh, that we really give it a nice feeling to the home as well. Uh, also another cool feature that this home has that, you know, not a lot homes having, especially not new homes broken arrow, uh, for empty-nesters is what we call a pocket office. So, you know, you, you have a smaller home and you really want that office space. Well, this one actually has a pocket office, so it’s, uh, it’s basically just like a closet within the great room that you open these two beautiful French doors and open it up.

Speaker 2: (06:19)
And then there’s a beautiful study area with a light, a nice built-in desk in there that allows you to have an extra room to study a cool thing about that too, is that, you know, once we have guests that come in, uh, and they want to, uh, uh, visit whatever they in they’re unexpected and you have, you know, tax papers, whatever it is all over your, uh, desk, that you, you know, your built-in pit pocket office in the Birkdale new homes broken narrow, uh, then you have that to be able to close those doors and have that be a little bit more private for you, a little bit set away. And so that guests don’t even know what it is, they’ll assume it’s a closet, whatever it is. Uh, and then you have the ability to entertain your guests. And as soon as they leave, get back to work and not have to worry about messes and stuff.

Speaker 2: (07:05)
So that’s the, the, what we would call the Birkdale. Lastly, we have what we call the camp bridge. So you might be asking yourself, well, maybe I need four bedrooms. Maybe I’m a first time home buyer, but, you know, I’ve been renting my whole life. And I have, you know, for, you know, I need four bedrooms. I have, you know, three kids, whatever it may be. I don’t want them to share rent and whatever we all have our, you know, the reasons for having that fourth bedroom. So the Cambridge is the third option I like to offer up for first time home buyers and not so much for empty-nesters, uh, just to, because it’s that four bedroom option for many people that they’re looking for. So, uh, the new homes broken arrow, uh, uh, has a lot of options for people. We here have options for people.

Speaker 2: (07:48)
So, um, that can be just really cool. Uh, one of the cool features about the Cambridge is it actually has what we call a separated, uh, uh, separated, um, master bedroom. That’s kind of hidden in the great room, uh, fry a wall. So you can’t really find the master bedroom. If you look in the great room, even though it’s right there, uh, because it’s kind of separated by a wall and what would be the patio and all that extra area. So lots of natural light in this one, too, lots of natural light with an olive, our homes here at Shaw homes, new homes broken arrow. Uh, so it’s really nice for you to have that going for you as well, where, you know, less electricity need to be used because there’s two beautiful, big windows in every room, and there’s at least four or three, and, you know, the, the great room.

Speaker 2: (08:32)
So also another cool feature about this home is another, it’s kind of separated. It’s not really, um, separated to the point where it’s inconvenient, but a little bit of a nice accent to touch to it. Um, so that’s really cool if you want it to, you know, maybe have something that’s a little bit more separated when it comes to a nug, but still kind of have some of the benefits and features of an open floor. So, uh, all of our homes here have an open floor concept, all of these new homes broken narrow. So, uh, it’s very nice to kind of have a little bit something different a little bit. It has that accent of tension within the home. Uh, and then lastly, uh, one of the cool features about this home is the fourth bedroom. Let’s say you maybe just want it to be a study.

Speaker 2: (09:13)
You may want to open it up. We can actually remove the wall and open it up to become a study, uh, what we call a flex room, which is really nice. Uh, so could either be a formal dining room or a study room just depending upon what you would want to use that fourth bedroom for doesn’t necessarily have to be, you know, for, you know, your, your kids to have to live in it. So that’s a nice option as well as four bedroom, two bath, it’s called the Cambridge, um, new homeless, broken arrow. Uh, and it’s going to be perfect for, you know, maybe not, you know, that the big empty nesters, but also some of the, you know, uh, well, it would be, uh, a single family that’s looking for their first home. So that’s all I have to say today. And, uh, again, I was just wanting to give you some options when it comes to some, some of our entry level homes for first time home buyers and for empty-nesters.

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