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New Homes Broken Arrow | Outdoor Lighting

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey guys, Catherine, again with another podcast about new homes broken arrow. And we’ve been talking about some things that you can consider when building a new home, some things that will perhaps make your new home a little more, um, comfortable, some things that add convenience and just some little extra things that you may not normally think about, but that you would be definitely glad that you have once they are put in. So, um, some of the things that we’ve been talking about are some unconventional places to add outlets. Um, some things, uh, like extra hose spickets, um, just like little convenience things. Um, just some, like I said, outlets, just adding them into places that you wouldn’t normally think of. Um, hot and cold water outdoors. Uh, just, um, a lot of motion sensors, um, for outdoor lights to use with security cameras. There are just a lot of things that you could add into new homes in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (01:22)
Um, and I just wanted to let you know what a few of those are, if you are indeed going through the building process. So, um, next we’re going to talk about some kitchen things and I’ll kind of go over, um, a couple of things that people are putting in not only new homes broken arrow, but new homes everywhere. Once again, these are just convenience items, um, things to add a little bit of value to your home. Um, so one thing that we had talked about previously was making sure that you have plenty of storage. Um, also making sure that you actually have more storage than you plan on using, um, because it’s always easier to have a new storage than it is to find storage for items that you need to put away. So a lot of new homes and broken narrow are going to be having your extra, um, storage under the stairs.

Speaker 1: (02:27)
Um, even just extra linen closets, um, extra cabinet space, larger pantries, just lots of places for new homes broken arrow to have that additional storage. Um, another thing that you can look for, um, in the kitchen, okay, I’m sorry with storage is if you have a wide island putting cabinets on either side that kind of doubles your storage space under your, um, island, and it’s great for things that you maybe don’t need all of the time, um, that you just have to access, uh, here and there, but definitely something you’re going to be seeing in the open floor plan with the large kitchen islands in new homes broken arrow. Um, another thing that you could possibly thinking about adding into your new home in broken arrow would be a warming drawer in the dining room. Um, I see people who entertain a lot, um, who are, or who tend to have families, uh, like large family gatherings for holidays and everything and their new homes broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (03:40)
Um, they’ve, they’ve added warming drawers into their dining room, um, to keep food hot. It’s great for if you’re having a large meal and you need to keep bread warm, um, or even to keep dessert warm for the next course, just having that warming drawer. And there is great if you, um, tend to entertain and serve large, large crowds. Um, another thing, uh, is going to be a well it’s called a pantry entrance or a Butler’s pantry, and that’s just kind of a drop zone. It’s usually near the kitchen or the garage, not only a new home and broken arrow, but in other homes as well. Another thing that you’re going to start seeing a lot of all of our fire features and a lot of people are opting for an outdoor fire pit or an outdoor fireplace fireplace. So a fire pit obviously would be separate from the home, however, and a lot of new homes broken arrow, you are going to see an actual outdoor fireplace built into the wall, and you may even see a, a wood stove on back patios.

Speaker 1: (04:59)
Um, we actually have a couple of floor plans for our new homes broken arrow that have two fireplaces. So one in the neck and then one in the living room as well. Another thing that’s coming back around seems to be sunrooms. So sunrooms are generally, um, a room with great views, large windows, or it’s all windows. Um, they pretty much can be used for any purpose. You’ll definitely want to put some plants in there. Um, just basically a nice warm room that lets all of the sunlight in because it’s all windows and sometimes even has, uh, sort of like a translucent roof. So definitely something that you’re going to be seeing a lot of in new homes broken arrow. Um, obviously trends are there’s trends for home offices, which most homes, um, almost all of the homes that Shaw homes offers them for new homes and broken arrow do come with the study or, you know, what you would consider a home office.

Speaker 1: (06:05)
Um, so many people are self-employed and working from home now that, uh, even, you know, having to work from home only part-time having that office and the, um, the, or the, the study is a great feature to add to your new home in broken arrow. We’re going to start seeing a lot more natural finishes. I talked about this as well. Um, previously we’re going to start seeing more natural finishes indoors. Uh, we’re going to see a lot of natural finishes outdoors as well on new homes broken arrow. And what I mean by that is a lot of your beams on your modern farmhouse look, um, are going to be a natural stain instead of painted beams. Um, not only on the outside, but like I said on the inside as well. So you’ll be seeing a lot more, uh, stained woodwork again instead of painted.

Speaker 1: (07:13)
So definitely need to keep an eye out for that. Um, just those natural finishes. So while it’s more wood and, um, things like that. So let’s see. Um, another thing that’s actually trending and, uh, which I’m surprised are what’s considered an unplugged living room. So basically what happens is, um, you’re doing limited technology in the family rooms. So you may not have as much, um, you may not have as many outlets. Um, some people are even opting to keep TVs out of their living rooms and only have them upstairs and a game room. It’s just a way for families, especially in new homes and broken arrow, because it’s a great community, um, for families to spend a little bit more time together. So definitely keep an eye out for that when looking at new homes broken arrow, that unplugged living room. Um, another great way to just kind of, uh, give your home a little kick, um, or a little bit of something extra is to add a really unique, fancy, spectacular mirror in your bathroom. So this would be great. Um, obviously above your sink. So think about things like a mirror with a very unique frame or maybe a unique shaped

Speaker 2: (08:55)
Mirror. Um, just anything that you can think of that makes the mirror look fancy or unique. Um, some of these things that, you know, we’re seeing for trends and, um, home building in new homes broken arrow might interest you some might not, we all have different tastes. And that’s one of the great things, especially about Shaw homes is when building your new homes in broken arrow, we’re able to really, uh, give you lots of options so that your new home in broken arrow is just exactly, um, the way that you want it. And, uh, we’re able to give you exactly what you want. You’re able to design it on your own. And it’s just a really, really great experience building your new homes broken arrow with Shaw homes. We’re very happy to help you very happy to serve you. And we’re also very happy to help get you into a new home in broken arrow, um, by, um, just touring you and, uh, just taking you to see all of our new homes broken arrow, and then helping you design one as well. So we’ll see you next time. Thanks a lot. Bye.

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