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New Homes Broken Arrow | Unique Features in Your Home

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All right. So I’m going to go over with you are, um, nine floor plans that we will be visiting today. Our first floor plan that we will be visiting is our Notting hill plan in the community of spring hill at forest Ridge. The Notting hill has three different variations for you to be able to build it as a two-story plan for your new homes broken arrow. The four unique features of that home is the monster pantry, the snooze button master suite, parents Haven from the kids powder bath, and two full bath options. Upstairs. From there, we will go to our Addison floor plan. It is located in our Highland Creek community. It is going to be the most efficient four or five bedroom plan that we have. It has a split plan separation of bedrooms with the master on one side of the home and bedroom two and three with a full bath on the other.

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It is a great plan for a nursery that it has a bedroom right off of the master closet and the game room upstairs fits nine comfortably. It is our most affordable two story plan that we build at Shaw homes. The next floor plan that we will look at for your new homes broken arrow is the Stonebrook in seven Oak south. The Stonebrook can be built as only a two-story plan in two different variations. The four unique selling points on the Stonebrook is that it has an oversized nook with a turned island. We have a prepper pantry in the kitchen. It has the snooze button design master suite, and also the master suite bathroom has a unique L shaped vanity. This home can be built two different ways as a four bedroom with a study or a three bedroom with a study. The next plan that we will look at for your new homes broken arrow is a Monroe. It will be in our village at Southern trails community. The Monroe can actually be built 15 different ways, depending on if you would like a one-story or a two-story. And also all the way up to five bedrooms with an optional game room or an optional game room and a bonus room. The Monroe is known for our largest great room on any floor plan. It also has the largest outdoor living space that comes with a covered patio and

Speaker 2: (02:59)
In the master bathroom, the master has a corner tub and also has the snooze button master suite design. Another great thing about the Monroe is it has a hidden hall bath off of the garage for the other two bedrooms in the home. The next floor plan that we’re going to look at will be their Bradford. Their Redford can be built in nine different ways, depending on if you would like a front porch or no front porch, if you need it as a single story or a two story along with being able to have five bedrooms with a game room as well, it is going to have four unique features in the home of a turned island design for a backyard view, it’s going to have our most kitchen cabinets of any of our plans. It has a unique hearth room design. And we also say that the master suite bathroom and closet is a marriage savers master suite because it has his and her vanities with his and her closets in that home called the Redford.

Speaker 2: (04:18)
We will be looking at in our Somerset community, which there now we are in our big SPI school district from there. The next community that we will look at is called a at the river in the states of the river. We’ll have another version of the Monroe built of our largest plan. The Monroe one eye has the most versatile design of 15 versions altogether, including the Monroe two that we saw in village at Southern trails. One of the great things about this new homes broken arrow is it does have the largest great room if any of our plans, as well as the largest outdoor living space, that is a covered patio, and it has the largest master vanity space with a his and her style. Something also wonderful about the Monroe one eye is that it can be built with a game room or a study or both another plan that we will see in the next community is called the Monterey.

Speaker 2: (05:27)
The Monterey is in our timber Creek community. And now we are in jinx. The Monterrey is known for, for unique selling features of the home, that there is a true second suite on the main level, when built as a two-story plan, most private bedroom of any layout, that it has a hidden hall to the master bedroom for complete quiet and away from the main living. It has a powder bath layout as well. So that way you can always have a half bath for your guests. And it also has the most private upstairs bedrooms and the way that it is laid out as a two-story plan from there, we will go to our Ventana floor plan. Again, we are staying in Jakes and that will be in our community of Yorktown for your new homes broken arrow on that plan. The four unique features of that home is that it has a great window in the great room in Spanish for window is all biz Ventana.

Speaker 2: (06:37)
The name of the floor plan, which eat means that there is tons of natural light in this home. It does have a great pop and pantry that extends behind it is a very nursery convenient plan from your master suite, that there is a another bedroom and full bath down the other hall. On the main level, this is a plan that can only be built as a two-story with four bedrooms and a study or three bedrooms in a steady, always keeping three bathrooms. And another thing about the upstairs layout is we say it is an upstairs for kids that should most definitely fight less. It has one room on either side of the game room for that great separation between the two. From there, we will go to our last model home called the Westport, and that floor plan will be located in Oak Ridge community.

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Again, in Jenks, it is going to have the most great room windows, as well as the most nook windows of any of our floor plans. It’s going to have a 15 foot vaulted plan ceilings through the kitchen in great room. It does have an in-law suite option having a main bedroom on the main level with an attached bathroom for your new homes broken arrow. It also has the most covered outdoor space of any of our plans. After our tour today, we will definitely go over base prices on the homes as well as payments. And also we would love to make sure that we can schedule a price out to price out your new homes, broken arrow in the, over all the different communities that we visited today, that you could potentially be building your new homes broken arrow in. We started in broken arrow with the communities of SpringHill at forest Ridge, Highland Creek seven Oaks, south and village at Southern trails. From there,

Speaker 1: (08:55)
We will go to the next set of communities that are located in Bixby that we can build in, which would be the Monroe one. I in the states at their river and the Redford in our community called Somerset. From there, we will then go over the communities that you can build in Jenks for your new homes broken arrow. We have timber Creek, Oak Ridge and Yorktown. And those plans that we will visit are the Monterrey, the Westport and the Ventana. Overall, we have 75 different floor plans that we can build, but these are some of the largest version of our floor plans we have. So you can see the potential in building your new homes broken arrow with Shaw homes. And from there, we will definitely schedule a price out so we can build your home on paper before any type of commitment for moving forward.

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