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New Homes Broken Arrow | What Move In Ready Homes Are Available

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hey guys, it’s Katherine again with your weekly Shaw Holmes podcast about new homes broken arrow. And the last episode, I kind of talked about some outdoor living trends and some things that you can do to really jazz up your outdoor living space and make it, um, a unique place where you can kind of go to get away right in your own backyard. So I wanted to kind of continue about that. We’ve been talking a lot about, um, different types of decor and trends on elevations and indoor, um, just, you know, trends and building in general floor plans, uh, just how things are changing. So with, uh, keeping along with that, we’ve kind of moved to an outdoor living space and trends there, and there’s something specific that I wanted to kinda talk to you about, which you’ll see in a lot of new homes broken arrow, and that’s going to be water and fire features.

Speaker 1: (01:05)
And these are both really, really unique elements that add a lot, and they will add a lot, uh, to your outdoor living space in new homes, in broken arrow. So let’s talk about a couple of water features first. So one thing that you can do, um, that’s, that’s really great. And I feel like it just kind of brings that outdoor element. And when I say outdoor element, I mean, uh, like feeling like you’re on vacation or feeling like you’re somewhere besides a neighborhood, this is great for a lot of new homes broken arrow and that’s mixing water into your landscaping. So this can be adding, um, you know, a fountain, um, it could be, um, or not necessarily a fountain. Okay. Let’s try that again. So let’s talk about like creating a waterfall in your backyard. So in new homes broken arrow, you’re pretty much going to have the same backyard.

Speaker 1: (02:12)
It’s going to be a large, um, or, you know, sort of large type of, um, um, large area of your backyard that you can stack stones and just create a really nice feature, um, not a heavy waterfall, but you know, something that just kind of sort of trickles maybe in the corner of your backyard, just to get that water flowing in there and to, um, really, you know, like I said, get that, um, get that to get to moving in your backyard and it just really creates and takes you to a whole new place beside your new home in broken arrow. Um, another thing is to combine an outdoor kitchen with a water feature. So maybe, uh, not necessarily a pool, but if you do a lot of entertaining and you have an outdoor kitchen, maybe putting a fountain somewhere by it, um, or just a little pool or a little, you know, cement pond, something like that, just to kind of give it a resort feel to where you would, you know, maybe be sitting outside, enjoying a meal, um, you know, just, just having something nice to look at while you’re cooking entertaining.

Speaker 1: (03:43)
And then again, while you’re eating in your new home in broken arrow, another thing that you can do, and this is great for, um, new homes broken arrow, you’re going to find a lot of larger homes that are out on private property that people have built. And it’s kind of neat, um, to create sort of a modern style moped. So you’re probably thinking of a moat on a Drawbridge, which is not necessarily, um, something that, that we’re talking about here. Um, you’re not gonna find a moat with a Drawbridge and new homes broken arrow, but what you might find is a larger property that kind of sits in the middle of some trees or in some woods. And they’ve designed kind of a stream, not necessarily all the way around their home, but just along one side, maybe a nice little bridge to walk over.

Speaker 1: (04:46)
Um, it’s, it gives you a nice sense of privacy and it makes your home feel a little bit secluded. And, um, you know, like I said, make sure you do stepping stones or like a small bridge to watch her walk, to walk across, um, just connecting your home with the rest of your yard. But you will see this in a lot of new homes broken arrow, just not necessarily, you know, creating a moat style, outdoor water feature. Um, another thing that you are going to see in a lot of, uh, more contemporary new homes broken arrow is going to be, um, just kind of ice. I call it a cement pond, but it just kind of goes along the outline of your patio or around the outline of your backyard. And it’s, um, just cement and it’s basically like a large cement casing, um, or box, um, but you know, all the way around your, all the way around your, um, backyard and it’s usually has stones in it and water, and then a couple of drops to where the water kind of flows over kind of like a waterfall into the next little pool or pond area.

Speaker 1: (06:16)
So this is something that’s really unique that, like I said, you’ll see in a lot of more contemporary new homes in broken arrow. Um, another thing is that you’ll see is a lot of people are doing fire pits by their pools. So it’s not necessarily, um, an actual water feature, but it is, um, your pool. So you have your pool or your hot tub, and then maybe you have a seating area around it, uh, with a fire pit right next to it. It’s really nice. And it’s a great way to kind of jazz up new homes in broken arrow is by putting that fire pit next to the pool. So that way, you know, if you get cold, you guys, you can still get out, get next to the fire and warm up and not necessarily have to go back in outside. It’s also great for entertaining and things like that.

Speaker 1: (07:19)
So think about that. If you have a pool, just adding a fire pit, and it’s just a really nice way to add those two elements and have them close to each other, um, of course, new homes broken arrow, you can always put in a pool. Um, pools are great. A lot of people are doing waterfalls into the pool. So that’s nice if you’ve got some larger stones and you can do that, it kind of adds a water feature along with the pool. Um, and then if you can put, you know, if you wanted to put like Tiki torches or, you know, have small, some small fire pits around it, having that combined water and fire element is great for new homes broken arrow. Um, another thing that you, that people are not necessarily, um, putting in their home, although there are some that, um, definitely, uh, there are some homes with the large, with a yard, large enough to do this. Um, or just in neighborhoods in general, splash pads are great because they don’t and a lot of new homes broken arrow. And a lot of those communities, you are going to have a splash pad and it’s just kind of, it’s great for kids if they can’t swim because they have problems with their ears, they still get the opportunity to cool off and play in the water. They’re great for younger kids who aren’t able to swim yet. They’re great for kids who need

Speaker 2: (08:55)
To socialize, um, and be around other children. And it’s just a really neat feature. Um, something that not a lot of people have in their backyard, like I said, they are available. However, um, this, this is more of a neighborhood thing, but definitely something that you could add to your new homes in broken arrow. Um, you could do like a small splash pad, a playground, or a small jungle gym. And then even in trampoline, a lot of people are going with the in-ground trampolines now, so that they’re just a little bit more safe. Um, you can also do a natural pond in your backyard, and this is really great because you don’t have the chemical upkeep and everything. Um, so just having a natural pond kind of creates a very serene and, um, a very serene and quiet, um, getaway for you in your backyard of your new home and broken arrow.

Speaker 2: (10:03)
So, um, definitely some ideas for you. Um, if just one more idea, if you don’t have a lot of space, just maybe think about a bird bath, um, just adding that, you know, that little water element with maybe some plants around it, um, draws a little bit of nature, of course, you know, with the birds and then you have the sound of the trickling water. So that’s also something that you can do, um, for new homes broken arrow and definitely something, um, that you, that you could do on your own. And just keeping that, you know, pretty simple, but giving you some, some nice visuals for your backyard. Um, so that’s all we have for this week and next week, I’m sure we will have more trends to discuss about new homes broken arrow until then see you later.

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