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New Homes Broken Arrow | What’s Next on the Path to Buying a Home

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What does it take to get to a new homes broken arrow? First, we start with a model home tour. The model home tour consists of many homes, which where we all looked at over the span of 60 minutes. These tour will include five to seven homes. Maybe even more, they will all be furnished and decorated. We will be able to drive your own vehicle that way. For in the case of emergency, you were able to leave at your own will without any pricing or without any pressure. You are able to look at beautiful homes that graded and furnished for you’re looking. We will only be talking about information over such floor plans, such as the functions of the floor plans and the ideas behind the designs. We will look at something for everyone, three or four bedroom, one or two bedroom, one or two story. After that, we will speak about financing. That is where we can give you monthly payment quotes that are in the ballpark of where final closing will be. We have four preferred lenders who have also incentives to help you out in your journey to a new home broken arrow. It’s usually a five minute application. The process for approval usually happens within 24 hours. We will match any interest rates and any closing costs as well. We have conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, ITI N loans, native American loans. And more

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Next, we will talk about the Homesite reservation. A 250 deposit shall be placed for whatever Homesite you choose for your new homes Broken Arrow. So reserve, this is also refundable for seven days. No decisions shall be rushed and you can switch homesites as much as you’d like. This allows you to take your time to have all your questions answered. We do not cash the check. We do not deposit the check. We just want you to have feeling comfort that clients who compete will be able to not only, uh, not be able to look at that home site, but you will be able to use it. Remember homesites are one of a kind, therefore, while we can build many of home site, many of four plan, we can’t build any more home sites. God isn’t making any more land.

Speaker 1: (03:25)
The next step is what we would call the price out. We will meet in your favorite model home. It is usually a 45 minute reunion where we will talk about detailed pricing. That way you don’t have any surprises. This allows you to be sure where every little detail of your money is going. All of your questions will be answered. There will be no surprises. We can price it in the way that you want down to every single dollar. Also, we have a price printout on the spot to make your new homes Broken Arrow easier. We have many, many options for you to choose from and very informed personnel to work at that regard. Again, the price out usually takes about 45 minutes. The model home tour, it usually takes about 60 minutes getting financed. Usually it takes five.

Speaker 1: (04:31)
Next would be the purchase agreement. This is a one hour reunion, a one hour meeting. And where will you talk about all of the situations that we have come to? Therefore the structural needs to be financed final. The Homesite needs to be final colors need to be final as well as some finishes. The deposit that you need to also bring to that is a 200, 2,250 deposit, as well as a approval for your mortgage contingent. If your contingency, if you need a contingency, it’s usually based upon many situations. For example, you may need a contingency. If your current home needs to be sold before you were able to build a new one, you also may need a contingency. If you want your parents to approve of the home. Before you continue to build, we are able to build contracts on contingencies and we’ll do it for you. The lay of built, you may also need a delay of bill delay of bill. It just allows a delay depending on how much need for you to be able to however, may be come up with more money, maybe for a down payment or just to help your credit a little bit more. We will delay the bill a couple of months, and that’ll allow you to be able to have a better feeling about moving forward.

Speaker 1: (06:26)
Next, we will talk about the pre-construction after you have signed, it usually takes about five weeks until we start working on breaking ground in your home site. However, we also will have a ratification at the principal office. We will also order building permits. We will also get a construction loan. We will also talk to the construction manager over plan and trades. Then we will start to build your construction manager will start talking to you. He will inform you of progress as it goes on throughout the, uh, week, you will be informing you every single week. This home is oh, able for you to look at throughout this whole process.

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Also, we will advise you 30 to 45 days before we close that we’re going to close and an orientation for you about closing shall be done seven to 10 days before closing. Then we’ll discuss it. After that we shall meet at your favorite title company. Then down payments shall be fulfilled. We will pay closing costs up. If you use one of our preferred lenders in new homes broken arrow, then your mortgage shall be also, uh, done. Also the transfer. The title of this new home broken arrow shall be transferred to you. And the keys to this new homes, broken arrow should also be transferred and give it to you. And then you can move into your new homes broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (08:46)
We have the best warranty in Tulsa. We have the best warranty in Oklahoma. We have the best warranty on new homes in broken arrow, new homes, broken arrow. We have a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty, and the one year everything in your new homes, broken narrow warranty. We also have a 24 hour emergency line, as well as an on-staff warranty coordinator. She is a very nice person. We also have a follow-up calls for your new homes broken arrow, 60 days after. And then we also have a follow-up call about 11 months, almost close to a year for your new homes, broken arrow. We’re happy to provide you with excellent service and we will continue to build new homes in broken arrow. Tulsa, big speed. Please be sure to use one of our preferred lenders and also please be sure to check us out. We are here to help you and we are here to make sure everything goes well.

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