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New Homes Edmond | Beautiful Ponds

New Homes Edmond | Go Fishing

Continuing on with podcasts for this week of February, the fifth, 2018 as a big homebuilder or wanting to talk with you about many of our big Spi homes that we have for sale. I’m in our beautiful seven lakes neighborhood, which is at 128th and South Sheridan, which of course is big speech schools, bixby north elementary, which is wonderful. It’s just right there on 121st street, so it’s so close. In seven lakes. We have our former model home for seven lakes for sale are Wyndham model, which if you were looking for a good buy with a lot of floor space, it’s 3,561 square feet, so it’s huge. A four bedroom, three bath, three car garage, but it also has a game room plus a bonus room upstairs. So there’s another big room upstairs that can be used as a fifth bedroom or a theater room. The second game room, music rooms, exercise rooms, New Homes Edmond something like that.

And then downstairs you’ve got a large formal dining room and a study in addition to the other bedrooms and the master suite. The large open island kitchen and this home backs to the west side of a very, very large pond. So it is gorgeous. When you, uh, look out all the windows across the back, there’s, there’s windows in the great room and windows in the nook area that feed onto the patio that overlooked this huge pond and the home faces west. So of course you’ve got that shade in the afternoon so you come home for more, pull into your beautiful big speed neighborhood and go sit out on your patio and look at your beautiful pond and relax. It’s like coming home to retreat, so be sure and put it on your list of things to go see. New Homes Edmond, the beautiful, a model in seven lakes also as a big speed home builder.

We have in seven lakes available, uh, Stonebrook v for sale 2,619 square feet. And the address is seven. Oh, nine, five east, 124th street south. Now it’s for sale for only $327,970. And it is 100 percent complete. It’s a four bedroom, two and a half bath, three car garage, and it is really, really a special a homesite. It’s on the north side of seven lakes, so it’s the far north side and it actually backs to woods. So it is gorgeous if you’re looking for a green belt and backyard in the big space school district as a big speed homebuilder we have got this, New Homes Edmond, the stonebrook be for sale also in Baroque and Arrow. We have for sale in our gorgeous, a rush. Brooke North neighborhood, a Monroe to a only 2,172 square feet at 3,100 west Delmar’s street. It is for sale for only two 69 900.

And it is 100 percent complete. I’m three bedroom, two bath, three car garage. Gorgeous, great part of town. And in Remington trails we have our Ventana Q. I’m for sale. The address is two, two, four, four, six east, 115th place south for only two 99, six, six nine. So that’s a great buy for under 300,000. We have another model home that’s for sale in our gorgeous Spring Creek, which is very, very, very close to the Warren Theater in the Brooklyn Area School district. It’s our beautiful monroe model, which is a huge home at 3,671 square feet. If you’ve got a lot of family, man, this is the one. This is the home for you right there in broken arrow. It is really special and it is. I’m finished and ready to sell for only $369,900. Now let me tell you a little bit about this home. When we built this home, New Homes Edmond we put a craftsman front elevation on it, so there’s a huge front porch available, mean attached to this home, and then once you’re inside, oh my goodness, the woodwork and the trim that is in this home is just spectacular and when you walk in the front door, just to your left is the formal dining room.

The walls in the formal dining room had been finished out with a shoulder high wainscoting and also has a huge vaulted ceiling in there. Lots of crown molding and corner blocks everywhere, and then across the entryway from the dining room is the study, which also has beautiful crown molding, hardwood floors in there. And then as you step on forward past the staircase into the great room, you just won’t believe the amount of, uh, the molding on the ceiling in this great room. Not only of course is their crown molding, but there are those, the trim squares that are trimmed out everywhere. The great room is open to the kitchen, which is just gorgeous. It’s just spectacular. This home, it is really, New Homes Edmond pretty. So you need to go see that one. Um, for only three 69, 900. Also in Spring Creek we’ve got a crescent for sale for three slash 26 slash 600 and it is 2,946 square feet.

Um, then in our, um, as a big speed home builder in our beautiful Somerset neighborhood, we have a single story Monterrey for sale that is 2,419 square feet. So if you were looking for something in the big speed area that, uh, Monterrey in Somerset located at one, two, oh, two, four south, 68 east avenue is available, um, three bedroom, two bath, three car garage, and it is really, really, really pretty backs to a woods with a really nice patio in the backyard. So if you’re looking for a place where you can come home and relax, New Homes Edmond, right around the hundred 21st did shared an area in big speed, that might be a great location for you. Then back in broken Arrow in sevenoaks south, we’ve got a stonebrook the for sale at five, one five, one zero east arona place. It is 2,619 square feet and it is priced at only two 94, nine 70 as a big SPI home builder.

We have our beautiful model home in Somerset, which is our read of the Red Redford, which is also, um, one of our most popular floor plans and we have several models of that available for sale that I can tell you about as well. Also in Baroque, an Arrow and a Silverleaf, we have, uh, many homes for sale homes ranging in price from 170 343, $170,343 all the way to a 187, five 64 d one. So, um, and Silverleaf our homes range from four bedroom, two, three bedroom, two bath, two car garage. And they are available. I’ve got to several that are finished, New Homes Edmond, several that are in the paint stage, the trim stage and drywall stage. And then several that are just getting started. So everything from an amber of floor plan to an Ashton to a Birkdale, a bay would add a couple of bay woods for sale and a couple of cambridges for sale. And, New Homes Edmond, I would be happy to visit with you about these homes or any of our homes that we have for sale or neighborhoods that we can build in, in big speed as a bixby home builder. We offer the most beautiful homes in the neighborhoods around the most popular intersection of 121st and South Sheridan, a memorial Yale area such as our seven lakes. Our suburbs set our quilt creek and our states at the river. So for a big ski home builder, I’m. You’ve got to think of Shaw homes and you can find more. Looking@ourwebsiteatshawhomes.com.

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