Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Has a broken Arrow home builder here at Shaw homes. We’re just so proud to bring you homes. Brand new homes all over the place. We build them large was build them small. We build on men, big neighborhoods and in little neighborhoods. We build them all over the broken Arrow area, jinx area, bixby area, just you name your area. And by Golly, we’ll just picked you up a home there. I’m more than proud to do it and we have the best warranties of anybody in the business. And we have, New Homes Edmond, the best construction team of anybody in the business. And the bag is team approach to building your homes. Have anybody in the business, um, we’ve been in business for 40 years.

We’ve got an a plus rating with the better business bureau. We are members of the home builders association of Greater Tulsa. We have 70 floorplans, more model homes that any other builder in the Greater Tulsa area that are all furnished and decorated. So you can walk in our homes and see, feel and touch them. It’s great. Uh, where other builders might just have one or two. We have all of our floor plans available to you so you can go in and really get a good feel for what your new home is going to look like. New Homes Edmond, in addition, the milling. Well, we build custom homes.

We take these floor plans that we own, that we have and we, um, can build them several different ways. Like I’ve got one floor plan we can build actually 16 I think different ways. So they are great. Um, you can, um, check us out on our website. We have all of our floor plans on our website@www.shaw homes.com and all of our floor plans are there as well as a customer testimonials. You can hear about other customers experience with us. We have a in house design team that will help you pick out all the final finishes in your home. New Homes Edmond We have the best warranties of anybody in the business. We’ve got a 10 year structural warranty, uh, one year limited warranty as well as I’m a second year warranty on all your electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. We have the prettiest colors of anybody else that bright orange, which I think is just lovely. New Homes Edmond we share that with other name Brad products you’re probably familiar with like tide detergent, a sunkist orange, the Florida orange growers.


well you just think that a, a t and t we just think the oranges are really bright, happy, cheerful, color kind of makes you think of the sun or a beautiful sunset which we are not having today because it’s overcast as broken Arrow, home builder. Uh, we also build homes, like I said, and Jinx America and Jinx America. New Homes Edmond We’ve got two homes that we’re building in Elwood Park. These are both in the paint stage,

which means the therapy and painted right now we have one of our ventanas SPEC are Ventana cues for sale, which is 2,595 square feet. So it’s just under 2,600 square feet. But that home feels like it’s a lot bigger than that because it’s so well designed. We have a model home that you can come see of this plan here in Our York tailed neighborhood that’s Yorktown off of Elm and 128 where our Ventana q model is at one, two, eight. Oh, one south state street. That’s a jinx address. But however your town is considered bixby schools, but you can pop over here and see the model and then we can pop right back over to Elwood Park and you can see the actual home itself for sale. And the home is located at one nine. New Homes Edmond, five west, 117th.


court. That home is a three bedroom or four bedroom. That’s two bedrooms up, two bedrooms down, three full baths, three car garage. It is listed on the mls. The MLS multi list number is one eight. Oh, oh, eight, seven, five, nine, 300. Nineteen thousand and $23. Oh my gosh. What an incredible by that is for jinx goals. Four bedrooms. Come on, New Homes Edmond come on down by that house from me. Uh, we also have one of our redford homes for sale in Elwood Park. It’s a single story. It is 23 and 49 square feet are Redford. SPEC home is under the paint stage, which means it’s being paid to it. Now the address on it is one, one seven three. Oh, south red bud street and that’s a jinx address because it is an Elwood park which is located at the jinx school district. It’s a three bedroom, two full bath three car garage. Whoa. It is on the list, which means it is listed on mls. It’s number one eight. New Homes Edmond, five, seven, six, seven and it’s listed for $297,959. Such deal. Great Prize. We also have a model home of this that she goes. See that our beautiful gated somerset community. Be happy to run you over there and show you. That helps. You could see what it looks like. Completely finished and then I could take you back up or to Elwood park and see the redbirds Beckham

as a baroque, an Arrow home builder. We have several homes for sale and the union school district, our Crystal Creek community, which is located at 41st and 129 east avenue. I’ve got an addison one SPEC for sale. Eighteen hundred 57 square feet. The address is one three. Oh, six east 43rd street.

It’s for sale for only $240,000. It is 100 percent complete ready for you to move into and we do have a model home of it that we can show you that is furnished and decorated as well. Also available as broken Arrow, home builder and our Union schools. Crystal Creek community. We have the bay. Would one SPEC for sale that’s only 1,336 square feet. It’s located at one three, three. Oh, five east 41st place it is 100 percent complete. Three bedroom, two full bath, two car garage. It’s for sale for only 100. New Homes Edmond Seventy $9,729. It’s listed on mls. That’s the multi list of a look for number one, seven, four, two, four, four, seven. Come on down. See The bay. Would. We’re stacking them deep and Solomon selling them cheap. Crystal Creek. We have another one that is 1,683 square feet and amber spec for sale. Also 100 percent complete. Located at 43 to six south, 133rd east avenue. It’s for sale for only 200, $6,769


It’s a three bedroom, two bath, two car garage also listed on mls number one, seven, four, three, eight. Oh, six. Come on down. See is shaw homes and Crystal Creek or I’ve got a Cambridge SPEC solely 1,662 square feet. The address on that one is one, three, three, three, one east, 43rd place south, $201,457. What about what a bargain? New Homes Edmond It is not quite completed. Sandra, the plumbing final four bedrooms. Come on down. See us.

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