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New Homes Edmond | Building You Quality Lifestyles For Decades

Here is your New Homes Edmond homes we know that we can build you and cuddle home. We know that whenever you go to model home tortoise you’re going to see amazing homes it’s gonna be hard because you may like a lot of them and it may be hard to narrow down. But whenever you work with our team we are going to make sure that you were able to narrow it down as efficiently as possible so that you can truly make the best decision for you and your family. We wouldn’t be able to help you make that decision we wanna be able to help you get creative and figure out ways that you can make the space in your home that you need to.

We are here to help you and give you incredible times and results and that’s why you wanna be the one to call us today so that we can get you when I’m at home talk to you if you wanna come out to Broken Arrow Golf And Athletic Club see them. You can come out to Highland Creek which is 101st and June 25 and we will show you all of our options are here. We can get you into the gardenia or the Jasmine and those are our two models that we have out in that neighborhood. The Jasmine is a four bedroom two bathroom home and the fourth bedroom can also be flexed out with an open space as a game room instead of a bedroom.

The New Homes Edmond gardenia is going to be a three bedroom two bathroom home and it also has a pocket office. This is what makes it a great option for anybody who needs to work from home or somebody who has children who do virtual days are just simply for someone who needs a home office but doesn’t want to see only take up one of the bedrooms to do that. This gives you full use of all of the bedrooms plus the pocket office area to do any kind of office work. You can also use it as wet bar if you decide you don’t need as a pocket office it’s a perfect little space to add a wine fridge and have storage fees for glasses and make it a really unique space.

We can also show you any of the homes are being built out here. If a customer has a home being built that you would like to see if we do want to show you that as well. We may not have a model of it but will be able to walk you through the home especially if it’s past the drywall stage so you’re able to get a really good feel about the space is going to look like. We wanna show you all of that we wanna make sure you get to see that option as well.

You can call today here at Shaw Homes and make sure that one of our New Homes Edmond professionals is on the phone with you right away to get you the answers to your questions and to make sure you see the homes that you wanna see. Her number is 918-258-6161 And will get to your inches right away. You can also find us at and will ensure that you get to see everything you’re looking for and get a great experience today.

New Homes Edmond | Hang Your Stockings On A New Fireplace This Christmas

Making sure that you’re working with the New Homes Edmond builder who is truly going to give you the bus or soul is going to be easy whenever you choose to work with us here show homes. We truly do make sure that you see everything that you need to see that you were truly getting the most incredible experiences with us. We can build you an incredible home and we know that we can do it in the most timely manner but we also are going to be efficient about it. We are never going to cut any corners and we are not going to miss over any small details just simply try to get the bill done faster. We’re gonna take the time that it needs to truly be done correctly.

We make sure that every single person who’s gonna work for us. Whether it’s a contractor or vendor or simply a sales person or someone in the office. We make sure to truly vet them and know that they have the same moral stance as we do. We are never going to do anything unethical or illegal and we are never going to try to do everything we can just to get profit. And said we’re gonna do everything we can to try to make sure customers are taken care of and they are top priority for us.

We know that there are a lot of New Homes Edmond builders out there who do things that may not be as morally upstanding as he would hope and there are people out there who do anything they can just to get a profit. You were never gonna have to worry about that with us because we have been in this business for 37 years we know the ins and outs and we’ve been able to withstand all the different hardships of happened over the last 37 years. Especially the last two years were things have been extremely chaotic and crazy we have still been able to withstand and we do everything we can to make sure that our homes are being built by people who really do care and he really do you want to give you the best experience.

We know that we’re gonna have a great home for you and we know that we’re gonna be able to get you in to one of our model homes to see them for a tour or to simply get booked for looking out a market ready homes or simply to build one. If you wanna build from scratch we have some sites available and we have plenty in Broken and Arrow and Jenks as well as in the Bixby school district. We also are able to get you homes that are going to show you the options we have for market ready and will be able to get into those as well.

The best way to get this New Homes Edmond information as to call us at 918-258-6161 and let our team take over and get you the help that you need. You can go to and look at all of our information herself and then go ahead and call so that we can get on a model home tour and show you everything that we had to offer you today.

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