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New Homes Edmond | Imagine The Holidays By Your Fireplace

As far as it goes in being in the New Homes Edmond real estate industry, shy Homes stands out amid just all of the other builders in the industry. We know that we can provide you as an incredible results in regards to your home but we also wanna make sure that you get an incredible result when it comes to customer service. We don’t ever just make you feel like you are not getting the best information and we don’t make you feel like you are not getting to assess any questions. We try to go above and beyond for you and make sure that we are doing everything that we can and exhausting all options for you.

We really love getting creative and trying to figure out different ways to get customers into homes. If you do not have exactly what we are needing that we can help me to figure out away to come up with it. If you are not fully able to get in to something in the timeframe then we will try to help you come up with a way to get out of that timeframe as well. We really do try to go through every single nook and cranny of obstacles to ensure that you were able to get into one of our homes and get into the one that you left us.

And when it comes to our New Homes Edmond homes we have over 60 different floorplans. You can choose Whatever floorplan fits you best and we are going to make sure to show you that floor cleaner something very similar so that you were able to get a feel for what that space feels like for you and your loved ones. If you would like to host a Lotta dinner parties we do have homes that have larger dining nook‘s. The Redford is one of those homes and it has the option for putting a fireplace in the dining nook as well. You can also show us what you like in regards to bedroom sizes and we can show you all the different options we have for that as well.

If you need a helmet is going to have their car garage we do have options that come and cut it with their car. Also all of our homes are able to have a third car garage added onto it if you have the ability to with regards to whatever kind of homes that you choose. We want to make sure that you get to see these options and that you get to see all the best results from us and that’s why you should choose us to build your home because we’re gonna make sure to do an incredible job for you.

Our New Homes Edmond team is going to be able to answer call whenever you’re done 918-258-6161 and that’s why we are the ones you wanna call for any kind of Information about building a brand new home today. Will take you on about I’m torn even if it’s simply for information only and you weren’t ready to move forward yet that’s OK we want to give you all the information so you’re able to make the best decision so find us at today so we can also help you there too.

New Homes Edmond | We Want Your New Homes Memories To Last A Lifetime

If you were looking into New Homes Edmond building a brand new home but you really would like to get all the information for so you don’t really know where to start the best place to start is to call us or to find it online. You can see that our homes are easy to find online and you can look at all of them in virtual tour form as well. We do not have pricing on there because the pricing is buried in a depends on where you wanna build home and what kind of amenities you put into it. We also wanna make sure that you are getting to see everything that you can in regards to what kind of options we have because something that you may have thought you would love ends up being something that you don’t really love it all.

We also have the opposite where people think they really will hit a certain home by then they get into it and I see the model they see it furnished and decorate and they realize that it’s chilly the one that they love and actually has all the states states Plus all of the different amenities that they didn’t even know they want to but now they know they love and don’t wanna live without. We had that happen all the time and people don’t think they need a third car garage with and they get into a home that has their car and they realize that they really do need that and they don’t wanna live without one.

We also have tons of New Homes Edmond people think they need a third car garage with them and give them an option of a little workshop states that one of our floorplans has so it gives you space to store your mowers and your lawn equipment without taking up space in your garage or we simply give you the option of a half car then that gives you all the space and they need to help them to realize that they didn’t really need to spend $14,000 to add a fourth third car garage on or they didn’t need to go up in price because they needed to find a home with her car.

This is also super important whenever it comes to what kind of features you want in the home. If you want to lay out there allows you to get from the master bedroom to the master closet to the master bathroom and into the hallway if with the other kids rooms and that is a feature that we have a mini of our homes. If you do not care about that feature and you would like to have separate living spaces then we do have split floorplan options as well. That’s why our homes are truly the most versatile and you can get into our homes and get any kind of features you want.

The best way for you to find out all this New Homes Edmond information sick on a model home tour with us. You can find us online at and onto homes we are going to show you that we have the best options for you. We’re also gonna go through and show you our communities as well. You can call us at 918-258-6161 and we will also make sure to give you that information so that you can truly see our homes in person and get a feel for them.

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