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New Homes Edmond | Lots Of Shade

New Homes Edmond | The Price Is Available To You

This is candace with shaw homes. This is going to be, I owe you three podcasts, so this is one of three I’m telling you today about our move in ready homes that we’ve got as a broken Arrow home builder. We are proud to make homes available to you not only in a broken air area, but of course in Bixby, Jenks and union schools as well as I know, lead public schools. Um, so let me tell you about a home that we have for sale in the big school districts in our beautiful Quail Creek neighborhood, which is located off of 121st halfway between Sheridan and memorial. Um, this is in the big city school district. It’s our beautiful monroe, New Homes Edmond one 2,274 square feet. The address is 73, 81 east, 125th a place south. It is in the design phase, which means that, uh, our interior designers are trying to make decisions on what brick they’re going to put on the exterior, what granted they’re going to put on the interior, what flooring they’re going to put their picking out light fixtures where they’re picking out paint colors. They are picking out where they’re going to put under cabinet lights and lights inside the cabinets. What kind of cabinets they’re going to be putting in there. So the price is yet to be determined. Um, the bedroom count is three, New Homes Edmond


bathroom count is two and a half, so there’s a nice powder bathroom in there. I do have a model home of this. If you’d like to see it, it’s fully furnished and decorated. I’d be happy to show it to you.


I would suspect that the price is going to be somewhere in the 300 range. Also in the big city school district, even though we are a broken Arrow home builder in seven lakes, I’ve got our former window model, which is our Wyndham one h that currently is for sale 3,561 square feet. It’s a huge house, backs up to a beautiful lake. It’s real pretty. New Homes Edmond, this home actually faces the west, which means you have your backyard that gets lots of great a shade. So just imagine the sitting out on the 26 and a half foot patio in the shade in the evening looking at the beautiful pond behind your home and the ducks and the geese swimming on the pond and you enjoyed that. Um, this home is located at six, six, seven, two east, 125th street south. It is priced at $399,900 since it is our former model. It is 100 percent complete. It is a four bedroom, three bathroom, three car garage. It also has a formal dining room just off the Butler’s Pantry, walked through to the kitchen. It has a really nice sized study with French doors upfront

and the home beautiful mud area as you come in through the garage door with a mad bitch. They’re upstairs in addition to the bedrooms. It has to. New Homes Edmond ribs were actually one large game room. And then one bonus room that you could just do with whatever you wanted to do with it. You could make it as a play room. You could make it as a second game room, you could have your Tuesday night poker games in there. You could just hang out, watch TV, or the kit can be the TV room for the Kiddos. So all the possibilities in the world exists with that window model there in seven lakes. It is listed on mls multi list. It’s number one eight. Oh, oh, two, seven, zero, zero. If you’d like to see it, you can call me or go to our website at [inaudible] dot com. In addition to those two bixby homes as a broken Arrow home builder, we also have in seven lakes, Stonebrook v for sale. This is 2,619 square feet.


It’s located at seven. Oh, nine, five east, 124th street south. It’s $327,907. It is 100 percent complete. It is ready to move into. We do have a furnished and decorated model home that is just like it, that I could show you so that you could see how it would look. What if it was completely furnished? Um, some of the special features of this home is, it’s on a green belt lot. That means it backs to the woods, um, this home faces the south and it backs to woods right behind it. So lots of privacy. This lot also has a reserve on the east side of it. So No neighbors on that side, no neighbors behind Ya. It’s in a cul de sac, so it’s nice and quiet. Low travel area there in seven lakes back into the woods. New Homes Edmond If privacy is something that you want, if that’s important to you, this just might be the home for you. Um, so it’s a four bedroom, two and a half bath, three car garage. Some of the things that are so special about this home are

the way the island faces in the kitchen, it actually faces the backyard. So when you’re standing there doing dishes at your kitchen sink, you are overlooking a large nook area. There is no formal dining room in his home, so we made the big enough to accommodate your formal dining room furniture. And then on the back wall of the Nook area, off of your kitchen is the windows to your backyard. So you’re sitting there looking at those woods when you’re washing dishes that you’re saying. And then just to the left, if you turn your head. So if you’re standing at the kitchen saying, turn your head slightly to the left, then you’re seeing the garbage room and your family’s sitting in there watching TV. New Homes Edmond There’s corner fireplace and the cutest little powder bath you ever saw as a broken Arrow home builder, we take this is a great value at only 300, $27,970. Um, it’s a great price. We would love to show it to you, uh, if you’d give us a call or log on to our website@www.shaw homes.com.

Also in big speed as a broken arrow. Homebuilder also in our beautiful somerset community, which is a gated community on the north side of 121st street on the east side of Sheridan is our beautiful gated somerset community developed by wind or develop it Tom, when Rick, who also developed Belmont Eagle Rock winmore, lots of beautiful high end neighborhoods while he of course was the developer on this beautiful somerset, New Homes Edmond we have one of our redford single story homes for sale in there. It is 2,354 square feet. It is really pretty. New Homes Edmond, we also have a model home and that, that we’d be happy to show you so you can see what it looks like because this home is still in the design phase. We, that means we picked up the lot, we picked out the floor plan and the designers are currently working to pick out the final finishes for that home. So the price is yet to be determined.


it will be three beds, two bath, three car garage, New Homes Edmond, and that gated somerset community. So it’s going to be a really nice value also as a broken Arrow home builder. But in the Jake’s communities, we have a couple of elwood park homes for sale. We have a Ventana q and a Redford, one of both of these are in the pate stage, so they’re ready for us to show you. We would love to do that. If you’d like to give us a call, you can go to our website@www.shaw homes.com and we would just be proud to serve you.

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