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New Homes Edmond | Move In Ready Homes

New Homes Edmond | Move In Ready Homes

Now I’ll continue with our move in ready homes for Shaw homes and I just want to know, want you to know that there are more options for your big new home if you don’t have the time or the luxury of picking out all of your designs or if you’d rather just move into a brand new home. New Homes Edmond Moving into one of our homes is the second best thing you can do when you’re looking for your next big speed new home.

The first

move in ready home, I want to tell you about this called the breadfruit. One story. This one’s built in Elwood Park over there in Jenks. The address is one, one seven, three zero south Red Bud street in Jenks, Oklahoma. The price for this one is 297,000, $159. That’s currently for sale and ready to be moved into. This one is 2,349 square feet, three bedroom home, two bathrooms. One story with a three car garage. This one’s located in jenks school districts, so you have west elementary jinx, middle school and high school. The next one I’ll tell you about, it’s called the monroe too. He the Monroe too. He is built in highland creek. The address was one zero four, one five south 229 East Avenue in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This model just sold so it’s no longer move in ready, but again you can build them in row two, New Homes Edmond as your next big V, new home in any of our community. This floor plan is 2,952 square feet, four bedroom home, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage, and it’s also located in broken Arrow school districts. So you have oak crest elementary child. There’s middle school and broken our high school.

The next move in ready at home I want to tell you about is the Ventana q located in Remington trails. Again, this one’s still over in broken Arrow and the address is two, two, four, four, six east, 115th place south in broken Arrow, seven, four, zero. One for. The cool thing about this one is that it actually comes on an acre home site. Three hundred, 9,000, $346. The square footage is 2,595 square feet, four bedroom home, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage, New Homes Edmond


The next move and ready home. That could be your big spinning. Your home is called them in row. Two P build in the village at southern trails. The address is three, seven, 75 south elder boulevard, broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This is a four bedroom home. Three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. The square footage is 2,700 square feet for this home. New Homes Edmond


located in broken Arrow school districts. We have Wolf Creek elementary, Oliver Middle School, and broken Arrow highschool. That makes moving. Ready home is the monroe one. I located in the Quail Creek of bixby. The press for this and his throne in 13,700 is currently under construction. Square footage is 227, 2,274 square feet is a three bedroom home, two bathrooms, two stories. Was it three car garage? The Monroe one eye is the largest version of the memory that we build in the middle row is one of our most versatile for plans with over 15 different versions of them in Rome. A couple of cool things about the Monroe is um, as our largest living area and are just opening into the kitchen. So it’s our most open concept and also has the largest back patio. I’ve been bar floor plans. That’s covered. So really nice large back covered patio. The next move, New Homes Edmond and I want to tell you about is called the Ventana Q.


Been done in q is for sale and Elwood Park, which is one nine zero five west, 117th court and Jinx Oklahoma. Well the price for this one is $319,000. Twenty $3. That’s currently for sale. A square footage is 2,595 square feet. This is a four bedroom home, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage in town. In q is located in jinx. And again, any of our floor plans can be built in any of our communities. So it’d be perfect for your next big B new home. If you were to move into this mentality ofq and Elwood Park, the school districts would be west elementary, middle school, and high school. It makes moving. Ready home on it. Tell you about is called the notting hill l l l is still under construction, but it’s being built in. Rush Brooke North. The address to this moving. Ready home is three zero, zero, nine west edge water street in broken Arrow, Oklahoma, seven, four, zero, one, two. All is 2,605 square feet. Four bedroom home, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. You’re a kid would go to Wolf Creek Elementary. Oliver Middle School, unbroken. Our high school, since this is in broken Arrow and be the broken our school district rush, put north is a great community. A lot of green belts that would be permanent green backing up to either a creek or trees and it’s right off of olive, which is 129th and in between 101st and 91st. So Rush Creek north is one of our New Homes Edmond


sought after broken arrows,


shaw homesteaded, developed the best system and the best customer experience, taking you through the process one step at a time. If you don’t have the luxury of time c, five slash six or seven months to design and build your brand new home, the next best thing you can do is buy one. Okay. Are Moving ready homes, shaw homes, because our move moving ready homes are still covered by Tulsa’s best warranty, which is a 10 year structural warranty at t mechanical warranty and a one year limited warranty. Now that 10 year structural warranty is obviously anything to do with the structure, so the walls or the foundation, make sure you read the fine print in the contract about these warranty items. The two year contract is our mechanical warranty, so these cover all the mechanicals in the home, like the furnace and the AC and New Homes Edmond

the hot water heater.

And then the one year warranty is there. Our limited builder’s warranty, which covers everything. One of the coolest things that we do, we do it show homes, is called the 60 day punch list and 90 day punch list. After you move into your new home, you’re big speeding home. That’d be given that an emergency phone number. Now you’re allowed to call this number anytime. Twenty four slash seven emergency number. That’s not an emergency. It goes onto what we call a punch list. At 60 days we would send somebody to do the punch list instead of sending them every other week. No, because no home is 100 percent perfect, but we get pretty Dang close, but again, if it’s not an emergency, it goes into a punch list and rather than sending somebody over every other week we make a list and at 60 days we will send somebody to cover this punch list and hopefully take care of all of it. And then again at 11 months we’ll create a list for the until the 11 month mark and then send somebody over. So we really take care of you for that first year and that’s the benefit of building your new home with Shaw homes New Homes Edmond.

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