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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond Oklahoma | Flush It Away


Building New Homes Edmond Oklahoma is quite a task and a fee. With the crazy weather that comes through here, constant development, and expanding of the Cities around, it is a trick in and of itself. And with that being said, there are a lot of things that can be left to the sideline or completely forgotten about. But that is something you do not have to worry about with an amazing company like y’all. We will be able to take everything into accountability, and be able to flush anything away. And one place that we always make sure you are set up is in the bathroom.

With our New Homes Edmond Oklahoma you will not have to worry about any type of issues from your home. We take care of all of the small details. And that includes the bathroom as well. The bathroom may seem like a stinky place to start, however whenever it comes to this it is a place that you want to always make sure everything is taken into consideration. Regardless of the type of home you may have, you will always start your day in the shower and get ready. And whenever you are doing that, you want to Ensure you have the proper room to do that in. That is why we always make sure that the bathroom is well taken care of and exactly right for you.

No two people are the same and we always keep that in mind with our New Homes Edmond Oklahoma . The homes that we build are specifically for the people who are going to be in them. Even though we build some for people to be able to come through and pick up, we definitely love building homes from scratch. That way we can make sure every aspect of it is exactly what the homeowner is going to want and meets all of their specifications. Whether you want a bathtub combo, stand alone shower, dual sinks, or something more compact. Regardless we will be able to provide that to you and make sure that it is exactly what you want and so much more.

Meeting and exceeding your expectations is something that we take absolute pride in and we never want to be able to say we did not do the perfect job. That’s why thousands of Oklahomans have relied on us for decades. And we have provided so many amazing homes in that time. All across the state we are known as the best. We want to show you exactly why that is, as well as be able to set you up for a place for your entire family to grow together. Never cutting any corners, and always abiding by our 10 step process to ensure everything is absolutely perfect and done in a way that will last you a lifetime.

By going above and beyond for you and your family, we are able to ensure you will absolutely love this house for generations. We have the largest selection of furnished model homes, as well as countless floor plans for every one of them. We want you to be able to pick out the one that is correct for you, or do something that is completely custom for you and your family. Everyone has different needs, and we want to ensure that your needs are met. Please visit us online at, or give us a call at 918-688-5660, or 405-896-0333

New Homes Edmond Oklahoma | Loving Your Landscape

Getting New Homes Edmond Oklahoma means you are going to have to worry about more than just what is going on inside of your house. You are also going to have to worry about what is outside as well. And with Oklahoma having some amazing resources around it, you will be able to take advantage of all the Green Landscape that is known for in this area. The Great Plains is something that has been known for its amazing greenery, and you will be able to take advantage of that with the Landscaping your house.

Relying on everything for your New Homes Edmond Oklahoma is an amazingly wise idea. You will be able to take into account all the different types of girls that will be available to you, and you will also have an amazing yard, one new first move in the building. However whenever you are taking care of your grad school you always want to be careful and ensure that you are getting things on the right way. If you are doing it by yourself, always be safe and take into consideration the weather that is around you. Oklahoma is never having insane weather and we want to ensure that you are getting that taken care of.

Regardless of the New Homes Edmond Oklahoma you have, you will always have to take care of your yard, whenever that happens or it starts to become overwhelming, you will potentially have to get a landscaper in. Of course in Oklahoma we have multiple Landscaping options available to you, from professionals to the next door neighbor’s kid. Regardless of how you get it taken care of, you will always want to go with an amazing team to get you set up with a yard in the first place. And that’s where our team at Shaw homes can come into place and help you.

We have been building a home since 1985. And we have thousands of Oklahoma to get the Dreamhouse that they have been wanting their entire lives. Allow us to be the team that helps you get yours as well. We do not want to drag you through the rigor moral and make this a hard process. We want to make this as fun and exciting for you as possible as this is something that it should be. And with our amazing team and expertise, we can ensure that is exactly what you will get out of it.

Whenever you are going with a home builder, there is no better choice than us. With our nearly four Decades of service, and countless floor plans and designs, we will have exactly what is right for you. Not to mention all of the custom homes that we have done over the years that are specific to whoever the person is. You can visit us online at, we have so many resources available for you. You can also give us a call anytime at 918-688-5660, or 405-896-0333. Give us a call today.

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