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New Homes Edmond | Something For Everyone

New Homes Edmond | Something For Everyone

and now the next step on our path to your new shaw home would be into the design studio to design your big screen at home. But before we get there, let’s just recap on your path to your new big speed new home New Homes Edmond.

So step number one on your path to your new shaw home is the model home tour. Again, the model home tour is where you would schedule about 90 minutes out of your day to walk through all of our floor plans and really figuring out what floor plan fits you and your family best and this is so great because not only do you get to walk through and see what it looks like with furniture, but New Homes Edmond it’s so much better than just looking at a two d piece of paper or on the Internet at floor plans. Walking through these model homes truly gives you an idea of what it looks like to live in these floor plans and in these homes before you make any commitment. What will you say here at Shaw homes is that having all the information is the way to make the best decision on model home tours.

Just focused on the function behind the design and there’s something for everyone. Step number two again is financing. We connect with one of our preferred lenders just to figure out what monthly payment you feel comfortable with, what your loan amount should be and where you want to be. Again, it’s a five minute application and a 24 hour approval process and since our three preferred lenders are the largest banks in Tulsa, they do interest rate matching and closing costs matching as well. Step number three is the home site reservation. We started allowing our customers to reserve home sites and the way they do this as a thousand dollars deposit, that’s 100 percent refundable for seven days with no rush decisions. Switching. Homesites is also allowed and this we don’t even cash the check, it just sits in our office, but allows us to remove that home site from the market. Then this allows our customers to take their time and get all their questions answered as well. Step number four on your new home path is the price out. Now, New Homes Edmond during the price out, this is where you really get to build your home on paper, it’s about a 45 minute meeting, but we’ll go through Oliver upgrades and put them on the list and you get a total price printer on the spot down to the dollar price exactly the way you want it to with itemized pricing, so there’s no surprises. You’ll get to see what everything costs. That way you can price the home out the way you want to. Step number five is the purchase agreement

at the purchase agreement with shot homes. You’d be signing a contract for your new home. During this time, you’d watch an informative video. It’s about 45 minutes long and the meeting itself is about one hour. Again, all the structural options are final and the home site selection is final at this time, but the colors are not final and the finishes are not final, so all the cosmetic items can be chosen at anytime in the design studio, which is the next step for your new home. The next step on the path to your new home is the design studio. The design studio. You’ll have three easy meetings and they’ll want to schedule these meetings all at the same time, New Homes Edmond so they’ll call you about a week or so after your purchase agreement to schedule these three meetings all about one week apart. Again, they’ll schedule all three meetings at the same time.

Um, the first meeting is about two hours long and it’s your interior meetings and this is where you pick out all of your selections for your interior, like the granite and the counters on the cabinets and the flooring and the paint colors, carpet. Um, I’ll just, all of the interior features of the home you choose at this time. Step number two is the exterior meeting. Again, this is about two hours long and you would choose all your exterior, whether you want a brick, what kind of brick you’d want stone, what kind of stone you would want on your home, Stucco or painted brick. Also, any other exterior features like painting the garage doors or your front door or shutters or your dormer is what color of the exterior siding. All of that stuff would be chosen on step number two instead. Number three is whenever you would finalize all of your signatures so you personally would be the one responsible for reviewing all of your selections because the designers and the sales team and your builder are all working with five, 10 or 15 different people at any given time, New Homes Edmond so it’s up to you to review all of your selections, know exactly what you’re putting in your home, and then sign off with your final signatures from the design studio and then about a week to 10 days after the design studio.

They’ll schedule you. Schedule your planning review, which is step number seven.

We’re continuing with the design studio. Step number six, there are no structural changes allowed for your bigs new home in the design studio. So if you wanted to move an exterior wall or flip the garage from right to left, you could not do that in the design studio because we’ve already sent off for building permits and the structure needed to be 100 percent decided, but you could and do interior custom options, which might include adding a window or moving an interior wall or maybe swapping the position of the fridge. And stove with your bigs, b, new home or anything interior wise and the way the interior custom option works is that you would pay a $200 custom option fee and that fee goes to our office to redesign, figuring out what trades needed to be contacted, what purchase orders need to be changed and the cigarette, all of the back ends and then our architects to redesign it, New Homes Edmond our cad department to redraw it and then get those final plans sent out to the builder so that $200 fee pays for that. And then if you wanted that option, they would come back and say that option would be x amount of dollars

in the design studio. You work with our award winning designers as well. We have the largest design studio of any builder in Tulsa with tons of options offered. It’s a simple process, like I said, three easy meetings for your big speed, new home. Any. There are no children allowed in the design studio that are under the age of 12. If you do have children under the age of 12, we asked that you’d get a babysitter because they might not be distracting to you, but New Homes Edmond we might have two or three other people in the design studio at any given time, so it would be a distraction to them. Now, after the design studio and your final signatures have been applied, you go to the plan review about a week later. The plan review takes about 90 minutes and you get to review your selections, discuss a timeline, and discuss your weekly updates to get to discuss your homeowner orientation. Um, you meet at our main office. You have to meet your builder, the person that will be responsible for your home and in your home every single day. You get to review your blueprints, review the site plan as well, and discuss the grade of the land.

So whenever you discuss your timeline and your planning review, you’ll figure out an estimate of time when you should be finished or an estimated time when they’ll break ground. We will also discuss weekly updates. So here at Shaw homes we send out weekly updates with photos, allowing you to see and read what we’ve done this week and what we’re doing next week just to keep you involved every step of the way. You’ll also get to review your blueprints and your site plan

New Homes Edmond after your planning review about a week to 10 days after they’ll break ground on your big screen. Your home from, from the moment they break ground to the day you move in is about five months. Once during the building process you just get to sit back and relax and enjoy the progress on your home. You get those weekly updates and we welcome any kind of questions. So you’ll have your building manager’s phone number so you can text or call him at anytime, uh, you to meet at your home to do the pre drywall meeting as well. And then once the home is done, you have a homeowner orientation done onsite and this is where they would just show you how to light the pilot light and run the sprinklers and just all the things that you need to know to operate your new home. And then step number nine is closing for your new home.

This is the time where we give you the keys and it’s time to move in. You have to meet at the title company and fulfill any other down payment. So if you had given us $10,000 as your earnest money deposit and you wanted to put down $50,000 for your new bigsby home, then at closing you to bring an additional $40,000 for your down payment for any pale, your closing costs. And you sign for your mortgage and the title is transferred into your name. New Homes Edmond then you’re covered by Tulsa’s best warranty. So I have a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty, and a one year limited warranty. Again, this is all for your new home.

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