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New Homes Edmond | The addison plan

New Homes Edmond | the big speed

Hello, welcome to another amazing podcasts on the Jay man talking to you about shaw homes and what it means to be a big speed new home builder and all the wonderful stuff that that entails. Going to be mentioning big speed new home builder at least five times, maybe six to 10. Who knows? New Homes Edmond So fasten your seatbelts like I’m doing right now.

Wait for it.

There we go. All right then. So I’m just going to talk to you about some different floor plans here. First up, we’ll go to findlay, take 1800 square feet, it’s a three bedroom, two bath features, the tree splits on the master bedroom and the guest rooms also has a study, nice corner entrance to the study and a good size living room on it. Comes with a covered patio, three car garage, and a, we’ll build a economical plan and build it for right around 215,000 or so in highland creek. And uh, even less than that up and Ruby’s states, states is in, I know Nola. So if you’re looking for a big speed new home builder, we are also in Nola. New Homes Edmond uh, so great up there. So beautiful. So Nice. Next step, we have the addison floor plan. It’s a 18, 57 square feet, three bedroom, two bath also features a true split, the guest bedrooms and the master, the Addison. What’s unique about the accident as it has a study kind of tucked away in the back. Most plans, you know, they have the study right there by the front of the house. Yeah. So, you know, it’s very exciting. And um, New Homes Edmond

then of course you, uh, you also have,


in other laundry room connecting through to the master, which people seem to really like that. Also, moving on, we have them on row three. The monro three is also a three bedroom, two bath, 21 slash two square feet. It is a, you know, it’s made for that customer with the champagne tastes, New Homes Edmond but a beer budget. It’s got a huge, great room on it. A 99 foot long island. Twenty six foot wide patio

has the feel of a, of a larger home. And only 20. Oh, 2:21. Oh, two square feet bixby, new home builder. And um, you know, it’s just the kind of place that you want to want to take your family to and uh, and know that they’re safe and well protected and that he’s got a great patio as well. And the three car garage. So, you know, that’s a wonderful thing. Moving on. Oh, I guess I skipped the croissants. The Crescent One story, 20, 95 square feet. See, terrain does not have a true split. All of its bedrooms are on one side of the house. It is a three bedroom, two bath, um, and the Christians, just a, I call it like a baby Prescott. It’s very similar to the Prescott. It’s got the study on the left dining room on the right when you walk in, New Homes Edmond it’s a

get the, uh, some other stuff and features. So that’s the question. We never build them anymore because we haven’t had a model and yes, moving on, we also have a new plan, uh, the liberty plan, maybe a, whatever that new plan is. It is a, what is it, a four bedroom, three bath, one story. And uh, Scott, just great bones. And uh, really just a lot of character and uh, it’s very cozy and affordable, so it a very wide plan, only fits on. She never really has to be a really wide home site or called the sac. But glasses here, New Homes Edmond

I always feel just a bit like Batman when I put on my shades, suddenly I had super powers but they were to sell show homes. Oh fuck. Well almost got hit by an 18 wheeler, right? Tulsa is unbelievable for their horrible roads set up, um, some of the worst on ramps and off ramps I’ve ever seen in my life. Apparently they have a closed off today. Um, so it forces you to merge onto the highway extra fast. And of course, you know, there’s like no time for people to get up to speed. So you have idiot drivers going 30 miles an hour or getting on the highway, emerging traffic going 65. And it’s just always, it’s just always a nightmare. It’s not so much that there’s a ton of traffic, New Homes Edmond but it’s a just dangerous in my opinion. I just think it’s unsafe. I mean, I probably see an accident on highway 51 every other day and I bet it’s for that very same thing,

but, um,

anyways, bixby, new home builders show homes.com, fair and balanced. Uh, the lead, the industry leaders that you trust to deliver a wonderful home at a low price with the quality and customer service that you look forward to. Uh, check us out on the web show homes.com. You can like us on facebook, maybe leaving us a review on Google, maybe if you want to find it’s on yelp or Angie’s list or any of those other websites that we might show up. New Homes Edmond, and uh, hopefully that will raise us up higher in the organic search rankings. I love how homes, I love to build homes left to help people find the home of their dreams. Big speed new home builders. And of course we’re also in Jenks Tulsa. I know, and our wheelhouse. Broken Arrow. But can you say about Ba that hasn’t been said about every great suburban America.

It’s got multiple bowling alleys, multiple movie theaters, kids like it, adults, kids, teenagers like it. Teenagers always showing up at the sonic, blaring their engines, circling around the parking lot real fast. I don’t like to go to sonic anymore because all the hooliganism. But uh, if you needed a new home and big speed, you’re looking for a new home builder and big speed. Give me a call. Guess what? Don’t you get some loose. I’ll be here all day. I’m taking your calls, wanting to know how you feel about your new home, if you love it, how you found your big speed new home builders and what you can do a, you know New Homes Edmond, if you want it even better that lots of different stuff. You know, we have our shaw homes have 66 different floor plans. We have our,


heritage series, Mensez two series and signature series. The Harrington series starts at about 18. New Homes Edmond, two square feet and jumps all the way up to about 3,700 square feet.

Um, and it’s just very, very well rounded set of plans. So some sites the most of any builder in the niche, it certainly the most of any big speed. New home builder a. So check around, asked around for us, we got really good reviews or good team. Everybody wants to be on the same page and just really work hard and do things the right way, you know, because it’s not enough just to work hard. You gotta work smart and work hard, but then you also got to do things the right way. Guys, that’s, New Homes Edmond the truth of it at the end of the day. So, uh, you know, thank you for tuning in today. I do want to apologize if you’ve listened to any of my other podcasts. I never meant to hurt anyone. I was told it was completely private and anonymous and no one would ever listen to it. So I’m very sorry if I upset anyone high, uh, was never my intention again. I was really just trying to rant and New Homes Edmond, just being an, an a whole in general. So thank you for your time and have a great day.

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