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New Homes Edmond | The Categories

New Homes Edmond | The Best Decorating Categories

That shall we build custom homes in broken Arrow, and I wanted to talk with you a little bit today about our custom options policy show homes. We’ve spent a great deal of time to engineer homes to meet the foreman function as well as be a good value economically and the options we offer come from over 30 years of architectural experience building homes as well as thousands of people walking through our model homes over the past several years telling us their wants and desires. Well, New Homes Edmond based on that data, based on that data. As a custom homes builder in Broken Arrow, we, uh, have created purchase orders, work orders and blueprints for all of our 65 flood plans that we desire or that we’ve currently build. Occasionally, our customers will request an item

that’s not on our list of the available items or features. When this happens, it fits into one of two categories, either a nonstructural cuts custom option or a structural custom option. Now nonstructural custom options, or they don’t really have an impact on the material takeoffs and included features of a home. A nonstructural autumn could include adding a bench seat or maybe just selecting a a unique trim material or versing reversing, endorsing something that we just don’t have in our standard included plans, non structural changes have a minimal impact on existing purchase orders, and so they only have a minimal change fee of $200 plus the actual cost of the change if there’s any. New Homes Edmond This fee is nonrefundable, but if the nonstructural change is accepted by the buyer of the added to your contract, the $200 charge would be credited back to you at closing. Fifty percent of the cost of nonstructural changes must be paid for in advance, and the remaining 50 percent may be included in your financing. As a custom homes broken arrow builder. We also offer structural custom options and for us to consider this, we’re going to need a very specific information including drawings, specifications in order to price these items correctly.

Due to the very nature of structural custom pricing, this can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or price. Oftentimes we have to contact multiple vendors and trade as well as create an architectural drawing in order to just get pricing. Then we have to put this information into our purchasing software and cad programs in order to correctly execute this change from our normal way of building. Due to the extensive work required, shaw homes charges an upfront fee of $500 to price any structural changes. New Homes Edmond This B is also nonrefundable fundable. However, if the structural change is accepted by the buyer when they added to your contract, that $500 fee will be credited back to you at closing.


Mini requested changes just may not be structurally practical and we make every effort to determine the validity of structural requests before implementing a fee, but once a structural option is priced and accepted by the purchaser, an additional deposit will be required per the following. Structural options up to $5,000 must be paid for in advance. Structural options in excess of $5,000 must be paid in full to buy a thousand dollars and 50 percent of the amount above that. The excess amount can be included in your financing, in this deposit, could be waived at the discretion of the management team. Um, as a New Homes Edmond, a customer or a custom option is any option that is not already pre priced in our a software system. If you choose a custom option,


if you choose a custom option, you need to also expect delays in processing of your contract and construction of your home. So to request a custom option, your salesperson or design studio consultant will enter the request in our igms purchasing system. The purchasing staff will respond as quickly as possible. New Homes Edmond Then once a modification has been priced, any further modifications, specific request of cups, custom option pricing shall incur an additional $200 fee per modified request. The original custom option fee will be forfeited and not applied toward the newly modified custom option. As a custom homes builder. In Broken Arrow, we have a shah homes has the longest and best warranty periods of any builder in the Greater Tulsa area. This includes a one year limited warranty that goes really any builder offers that I’m. And then we also offer a second year on all electrical, mechanical and plumbing, um, so all your mechanical, so that’s just huge. And then, um, the, uh, as a custom homes builder here in Broken Arrow weight also at shaw homes include a 10 year structural warranty that’s actually backed by liberty mutual. So the warranty on your new home, uh, takes effect the day that you, the home, becomes yours. The day that you close,

we will give you a copy of the warranty and it spells out in very specific terms exactly what is included in your return, I mean in your warranty. So New Homes Edmond you’re one year warranty, includes his covers, defects in materials and work would ship for a period of one year from the commencement date. So that’s the date that you own the home that says that your residents will be free from defects in materials and workmanship due to nonconformance conformity with the warranty standards. Then year two covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the commencement date, we say that that your home will be free from defects in materials and workmanship due to nonconformity with the warranty standards set forth in our section f of our warranty, uh, as a custom homes builder in broken Arrow. We also offer a majoral structural defects warranty, so that begins on the commencement date and is subject to the terms and conditions conditions limited. I’m enlisted in the warranty, uh, that we will warranty structural

the structure of your home for a period of 10 years. So if the defect, these are our responsibilities to you as a customer homes New Homes Edmond. If a defect arises in your home due to non conformity with the warranty standards during the one year of the warranty warranty, during the one year period of the warranty, the builder will repair, replace, or pay the purchaser the reasonable cost of repairing or replacing the defective item as reasonably determined by the builder. If a majoral structural defect arises in your home during the one year warranty, the builder will repair or replace or pay the purchaser the reasonable cost of repairing or replacing the defective item. A limited to such actions are necessary to restore load bearing capacity to the portion of the residence damaged by the major structural did fact and which makes the residents physically unsafe. In each instance, New Homes Edmond the builder’s responsibility for the warranty coverage under the warranty is subject to the following.

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