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New Homes Edmond | Under Construction

Today, a shaw homes and new homes. I’m going to tell you about our move in ready homes. Now, obviously the best thing you could do with bixby new homes is find a home site that there’s no home built on and design and build your brand new, custom new home, but the second best thing you can do if you don’t have the luxury of time or if you’re just looking for a move and ready home, the second best thing you can do is by one of our move in ready homes. The first move in ready home that I want to tell you about is called the crescent. The crescent is a three bedroom home. Two stories, sorry, three bedroom home, two bathrooms. One story with a three car garage. It’s currently at 250, 3,960. New Homes Edmond It’s in our community called Highland Creek. The address is one zero, four, three, three south, 203rd east avenue in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

This would be great for anyone looking to stay in the broken Arrow school districts as well. This school district is oak crest elementary child. There’s middle school and broken Arrow high school. The cool thing about the crescent is at the laundry room is actually off the kitchen and in the mudroom, so this is great for late night laundry where it’s not right off the bedroom, so you won’t hear laundry going all night long. That the cool thing about this big new home is that as an open concept and a nice bump out in the master suite, New Homes Edmond so for additional seating and the master suite there, and there’s also a hallway that takes you to the next two bedrooms, so private bedrooms that aren’t right off the kitchen or the living area. The next big speed, new home I want to tell you about is the Redford one. This one’s still under construction, but it should be ready to go within the next four months or so. It’s an art community called Brighton village. The address to this one is six zero, one three south 13th street in broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The price is $259,800 is 2,172 square feet. This is a three bedroom home. Two bathrooms, one story with the three car garage. This one is also located in broken Arrow school districts, so if you were to live in this community, your children will go to Spring Creek elementary child. There’s middle school and broken Arrow high school.

The next big speeding home I want to tell you about is the press got one story. The address here is one, one zero, one seven South Lauren is street. The price is 279,900 square footage is 3000, 152 square feet. This is a four bedroom home, three bathrooms, one story with a three car garage. The cool thing about the Prescott is that it has the most closet space if any of our floor plans and it also has a really huge pantry and again, the laundry room. It has its own room on the other side of the house from the bedrooms. This is great for a late night. Laundry it or move in. Ready home for bigsby. New homes is called the Addison p. The Addison P is located in Ashbrook, which the address is nine five, one six south 238 East Avenue in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The square footage is 2,430 square feet. New Homes Edmond It’s a four bedroom home, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. This one’s also located in broken our school district, but it’d be highland park elementary. Oh, need a ridge middle school and broken Arrow highschool.

Again, the best thing you can do is design and build your brand new home from scratch, but if you don’t have the time of luxury, the luxury of time, then the second best thing you can do is move into one of our move in ready big speed new homes. The reason that our new homes are the best decision is because there are still covered by Tulsa’s best warranty, which is a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty, and a one year limited warranty. The next move in ready home for big speed new homes is the Redford one located at the village at southern trails. The address here is three, six, one eight south for court in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. New Homes Edmond The price is 288,000, 134. It is 2,349 square feet. This redford is a three bedroom, two bathroom house with a three car garage. This one’s located in broken Arrow still, so there’d be broken Arrow school districts of Wolf Creek Elementary. Yeah, show homes and bixby. New homes. We’ve developed the best system for buying and building your brand new home, and today I’m going to tell you a little bit about that system. We call it the path to your new home.

Whenever we start, the first step is the model home tour. On the model home tour you’ll. It’ll be about 90 minutes. You’ll see anywhere from six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. You’ll drive around vehicle that way is something that comes up. You’re free to go at any time, New Homes Edmond you know you’re not stuck in a van with me or anything and there’s no pricing on the model home tour, so there’s no pressure. If you’re wanting based pricing or to get a Ballpark, we can definitely do that, but the benefit of that is it you can really focus on the function behind the design of the floor plan and why we laid out the room. It’s the way we have and figuring out what’s best for you and your family and your needs and that’s where you’d that out is on the model home tour.

Um, like I said, it’s just information and focused on the function behind the design and there’s something for everybody. So if you have some friends I want to come along that just want to look at remodeling or get some ideas for paint color or tile flooring or whatever. They’d want something for everybody with versatile plans and one or two story options as well. Most of our model homes are two story, but they can be built as a one story as well. So we would tell you the differences on, you know, what would change in a one story version of that same model. Some of our model homes have been our, New Homes Edmond some of our floor plans had been redesigned 15 different times. So we can tell you the benefits of why we’ve redesigned it and why we laid out the room is the way we have the second step to your new home with your bigsby.

New Home is financing and we work with the three largest banks in Tulsa, Spirit Bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank and these three banks, they do what we call monthly payment quotes, which is great because the best thing you can do is figuring out what you feel comfortable with paying monthly and with today’s interest rates and your down payment and all the factors going into it, they’ll be able to tell you what your monthly payment would look like and what purchase price you feel comfortable with. Um, it’s a five minute application and a 24 hour approval process. And they also do interest rate matching and closing cost matching as well. So New Homes Edmond even if you’re working with a credit union or a different bank than these three preferred lenders, they would be willing to match any closing costs or any interest rates as well. They also do conventional loans, fha loans, va loans, and native American loans.

If you don’t want to use one of these three preferred lenders or if you have a relationship and some loyalty to another bank, um, sometimes we can use them as well if you get a full mortgage commitment. And the difference there is that this would be a fully underwritten mortgage contract before we start the process. New Homes Edmond also we have an incentive for using these three preferred lenders. That would be a $15,000 incentive. You can use it for free upgrades or off the price of the home or even towards closing costs. So that’s the benefit of using one of our three preferred lenders for your big speed new home. Step number three is the homestart reservation.

We can duplicate floor plans all day, but all of our home sites are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. So once you find that perfect home site, um, we started allowing our customers to reserve their home sites and the way you do this as a thousand dollar deposit and it’s refundable for seven days and we don’t even cash it. Um, we checked her, sits in our office and this allows me to go into our software and choose that home site and take it off the market for seven days and this blocks all competing customers from choosing that home site. And like I was saying, they’re all one of a kind. So once you find that perfect home site, make sure you reserve it for your big speed new home. I’m switching home sites. It also allowed in this step. This allows for no rush decisions where you get to take all of your time and get all your questions answered. Now, New Homes Edmond like I said, we don’t cash the check, so at the end of seven days for any reason, if you’re not ready to move forward, we literally just hand you the check back. So there’s no, no wasted money there.

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