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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Did you know that even though your home, this industry for almost 40 years, the new home construction industry, the new home opportunity industry? We do not act old at all. I was joking about that and telling mothers, even though we’re an older company, that we’ve been here for a long time, we don’t act like an old company, just that the way that they run the company in the way that they structure options and our opportunities for each and every one of our buyers is not an old age. Really hear it. Our goal, more than anything, is to continually listen to the changing trends and to have a good understanding of what’s to come. And as we do that, when we when and while we do that for our buyers, we’re really getting the chance to hear what people are wanting and listen to the changing trends because each and every year the humming industry is not going to remain the same. The humming industry will change or update. It’ll grow to be something new, whether that’s in either like a pink color. As silly as it is or technology options, there’s so many different things that we constantly and consistently are trying to update and change mean. Even in this last year, Shaw has been has been the only builder, one of the only builders that we’ve updated our technology. We try to make our home as smart and meaning technologically savvy smart technology. We use new options and this is applied for New Homes Edmond New No construction in OKC. These are active places that we’re we’re building. We don’t just do a very basic home. We try to make this home as smart and efficient as what I should say as possible. So we really strive, for example, we build our homes each and every one of our homes with a smart thermostat that’s just starting small and working our way up.

So that way, you have a way to regulate your heating and cooling much better. It’s a great way to have save money on your utility bills, your heating and cooling bills, something like that. The second one is we use a camera doorbell, so we also have security in mind. That’s very important to us and especially me. Like I have a husband who is very security focused, and that’s something that he loves about our company is that we really focus on obviously offering some great opportunities for buyers, but we also have security in mind. It’s your home. You want to protect yourself to the best of your ability. So this is something that you have already implemented in your home before you even move in. So that’s one thing as well. We also kind of starting to get larger. We build our homes and we’re the only builder that builds a tankless water heaters. So it’s an instant water heater. It’s an amazing New Homes Edmond. Invention, basically calling it that because it’s so French, it is something that no other builder uses here in Oklahoma, and that’s also applied for if you’re looking at new construction in OKC. We build with water, so it saves you about $300 on your annual water bill. It’s everlasting hot water. So I mean, it’s not sitting in a tank, it’s hot water or it’s water that’s travels through the smaller heating system. It heats it up, and it pretty much sent to you instantly and it continuously does that. It doesn’t hold water in a big oil tank. And that’s when you use the water that’s in the tank. It’s done. That’s not the situation at all. It’s quite wonderful that you’re able to use this and have this option, especially if you have kids or if you love hosting or having family. Come stay. It’s an option that I feel like a lot of people really love because they feel like, Oh my gosh, I don’t have to worry about using up hot water. I don’t have to worry about doing this or doing that. It’s an opportunity that I feel like a lot of people forget about or don’t realize that they get until they move into their homes. So that’s a blessing that we love being able to offer our buyers as well. I mean, it’s an awesome opportunity. I wish that I had it. I absolutely love the features of the hot, hot hot water heaters. And I really want one in my house.

And the cool thing is to especially if you’re introducing there are options. We use reenergize their name and the company that we use. They’re an amazing company that’s all over the nation, and they can come out and replace your hot water heater and update your system and put in a tank to. So that’s something that you can you can do. But all that to say, the good thing is when it comes to shop, that’s what we build our homes. So you’re automatically going to get a tankless water heater. And then just how we build our homes, do I feel like that’s a really big thing that not a lot of people realize we are a builder that has been around for so long because of how we build our homes. I can’t tell you how many different workers and blue collar workers that I’ve sold a home to because they’ve gone to a different builder and they’ve worked in different builders homes and they’ve seen the quality that goes into these homes and they do not like it. They do not want, you know, their new build homes to be built the same way. And I’ve had friends that have gone with different builders and they’ve been in their home now for a certain amount of time. But it’s still relatively New Homes Edmond with less than a year, and they are so frustrated with what’s going wrong in their homes and they’re trying to figure out what’s gone wrong, what was put in wrong, what was done wrong, whether you’re looking at new homes or new home construction, OKC. I just can’t believe what was done in their home is not up to a great community or a great standard that has been set in this industry. So it’s a little frustrating for them when they’ve seen quality and they’ve seen a high quality home in the past. But there is not treated the same way their builder does not treat their home, their house the same way. And so it’s frustrating the aftermath that they have to go through getting in their home and making sure that everything is still functional and usable. And it’s sometimes it’s just not the case anymore. Eric Holder’s going to do things to the best of their ability that the way they see fit, but. The homebuilders different, every builder has a different structure, and you may not know that structure very well when you come in, and that expectation may has not may have not been set very well. And an understanding of what’s to come in the future may not have been set very well, either. So for us here at SHA. Our goal is to exceed that expectations, so we try to show you what’s in or we try to show you how our homes are being built. We try to explain why we do things a certain way. We explain why and why we build things a certain way.

You can walk through your home. It’s an open factory. You can see what’s being done in your house and in your home. You get a better understanding of why we do the things that we do. You get to see inside the guts of the wall. We like communicating with you. That’s a big part of the construction process is the communication. We really want to do all that we can to communicate well with you again because I at least what I’ve seen in the past and how I’ve experienced the better you communicate with your buyers, the better you communicate and set good expectations. The more the grateful, more grateful they feel and the more confident they feel in their build as well. So that’s something that I think is extremely important in this construction process, and any construction process is the proper communication with each and every buyer that we have to make sure that they understand that we want to take care of them. It’s that expectation that we’re not just here. Excuse me to make a quick buck. We want to build them a home that’s going to last and it’s going to last for years to come. That’s extremely important to us and it’s it’s an extremely important factor. That’s a part of our homes is the quality. And that’s something that we consistently work towards through a process in our construction process and in our New Homes Edmond warranty process. In our aftermath, beginning with everything, the more expectations that we, the better expectations. I should say that we set in the beginning of the process, the better people are going to enjoy. Their homes are going to enjoy what’s happening in their home.

They’re going to enjoy the build time, the build process and even that even if there are delays, because sometimes that happens, that’s something that’s just unforeseen that we just don’t know about because we don’t always joke and say we don’t have a crystal ball, sadly. But that’s something that I try to explain and communicate well again, because whenever I do that and setting a good expectation for my buyers as well, then they feel like they’re being heard. They feel like they’re being communicated well with which they are. That’s the goal. That’s my goal with each and every buyer that I work with. My goal is to communicate well, set a good expectation as well. And whenever I get the chance to do that, I’m getting the chance to win while working alongside my buyer. So again, more than anything, the proper expectations when those are set and when that expectation is set, then we win as a whole. And overall, here are shots. And when I say we win, I mean, not for my buyers. That’s a big saying that I say they always back it up with we win alongside our buyers. Our goal, more than anything, is not just to win, and the New Homes Edmond process is to win alongside our buyers and lift our buyers up as well. That’s something that’s really important to us. It’s a factor that we keep in mind throughout our entire process. That’s extremely important to us, and it’s extremely important that we communicate and set good expectations overall. So again, it’s something that I love being able to do that something I love being able to set a good standard up and a good understanding of. Because once I get the chance to do that, I get the chance to build a really wonderful working relationships.

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