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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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We’ve gotten the chance to go over kind of the five easy steps to owning a shore home and what that looks like. Now I really want to get the chance to focus on step number four, which is called the price out. It’s a really cool step that we offer that mainly focuses on starting to build a buyer’s home on paper. It’s one of my favorite steps. I absolutely love showing it off to buyers and basically showing what I can do for them and what Shah can do for them. It’s a great meeting where we get the chance to break down what exactly comes included already in their home and then the options that they get to add into their home as well. Because more than anything, the really cool thing about Shah and our process is that basically when it comes to our New Homes Edmond construction process and a new construction home opportunities, buyers get the chance to see exactly what comes in their home and they’re getting the opportunity to add more into it. And I think that makes it so much fun being able to just be transparent with buyers and kind of give a good expectation of what’s to be expected and what’s coming in the future. Different stuff like that.

With all that being said, basically, we can kind of get back into the price out in the price out survey. Like I’ve said, it’s probably one of my favorite parts of our process, just with how we structure it and how we work alongside our buyers, kind of showing what can be done for them and what they have the options to choose from and the options to change if they do choose to to alter an adjusted earnings in their home. But this can be applied for New Homes Edmond new home construction in OKC. All these areas that we’re very actively building in today will go over the heritage price house, her base. So like we started off, we started on the exterior with like the elevation and explaining which will come included an elevation fee. We went over elevation in elevation be elevation vs the one that you can choose from. It’s an option you can add in. It’s more of the farmhouse style exterior and the materials are fixed on this elevation. So if this is the one that you’re going with and you’re basically going for the specific look and style, and we have a picture of that to kind of show it, that looks like. And then it goes over like what comes included. We’ve got certain brick like painted brick. You can add, you can add stone, you can add stucco, you can do different types of stone, can you stone and brick? You can do brick and stucco. You can do, excuse me, different like you have siting, you can pick from. You could do stone and stucco like different things like that. There’s different options and that people can pick from whenever they are designing their home for their garage. A three car comes included. We can.

We offer depth extension. Some floor plans can have a two and a half car garage, so we can have a two car garage if that’s something that you’d like. And it just it does just depend on the plan. And if the third car garage is integrated in the home, basically meaning if it’s like built into the home into the layout. Then from there, and excuse me, we go over like garage door styles, these are like we get down to the nitty gritty details of the options you can pick for your home. And we offer pictures of what they look like. So you’re able to get a good idea and kind of see those styles as you go through. So it’s not just saying, Hey, do you like this over this? Do you prefer this over this? Would you rather do this instead of this and not providing good pictures or good options to look at to get a good idea of what they actually look like? So that’s something that I just try to do with buyers to kind of say, Hey, here’s a few of the options you have to pick from, but here are pictures that of help show a good comparison of what they equate to or what they look like. Different stuff like that.

So that’s something to keep in mind. And then we help pick up different doors like for their exterior. They can pick out certain heights for their doors. They want wood, they want fiberglass. If they want metal, if they want to add a garage entry door. So like a door out of your garage, if you want something like close to the trash or throwing something like that away. Excuse me. And options like that. But all of this that we cover our options for our Oklahoma market as well as our OKC market. So if you’re looking at new homes and New Homes Edmond construction in OKC, I mean, these are all different areas that we’re very actively building in as well. And we’ve got options in and we tried to do our best to show off what that looks like to each, every one of our buyers. So that way they’re able to get a good idea, have a good understanding of what it looks like as a whole for them and how it just applies to them in their process. But all of that we kind of break down paint colors. You’ll get an interior paint color, you get a trim color, you’ll get an accent color and some different stuff like that. Go over flooring. So you would make selections for different types of flooring. And you can see if you don’t want to do hardwood, pre finish, hardwood, tile or carpet. You kind of let us know where you want certain things, and we can totally make it that we’ve got different kitchen cabinets, so like in your kitchen, you got different cabinet heights that you can pick from. You can have solid cabinets. You can add glass if you like to the top, you can make it open and have a cross or an X like glass millions. If you’re wanting to display some China or very, you know, pretty pieces of glass or stuff like that, or just accent pieces or decoration, I know that’s what a lot of people like. You’ve got cabinet that holds that you’ll get to pick out.

There’s two door three panel six panel, a cool vent hood like an angled coated with glass. There’s different cabinet options. So like you can add pots and pans drawers, you can add a pull out trash, you can add a roll out trays, you can add space rocks and utensil pull out. You can add tilt up tray. You can add bump outs for where like your cooktop will be like a two inch pump out. Like so an esthetically cool looking feature, you can do two or three centimeter countertop. You can do stainless steel under mount, saying you can do a diamond composite, you can do farmhouse sink for appliances. You can do with three different series that you can pick from. Depending on what you like. We can do double ovens for you. You could put other under the cooktop as well for electric, and you’ll get a life fixture allowance per floor plan and you get recessed lights in certain locations more than anything. A lot of these options that we get the chance to show our buyers, it really just depends on what they like or what their floor plan they’ve already picked because each floor plan will have a different variation in a different look to them. So that’s something that we try to keep in mind for, as you know, each and every buyer and different stuff like that that we try to make sure to cover that their floor plan is not going to be the same as their neighbors floor plan. They’re going to get maybe some different options and some different features because of the floor plan that they’ve picked or the options that they picked. So that’s something to keep in mind that I like to just remind buyers of kind of make statements or, you know, regarding like the options you get to choose from different things like that. So the stuff and selections among the swords are very easy to go through. They’re very fun.

More than anything, when you get to see the pictures and you’re going through them, it just becomes a yes or no. Do you like it or not? Do you want this or not kind of situation? So that’s something I like to keep in mind for my. Fires, so that way, they’re able to see what exactly they’re already going to get, what comes included, what they can add, and it’s super simple question of do you want it? Do you not what? You can have it, you don’t have to. Here’s the cost. Yes or no? And this is what we do this in in Tulsa. But this also applies to our New Homes Edmond, new home construction in OKC, new homes in OKC, this area, as well as where we’re very actively providing opportunities in as well. So something to keep in mind that I just like reminding my buyers that this is an option no matter where you’re at. This is an option that we really like offering to every buyer, no matter what location they’re in, no matter what opportunities you know they’re wanting. This is something that we can offer for them in every and all location to kind of incentivize better opportunities and better amenities as a whole for, you know, no matter what you’re looking at, no matter what you’re needing. But in both markets, in both areas that were very active and at such a fine opportunity. I love being able to show this off to my buyers and, excuse me, help them start designing their home and creating their home on paper. That’s a big part of the process that I mean, more than anything, it’s just so fun for us because we’ve gotten the chance to to walk buyers through this and we’ve seen this in person and we’ve gotten to see the fruits of, you know, our buyer’s labor and their selections that get to come to be. And it makes for some absolutely gorgeous homes that we absolutely love. So more than anything, it’s so fun just working alongside some wonderful people and wonderful, wonderful buyers to see what works for their family, what they prefer, how they want to do certain things in their homes. It’s just it makes it so much fun. So more than anything, it’s such a blessing for us to be able to be a part of so many wonderful buyers and processes. So that way they can see what New Homes Edmond works best for them and work alongside your homes.

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