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New Homes Edmond | What Shaw Homes Offers

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Happy Monday, happy Monday, happy Monday, Mike Lewis here with another podcast that they I’m Shaw homes, which often is thinking about, which also makes them think new homes edmond. I spent a lot of good time to show you Shar using, to build and build and build it. All right. So let’s get to show homes. Now new homes edmond Oklahoma. That’s right. Shop built homes in Edmond, Oklahoma. We are a new build construction, but if you’re looking for a home and can’t find anything on the market, please feel free to check out shot homes.com and you can also check out our offering Edmond, Oklahoma. You can get anything from a one story to a two story. Anything is low with 2200 square feet, all the way up to 4,000 square feet, depending on what you want to do. So you really do have a range of options. Just take your pick. Honestly, tell the truth. It’s completely up to you.

Speaker 1: (01:05)
So now that I have mentioned that let’s go ahead and get started on one of our processes. One of our processes is called the connect card. So what happens is typically when a client or potential client walks into a model or we’re just out and about, but more than likely they’ll walk a mile. Well, we’ll greet the client by step by getting not chromatic us, standing up shaking their hand, or, and depending on what customers want to do, cause COVID is real. Um, then just talk to them about what to look for. And of course, on the card, there are certain things that they ask for us on the card, which actually do help us pinpoint, um, a specific floor plan that fits their budget and their needs. So the first question here on the card is how did you hear about us? Typically people go through the internet, which is why we’re doing this podcast, but then there are some that are just driving around town when you’re driving around town and they see the flag flying in the air, or it’s by word of mouth.

Speaker 1: (02:08)
Sometimes it’s from a third party website just to pink, or they could be talking to their realtor, which a couple of people have said that the realtor sent them my way, which is a good thing. So, um, there are multiple ways to get in contact and to get in front of a shower is ended up. I see a, a plan in 3d. And next question is, when do you, when do you want to be in your new home? Of course, this is all relative to what timeframe the customer is looking for. Some customers on the timeframe where they have time to commit to a bill. 10 average build time is between eight to 10 months. And so there actually does fit the majority of people, but there are some people who would like something sooner than that. So there are cases where if they want something sooner that we do have market ready homes, but because of the way that this market is right for new homes edmond.

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Now, we only have two microcredit homes and they’re really not appealing to the majority person who’s looking. So this that’s what that is, but he can go from immediately ready to within three to six months or six to nine months over nine months, or they could be just looking. And some cases, people are just looking and they’re just looking turns from just looking to, okay, I want to buy two. It depends on their level of motivation and keeping them on no matter how hard you want to make a sale, you cannot motivate somebody who was not already motivated. You will push your head up against the wall. You will not be brings out trying to motivate somebody. Who’s just not motivated. They have to become, they have to come in here willing and already motivated. Then you want to ask them, do they own, or do they rent?

Speaker 2: (03:55)
Some of them say, oh, if they own, that’s great, depending on if they need to sell their home to build a new one. If they rent and see Austin opportunity to talk to them about the equity that they would get in their own home. So it’s a win-win for the door. And also just want to mention Shaw owns is an Oklahoma builder founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but has recently branched out to OKC and we do new homes edmond. Oklahoma. You can get new homes, buy shop new homes edmond, Oklahoma. We are new home builders and we are, and we can be, we can build most of the, I can’t talk in Edmond, Oklahoma. So feel free to check us out on the shopping list.com and look for any communities that we build in, in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Speaker 2: (04:46)
So that you talked about Miranda, our own. We have a number of bedrooms, number of bedrooms, depending on what you look for. You’re going to have between three and five bedrooms. If they need more than five, we can accommodate that. So we would definitely send them towards the four plan where the study and or a flex or dining room can be switched to a another bedroom. So it just depends on what, um, for a plan they are really interested, interested in and which one, um, can be altered to other living for them. So just keep that in mind, but we have anywhere between three and five beds, then we talk about number of baths in room between two, two and a half or three baths. Now, if you want more than that, we do offer multiple bathrooms, but that’s where you jump up into our luxury series. Course, that’s a whole nother series, but the whole nother set of expectation of things like that, we can cover that at a later date.

Speaker 1: (05:57)
And then you talked about the number of car garage, two car garage. So four car garage. There are people who they’re three to four car garage, and of course let’s see completely their prerogative, but we can do it if you want more than that, again, that would be our luxury series. And we can add that as well, too. But if they’re doing jumping on those w series, I think we can, I think can accommodate multiple options without jumping up to the next series. But of course that would be a structural adjustment, which would cost them $500, a fee of $500, excuse me, on top of whatever the materials would be, um, to make that change happen for your new homes edmond.

Speaker 1: (06:42)
Can you talk about carburized and the J to the study, there are some people with the way that the pandemic is now, uh, people have said I would like to study because that’s just where I can get my work done. And of course the pandemic has forced a lot of people who typically worked in the office at their job at their place of work have, has enforced or having us as advertised. I don’t know, been forced to work at home. And of course, a lot of people were not thinking it did not set themselves up for success and didn’t have a study in the current home. So a lot of people are out looking for a study in the current home and they can make a study and do a flex. So it can make, can really alter if you wouldn’t change with their mood, with their season, with their personality, with their family life.

Speaker 1: (07:30)
Um, and also after that, we talked about dining room. Some people do on a formal dining room. We don’t have a lot of foreplay that happen with diamonds because the feedback has been the works just fine. So we’re good. They put a lot of people, including my family, the dining table and the, um, Ida or the kitchen counter. We don’t need a formal dining room, just a waste. It’s just a waste of space. So, but we do have a few floor plans where there are formal documents. So really we’re doing before. I think we have upstairs optional, downstairs, a lot of her four planes, a lot of our footprints, we want to say maybe 75% of our world-class, uh, maybe 65 orphans for parents can be made to a one story. And this is particularly for those who don’t like stairs. Of course, it really is the older you get, the more you don’t like Sears. And so a lot of our porphyrins, you can, um, of course you lose square footage, but a certain floor plans where you don’t lose square footage and you get 3000 plus square feet on one,

Speaker 2: (08:55)
Four years have a lot more than me, which creates for a wide footprint. So there are only certain four plans that fit it. I mean, the students, there are only certain home sites that fit, but we just have a company wants to go from that. It would go to, um, is our square footage that’s anywhere between, like I said, anywhere between 1500 square feet, all the way up to 3 3500 plus. So that helps again and then go price range. She can do monthly price range anywhere between 1250 per month, all the way up between two 50 per month, really just depends on what the average, monthly price point the customer wants to be in, which will also help us to determine a couple of things. One, what, four plans that what were plans fit their desired budget, as well as what communities fit their desired budget. Once we figure those out and the conversation flows easier and you feel more confident because then you’re helping the customer stay within their price point. All right, once again, Shaw homes, new homes edmond Oklahoma, new construction, Shaw homes, admin, Oklahoma, peace out.

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