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New Homes Edmond | Your Process and Your Home

New Homes Edmond | Your Process and Your Home

Today I’m going to continue on telling you about your new home and the process that you would go on with shaw homes. Show homes has developed the best process taking you from start to finish, going through all of your options and giving you all the information. That way you can make the best decision for your big new new home New Homes Edmond.

I’ll quickly recap our 10 steps from step number one through step 10, and then today’s article will be continuing on the path and telling you about the communities and model homes that you’d be driving through. To recap, step number one is the model home tour. Step number two is financing, connecting you with one of our preferred lenders and helping you figure out what you feel comfortable with with your monthly payments and find out what home price you really want to purchase. Step number three is homesite reservation. Step number four, the price out where you really get to build your home on paper. Step number six is the purchase agreement. New Homes Edmond. Step number five is the purchase agreement where you get to sign and review your blueprint.

That’s what

step number five is a purchase agreement. This is where you watch that 45 minute video and in structural options are final and the home site selection is final and this is where you get to start the process to your new home. After that is this center or six, which is a design studio. This is where you get to pick out all of your selections were your biggest, the new home. Then step number seven is the plan review where you get to review all of your selections and your blueprints in your site plan with your new home. Step number eight is when they start building your big spinning at home and then about five months from there is when you walk into your big speeding home. Instead. Number nine is closing where you signed for the title and your mortgage starts and step number 10 is the warranty, which is the 10 year structural warranty, the two year mechanical warranty and a one year limited warranty to them and tell you about the map and what it looks like in each community. So again, you start out in the Prescott New Homes Edmond

in Ashbrook. You drive through highland creek and look at Addison, you drove over through seven oaks south and we’ll get the Greenville and the stonebrook model and well, I’m going to talk about today is what happened after that. So typically after that you drive through our community called Brighton village to look at the park would model there, and again, any of these model homes could be built in bixby for your big speed. New Home in Brighton village. Uh, the park would model address is six slash 11 south 15th place in Broken Arrow. Brighton village is just north of 121st on the west side of county line. So this one, it would be in Tulsa county at park wood is no longer a model, however we just sold it but can still be built. The cool thing about the park wood is that it has a two story entry with a really large island in the kitchen New Homes Edmond.

The parkwood also as a potential five bedroom layout. So if you’re looking for a five bedroom home, the park would be the perfect home for you. All bedrooms have locked in closets as well. In the park wood, so if you’re looking for a floor plan with big closets and every single bedroom, the park would be the perfect floor plan for you. The next is the Monterrey actually. The next one is the monroe, which is three six, one nine Southford boulevard and this one is in our community called the village at southern trails just off of 101st street and on the west side of Aspen. The cool thing about the monroe is that it is our most versatile design with 15 different versions, so this is one of our most popular floor plans mainly because it’s so versatile downstairs. There are three different options for the first floor configuration and then five different configurations for each of those making it for 15 different versions. The mineral has the largest great room of any of our floor plans as well as the largest outdoor living space with the largest master vanity space as well with a split vanities system and a corner tub in the master suite. A few of them real options have that walkthrough feature where if people get up at separate times, they can. New Homes Edmond One person can exit through the master closet and never went back and forth through that master bedroom to disturb their partner.

Um, the monroe would be the perfect big speed new home.

The cool thing about the village at southern trails is that it does have a pool and a clubhouse and it’s in more of an established area of town as well. So all surrounding it are mature trees and I’m mature neighborhoods as well. Next after that is another monroe that we have built a reserve at Spring Creek. So the monroe that was reserve at Spring Creek again, is our most versatile design with 15 different versions.

It has our largest great room, our largest living space, and our largest master vanity space,

um, after the reserve at Spring Creek, which by the way is just off of 121st. And on the west side of Aspen, that was just right down the street from the Broken Arrow, Warren theater too, and some upcoming shops. So it’s a great location for that. Next would be our Redford model located in our community called Somerset. The redford address is one, two, zero, seven, two south, 68 east avenue in [inaudible], so this would be the perfect big b new home. Some of the cool things about the Redford is up, has turned island designed for backyard views with a humongous paint, a nook as well. So this island being turned toward the, toward the note really creates two different entertaining spaces and one of the most open concepts for the kitchen that we have. So if you’re the type of family or a person that has a big get togethers, whether for Thanksgiving or just parties in general, the Redford kitchen and dining would be the perfect floor plan for you. The redford also has the most kitchen cabinets of a neuro of our floor plans and countertop space. So the kitchen just seems like it keeps on going and the Redford, New Homes Edmond

it also has a unique hearth room design. If you want me to put a fireplace in the note, you definitely can. And that will allow for two fireplaces in the home. Also in the Redford, it’s what we call marriage saver. Sweet. Um, it has his and hers vanities. And his and hers closets as well. Somerset is located just north of a hundred and 21st in just east of Sheridan. So 121st. And Sheridan for your big B new home.

The next model home on the model home tour is the Wyndham located at 66 72 east 25th street south in Bixby in our community called seven lakes. The cool thing about the Wyndham is that it has a huge great room featuring a Butler’s pantry from the formal dining room into the kitchen. So if you’re looking for a formal dining room in your floor plan, then the Wyndham would be a great option for you to choose. The window has a guest suite option as well, and the two story version. And what this does is it just connects one of the bedrooms to the bathroom through a doorway, allowing for a guest suite and then the master closet locked through from the bedroom through the laundry room. Again, New Homes Edmond if people get up at separate times, and this is what we called the snooze button design. It’s also included in the Wyndham. After the Wyndham, you’d go to a state that the river, um, but before that seven lakes in that community, it’s just off of Sheridan and south of 121st seven lakes. We no longer have any home sites available, so it’s 100 percent sold out from shaw homes.

But the next community estates at the river has some homesites left. This one is located off of 121st in between Sheridan and Yale. The cool thing about this one is that there’s going to be a phase two and phase three. It’s going to be one of the best communities and Bixby, bixby, new home built an estimate to the river is our monroe model. The one belt there is the monroe one eye, which is the largest monroe model that we build. A little over 3,600 square feet along for five bedrooms and two big game rooms upstairs. And then after that you’d crossed the river down into jinks going to our community called Yorktown. And the model home there is the Ventana New Homes Edmond

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