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new homes for sale Broken Arrow | Free Yourself

new homes for sale Broken Arrow Podcast 26, coming to you from the wonderful model home in village, at southern, trails, located at 3619, south, fir avenue or 1st street for boulevard, actually in broken, arrow 74012 and we are home builders in bixby and I was going over the model home and the colors that we selected a last session. I really counted the talents of jonah i, don’t know what her last name is. I know it begins with a k and mike and with a pic or take, but her name is john does wonderful job and we were going over the colors that she selected for my model. new homes for sale Broken Arrow We left off at satin nickel, talking about bixbyhome builders, the difference between satin nickel, brushed nickel in stainless steel and guess what there is no difference. So in this case, all of the door hinge colors, the more satin nickel and guess what that means. The door handles are also set nickel. They have to beat they happen to be satin nickel door levers, which is great for people who have arthritis or have difficulty grabbing onto things perfect for the elderly. The levers don’t take much force to open the door and it works out quite well trying to close the door with your elbows as well, because it has that little lever to it show I would highly recommend that door knob for the elderly because it works quite well for them. They particularly need as much help as they canhome builder, bixby and I know. I am divergent for elderly couple’s, elderly homeowners, home speakers to also opt for the ata elongated toilets stands for the americans with disabilities act and that spy george w bush, unfortunately laid out standards more standard for builders, and so what one of those standards was, the toilet, making it much more useful for the elderly or mobility challenge or physically challenged that matter. If they are raised about 3/4 inch higher than regular, and that’s what we also offer for customers, not messsara lee elderly bixby, home builders, but those who have difficulty getting up and down and that, as you noticed, that could certainly be of some assistance for them and which it is. I saw a lot of those even two younger younger folks, people that are that are either elderly age, I’ve sold the whole bunch of 88 toilets because they’re thinking hey, you know what this might be the last time that we have with that we’re building it’s perfect size for families now and if our kids leave it still would be a perfect size, we don’t need. We love the area, we love the neighborhood, we made friends, everybody knows where we live. We don’t have to change, addresses and all the hassles that a company that which means the hassles of you know changing the address for your credit card. new homes for sale Broken Arrow Companiesbixby home builders, changing notifying your subscriptions, notifying your bank institution, notifying your credit cards that there’s a new address, notifying your church and your organizations that there’s a new address, notifying your membership. So there’s a new address old castles of moving or in the warmest, and so a lot of these folks are forward-thinking and i. Think your hey! If I’m going to get a hold, if I’m going to grow old in this home, guess what I might as well equipped it with some items that will help me as I age and, of course, a few of those items are the phone we’ve already talked about the 88 race toiletbut. We also offer as a home builder in bixby. We also offer a lipless shower that has no curve between the dry area in the wet area. That’s great I’ll tell you that is ideal, especially if you thinking there might be some ability challenge challenges in the future. Maybe if you’re thinking you may be kind of confined to a wheelchair, you can easily wheelchair yourself there or you can little scuffle with scott on yourself in there shuffle your way in there and that you don’t have to step over a curb your wheelchair doesn’t have to, but you don’t have time, new birth or have some assistance and taking you into the shower. So that is something that is just crucial, because we want you to take a shower. We do. We want you to be clean, be hygienically sound, so we do offer that the other thing, because we already home builder in bixby, is to consider using or or opting for choosing selecting, grab bar go ahead and put them in its crate, even if you don’t still live in that home and you’re selling it this way it just opens up the market for the elderly, people who have money they’re, the ones who were probably downsizing from there for $5,000 palaces and they’re thinking. Oh, you know what little 3000 square foot home is it to downsize for them. Obviously, for us, that’s a good, pretty good upsize home, but up them in bars in the showers grab bars around the toilet by the bathtub separate tub. You know next to the toilet. I think I must I might have mentioned toilet already, so I might have been that might have been a.M. Might be redundant, so I do apologize, but as a home builder in bixby. That is something that you should consider. The other thing to consider is the steps. Are the steps wide enough where, if you need to put those on elevators in, are they wide enough so that day you can kind of ride up that little scooter thing and I’m more than certain? We can do that i, don’t know, I’ve never had a customer ask. But anyways. Those are some of the items that you really really need to consider when buying a new home. Also, you cabinetry make sure it’s easy make sure things are accessible. That’s why we, as a home builder in bixby, offer roll out shelving. new homes for sale Broken Arrow

new homes for sale Broken Arrow That’s also very important, because they’re low to the ground as you’re willing yourself maneuvering your wheelchair through the kitchen, you open the door, you open the drawer and there’s a roll-out shelf difficult without that to get some of those items in the back of the shell answer that for you it is very, very, very difficult. So what you do is when you build your home with us with shaw homes. new homes for sale Broken Arrow Because, we already home builder in bixby. You asked, for you asked us to show up actually use, select the roll-out cabinet. It’s going to help. You I assure you, and so you’re going to be. Will please with that option. So there are things we do consider our elderly customers, because we think it’s important to service them. They live their life and you know this is the end of their their their golden age, their golden era, and so they won’t. new homes for sale Broken Arrow We want to make sure that we provide a good, easy, comfortable existence in their home, like that sounds a little bleak. new homes for sale Broken Arrow I do apologize, but I don’t know how else to put it, but that is definitely something to consider if you’re buying a home, if your over the age of I’d, say 55 or so think about those options, and it’s very important because we don’t want you to live, we would hate for you to live in a home that you can’t fully enjoy. We would hate for you to live in a home, since we are a home builder in bixby that you can’t be no access certain necessities of life, because we want you to enjoy yourself homes home, and that is the absolute truth about the matter. It’s true new homes for sale Broken Arrow

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