Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes for Sale Tulsa | Need to Buy A House?

If you’re considering buying new home or building home from scratch or you are looking for New Homes for Sale Tulsa or even Oklahoma City you deftly want to consider Shaw Homes. If you’ve never heard of Shaw Homes then we want to know that we are the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder in the entire state of Oklahoma. As of 2020 we are only building homes in the city area of the Tulsa Metro area but we have been building homes since 1985 in Tulsa since we started in broken arrow, Oklahoma. We now have 37 communities combined spread across Oklahoma City in the Tulsa Metro build nobody else can hold a candle to the quality of the design of our homes or the customer service and we provide comes to the homebuying process either.

So if you’re looking for New Homes for Sale Tulsa we highly encourage you to get touch with us here Shaw Homes who can provide you with an incredible dream home with one of our custom-built homes to provide you with something you’ve always wanted and I have to pick out something that was already made and that you don’t love. Does come Shaw Homes because we provide you with the highest quality homes whether it is a custom-built home or does one of our move-in are the homes, they all share incredible time, high quality and a beautiful look.

When it comes to Shaw Homes in our New Homes for Sale Tulsa to find that you get a better warranty the Shaw Homes and you find any other home building company. Shaw Homes going to offer you three warranties on every helmet they sell. If you buy a Shaw Homes then you get a 10 year partial warranty at your mechanical warranty a one-year everything warranty. In addition to that we also offer the largest collection of fully furnished decorator model homes. Nobody else has more model homes that we do for you to look through to help you in your buying decision.

Also when it comes to incentives or the company’s been off the same sentence like we do here Shaw Homes. First of all if you’re interested in one of our Manchester series homes, then if you purchase one of those then we will provide a master bath shower of gray in that home for you for entirely free as well as pay the closing costs level. That’s an incredible value and when you buy a Heritage series home if that is more your style then you can also get 15,000 toward your closing price from Shaw Homes as well.

If you’re really interested to see the Shaw Homes can do for you or if you’re interested in any of our amazing homes that stand out against the competition the stack up against everybody else out there to get a scholarship number or you can always visit us on our website at shawhomes.com we find more about our company including high-quality design is that we made and the values that we put into our home building process and customer service.

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