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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Whenever it comes to New homes for sale Tulsa Shaw homes is going to be your first and best reference for knowledge. This for several reasons that we are going to point out in this article, first of which being if you live in Tulsa then you know the Shaw homes name. It’s probably a name that has been referenced many times in correlation with new homes in the area. It’s always a name that is connected with its style quality and some of the highest value housing in the Tulsa area.

Not to mention whenever you are in the market for New homes for sale Tulsa, Shaw homes has very little competition. They have been the go-to builders in our area for a very long time. And as I said before, there are many reasons for this besides the quality of home that they are producing. But that is one that really deserves an article all of his own and we will come back to that but first let’s talk about the value that Shaw homes is providing to their customers. This is something none of their competitors can come anywhere near Shaw homes in. They have deal packages for new customers that are Far and Away below the competitors out of the water in terms of value.

Whenever you buy a new home from Shaw homes you are going to look at a deals package that is going to be extraordinarily generous. We’re going to start with their fixed interest rates that are of most importance in this market. And the reason for that is that it always sounded quite generous before whenever companies would offer it now it is very generous. Now this is a deal that is going to save you money for years to come and maybe actually be the thing that makes or breaks your bank account.

Next you’re going to look, and you’re going to see that they’re going to offer to pay for all of your closing costs. This is a huge deal and a generous offer for any new buyer. We all know that this is an expense that must be worked into the budget. It is not a small expense, and it is one that is always upon the buyer’s shoulders. Not anymore whenever you work with Shaw homes you’re going to have this expense paid by them and this is just part of their very valuable deal package that they are offering with New homes for sale Tulsa.

As we go down the list the next thing that we feel is pertinent to mention Shaw homes is frankly they are doing things differently. They have a mission statement that is unlike any that we had ever heard out of a building company before. As unique as it is, it is also incredible. You may not know this but Shaw homes is one of the few building companies we have ever heard of that has a mission statement that includes providing information to their clients throughout the process of their work. This is all but unheard of, additionally is not the way that the construction community usually does business. so if this is something that sounds like it could be quite interesting to you, we suggest that you check out their site at and then call them at 918-688-5660

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