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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Finding a Home within Your Budget

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So today, I thought we would review the basics of building or buying a new home. And we’re going to cover some categories for you to understand how we at Shaw homes actually build a new home. So if you came to us and said, I would like to build a new homes in broken arrow, then we’re going to respond accordingly and follow a very specific pathway to get you into that new homes in broken arrow. Many people who have come to us, come with a mindset or framework of thought that building a new home is, is difficult or stressful. When an actuality here at Shaw homes, we feel it’s quite the opposite. We feel that it’s quite simple and stress free. And, and the reason is, is because we’ve developed a pathway to, to take you to the end result, which is moving into your new home in this case in broken arrow.

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So perhaps the person that told you about building a new home, uh, built with a company that did not have a, a proven process, perhaps they didn’t know their numbers. They, there was some gaps in their, their, uh, their procedures. Maybe they didn’t have an experienced team in place to do the things that Shaw homes does. The way that we do them. We like to tell our customers this, that we’ve built homes a few thousand times, and it’s okay if you’ve never done it because we, we know our way through it. Uh, you’re never gonna feel like you’re out there on your own, trying to figure it all out. Shaw homes will position itself, right? Alongside you as a trusted guide and be right there with you from contract to design studio, to the drafting of plans, to the beginning, stages of construction, all the way through the process of construction, taking you all the way to the other side of closing and resulting in having a brand new homes in broken arrow with a brand new warranty for your new homes in broken arrow, we have experienced experts in place at every step of the way to guide you, uh, to be there, to, uh, answer questions that honestly we already know you’re going to have.

Speaker 1: (02:56)
As a matter of fact, we can probably tell you what questions you’re going to have before you even have them again, because we’ve done this thousands of times. So if you’re unsure of what the process is to build a new homes in broken arrow, then right now, I’m going to take this time to walk you through that process. The process remains the same every single time. And we begin at the beginning step one, which is our model home tour. Our, our, our model home tour is, is exactly that we take you on a tour to see model homes because we’re the largest builder in Tulsa. We have the largest collection of fully furnished and decorated model home model homes in, in the Tulsa area. And so we take our clients on model home tours. I mean, who doesn’t love going around, looking at beautifully decorated model homes. Our customers have told us that even if they ended up buying a used home, or perhaps they built a new home with another builder that the single most helpful thing they did during the home shopping experience was to go on a model home tour. And that’s because we really focus in on the, the design behind the floor plan of the model home.

Speaker 1: (04:35)
And so we, we invite people to join us on this journey that is packed with information that provides you to take in over a period of 90 minutes to two hours, what it would take most people to do on their own. Uh, in two weeks, there is literally something for everybody. And we show that on our model home tour, we go and visit six, 10, perhaps even 12 different model homes, fully furnished, fully decorated. You will drive your own car. Nobody is held hostage. And during this time we, we focus on information. We focus on function. We focus on the versatility of our floor plans, and we literally prove to you that there is something for everybody with, with 80 different floor plans that can be built, one story or two story that can be built small, medium, large, or extra large, depending upon the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you need in your new home. We prove to you that there’s literally something for everyone. There’s

Speaker 2: (05:57)
No pressure during this time. It’s just a whole lot of fun and a great experience to understand new homes, what they consist of the look of the floor plans, the feel of what it feels like to be inside these homes, a true 3d experience that it provides you so that you can have an understanding of what is available for you as your seeking to build your new homes in broken arrow. Step two is in order to, in, in order to, to help you focus on the plans that best fit your budget. We suggested we help our clients through the application process for a mortgage pre-approval from one of our preferred lenders. Soon after the model home tour, this free five minute application process can all be done online. And your given a, an approval, uh, within 24 hours to know exactly where you stand regarding your, your, your F the financing for your new homes in broken arrow, our preferred lenders will, uh, will help you through the understanding you need. They will match closing costs and interest rates from, uh, anywhere in the Tulsa area and provide you with all of the loan products that are available today.

Speaker 2: (07:40)
Now that you’ve selected your one of a, one of a kind home it’s time to find the one of a kind piece of land to build it upon. This is your, this is your home site. Not every floor plan is going to fit on every home site. So now that we know the plan that you’ve chosen, we will begin to show you home sites in different areas that this home site will fit. Excuse me, that this floor plan will fit upon course, of course, if you’re seeking to build a new home in broken arrow, we’re going to show you home sites that are in broken arrow. And once you have selected your home site, it’s time to do a Homesite reservation, which is simply a thousand dollars deposit that is fully refundable for seven days, that is placed upon the home site of your choice.

Speaker 2: (08:41)
That literally takes the home site out of inventory so that other competing customers are now blocked from, uh, reserving that same home site. It literally becomes your home for seven days. You get to hit the pause button, get your questions answered, slow down the process, take your time and make sure that this is the home site that is, is right for you to build your new home in broken arrow upon if you decide that this is not for you, we will, of course, fully refund the Homesite reservation deposit. But if you do decide that this is the Homesite for you, we will gladly move on to the next step in this pathway, or this process to building your new homes in broken arrow.

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