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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Investing in Your Home

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey guys, Catherine, here with another one of your weekly podcasts about Shaw homes and new homes in broken arrow. So we’ve been talking about the importance of, um, or some of the benefits to putting sprinkler sprinkler system, um, in your yard when building new homes in broken arrow. And now we’re going to talk about the benefits of gutters. Um, for example, um, last time when I was talking about putting a sprinkler system in new homes in broken arrow, I kind of went over some of the reasons why not only it was beneficial, but convenient. And so, um, I wanted to kind of do the same thing with gutters because, um, if, when you’re buying a new home, you’re making an investment and you want that investment to last as long as possible, and not only last as long as possible, but, um, uh, help your property value, like help increase the value of your property on new homes in broken arrow and anywhere else, really.

Speaker 1: (01:21)
So like I said, we’re going to go ahead and talk about, um, why gutters are important and, um, how they can, um, add convenience and, um, are just really something, um, that you should consider putting in your new homes in broken arrow. So some of the benefits to having gutters are, um, if you’ve ever paid attention to a house that doesn’t have gutters, all of that rain just runs right off the roof and it kind of creates these, um, ruts in the yard or in your flower beds where it just pours off of the roof. So especially, um, if you live somewhere where it rains really hard, which it can, um, so building new homes in broken arrow, um, we definitely get a lot of rain out there sometimes. And so not having gutters on your house really, um, uh, makes a big difference as far as, um, making sure that your yard and your flower beds don’t get ruts on them. And it also stable, like, and that’s a fan, that’s not the fancy way of saying that is that it helps stabilize the soil around your house. So your home, um, all of our new homes in broken arrow and then, um, new homes elsewhere that we build, um, your slab obviously goes on the dirt. And even though we use a post-tension slab, um, that dirt underneath can still move around. So when you have

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Those, um, when you don’t have gutters, you tend to, um, have that soil around there that, um, is moving a lot more because it’s got a lot more rain and stuff, um, coming on it and it just becomes eroded. And, um, so we want to, um, you know, kelp that store that held that soil are under new homes in broken arrow, stay stable. Um, and therefore, you know, it keeps your foundation, um, from having possible damage to it, uh, from the soil moving underneath. Um, another thing that another benefit to having gutters is, um, that flooding can be prevented. So if your home has a basement, um, or if it’s a crawlspace home, which means that it sits up off the ground and you can actually crawl underneath it, um, that those, uh, those areas underneath the home or your basement can flood, if you don’t have gutters, um, the benefit of gutters and your new homes and broken arrow or anywhere else is going to be that they collect the water and help drain it away from your house so that it doesn’t pool in those ruts around the house where I was talking about the soil erodes, and then eventually can, um, you know, seep down and start flooding.

Speaker 2: (04:33)
So the gutters really helped that and new homes in broken arrow, just collecting that water and then, um, pulling it away from your house. Um, another thing is like I was talking about, um, it can get in your flower beds and stuff, and it creates those ruts and there’s nothing uglier than a big old line where you can see it rained right through your mulch and it splatters it and it just ruined your entire garden or flower beds. So, um, definitely, um, can help with that. Um, and then also it helps, uh, prevent water damage on your siding. So if you have any siding on your house, those gutters are gonna collect that water and then draw it away from the house. So that, that siting isn’t constantly getting dripped on, um, from the roof, you know, dripping off of it. And, um, it just, it just really helps draw that water away from the house.

Speaker 2: (05:43)
So, um, another thing that’s going to be beneficial to putting gutters on, um, besides it, uh, not, um, getting your, um, your siding damaged or dirty, but a lot of homes, new homes in broken arrow and other places also have, um, the painted brick is really popular right now. So, um, that can also get water stains on it. Um, not only that, but I mean, regular brick can get water stains on it too. So gutters really prevent that water staining from happening again, by collecting the water and then, um, moving it out into an area away from the house. Um, another thing like I was talking about with the foundation, um, and flooding is, um, your sidewalks and your driveways and everything. Every time it rains that water gets underneath there and starts to move the soil. So by directing that water, um, to certain locations by using the gutters, it helps avoid, um, well it just lessons and it just lessens the cracking and settling of sidewalks, patios, driveways.

Speaker 2: (07:14)
I mean, all concrete is going to crack no matter what, however, um, it is definitely, you can definitely slow that down, um, by installing gutters on your new homes, in broken arrow, um, also your exterior doors, like your door to your back patio, your front door, your garage door, those things are all going to be protected, um, by using gutters, because like I said, a lot of times that water, when there’s no gutter, it just strips straight down from the roof and, um, really, you know, kind of starts to damage and warp things. So once again, when you have those gutters installed on your new homes in broken arrow, they’re going to pull that water away from the house. Everything is going to run off the roof into the gutters and then, um, drain away from the house, which is going to be beneficial to you in your new homes in broken arrow. Um, you know, it’s just a great benefit and a great addition to your new homes and broken arrow. Um, so we, uh, the only thing about gutters is that you have to clean them and, um, or you can hire somebody to clean them. Um, but you want to keep them, you can actually get guards that go over the top of your gutters. It’s like a screen and you have this guard that goes over the top of the gutters. And,

Speaker 3: (08:55)
Um, that way the leaves and everything don’t get, uh, dammed up and caught in there. Um, the leaves just kinda blow over it cause they can’t get stuck down in the gutter and then everything stays full stays through. But, um, you don’t want to wait until they’re full. You want to just kind of like maintain them, um, as they go, um, you don’t want to let your gutters be dirty because bugs will Poole and them. Um, it can cause, uh, like the water can dam up and cause, um, some damage to your roof. And, um, like I said, gutters are great as long as they are maintained. Um, also leave it to the experts, do not try to, um, install gutters yourself. They have plenty of professional teams out there that can come and put them on new homes in broken arrow for you. And it’s just a really great way to increase the value of your home and, um, help it last a little bit longer because you’re not getting all about water damage. I will see you guys next time for another podcast on new homes in broken arrow with Shaw homes, see you later.

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