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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Learning about the Home Building Process

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hey guys, Katherine here with your weekly podcast about new homes in broken arrow. And I thought today that we could talk a little bit about, um, what it’s like to build on your own land or what we consider an offsite bill, because it’s not in one of our neighborhoods. So what we do is, um, we have a list of questions that we like to ask. Um, our customers who have the land, that they are wanting to build their new homes in Burke narrow on, and we just kind of go through this list and I’ll go over it with you, um, just to kind of make sure that we have all the information and that we can indeed build on that land, um, and what it’s going to require an order, um, to get that, uh, taken care of. So, um, the first thing that we’re going to ask is whether or not, um, when you’re ready to build your new home in broken arrow is whether or not you own the land already or not.

Speaker 1: (01:06)
Um, this part doesn’t really matter. Um, we’re still going to check it out either way, but that just kinda gives us a little bit more to work with as far as, um, whether or not you own the land, whether or not, you know, or whose name is it in things like that. Um, there’s a lot of things that go into building your new homes in broken arrow. I’m on an offsite build, but, um, the land is, is major. So do, does the customer own the land already? Um, is the land paid off? Do we have a copy of the deed and if the land needs to be bought, is it already under contract? Um, and is that land if it’s being bought, is it going to be part of the purchase price, um, and part of the construction loan? Um, this makes a difference because on an offsite build, you are required to have your, um, you are required to carry the construction loan, um, which is you’ll have to pay.

Speaker 1: (02:12)
You’ll have to make those payments while your home is being constructed. So, um, we need to know if that purchase, um, whether or not it’s going to be, like I said, part of the construction loan, um, also in building a new home in broken arrow on your own land, um, we need to make sure that you have all of the information of who you are buying it from, um, the price and then what they are requiring as far as earnest money goes. Um, are there any necessary requirements, like a lot split? Um, so basically, um, what is sometimes, um, like if somebody wanted to build out on their ranch, you would have to perhaps make turn part of that land into like our culture, a part of it it’s a residential so that when you build your new homes in broken arrow on it, you would be building on the residential part of it.

Speaker 1: (03:21)
Um, also something to note, it’s the customer’s responsibility to contact local utility companies and determine, um, the main locations and what allowances they might provide, um, in order to provide service for the house. Um, so this, like I said, would be if your customer, or if you’re building a new home in broken arrow, um, on your own land, then it’s going to be a requirement to have you, um, determine where those utilities will be. Um, next door need will need to know that we have your construction, loan, uh, contact information. Um, we also need to know what municipality the building permit is going to be. In which side of the home you want your garage to be on. Where on the lot do you want your home placed? So do you want to, like in the middle of your ranch, do you want it up close to the road?

Speaker 1: (04:25)
Um, just where you desire to place that house on a lot? Um, we also need to know if you intend on adding anything structural and also do you plan to build a pool or an outbuilding such as a shed or something in your back in the backyard. These are all things that we need to know when helping you build your new homes in broken arrow, because they are all going to have a determination factor in the building of your home. Um, let’s see. Um, are you, is it going to be sewer service or septic? Um, most offsite builds are going to be septic. Um, will it be using natural gas or propane city water or well water? Um, if it is in a neighborhood, but you’re building like not on one of our sites, but if you just found a neighborhood that you wanted to build in and they had a lot available, we need to make sure we have a copy of those covenants. Um, so that when we’re building your new home in broken arrow, uh, we can make sure that we have the proper mailbox or the proper tube, or, um, just, you know, whatever those covenants require for your new homes in broken arrow. Um, also, do you have a site plan? So the site plan is basically going to be what the land looks like what’s around it.

Speaker 2: (05:57)
Um, basically the plot of the neighborhood and going into covenants now, most new homes in broken arrow and the communities are going to have a homeowners association and they’re going to set those covenants, um, pretty far ahead of time. Um, most of the covenants for building are set prior to the neighborhood going even going in, um, such as roof color, mailbox, style, things like that. So if you are building in a neighborhood that is not a neighborhood that we normally build in, we’re going to ask what the masonry requirements are. Um, some may require to have full brick all the way up. Uh, we’re going to find out what the roof pitch requirements are, what the square footage requirements are. Um, what is the setback for the building? So, um, a lot of neighborhoods will require a little bit more of a setback, um, and just, you know, to, to make the yard a little bit bigger.

Speaker 2: (07:00)
Then we also need to find out if there are garage requirements, um, some new home communities, um, for new homes in broken arrow and other communities as well. I know we have one in our lawsuit that requires side entry garages. Um, and then there’s another neighborhood that we have in James that requires wood garage door overlays. So we need to make sure that those are all discussed prior. Um, and ahead of time, are there headwall and culvert requirements. So headwall and covert requirements. A lot of times they’ll, um, covenants will require your headwall to be made of the same brick as your home is. Um, are there any lighting requirements? So some homes, um, require certain lighting, um, on your home, on the outside of your home. Um, and so this is something to think about as well when building a new home in broken arrow, um, will sod be necessary?

Speaker 2: (08:07)
What are the landscape tree and sod requirements are there gutter and sprinkler requirements? And I talked a little bit about this one already, and that’s what are the requirements for the mailbox? So a lot of our, um, customers will, they don’t realize that a lot of these things are required and that they can sometimes be expensive. Um, next what’s going to happen is our construction director is going to head out to where you’re wanting to build your new homes in broken arrow. And he’s going to figure out, um, the grading of the land as they’re going to be an additional cost for clearing, um, pad labor. Do we need to bring in dirt? Um, are we going to have to do step footings and stem

Speaker 3: (08:55)
Walls? Um, are we gonna had, have to add a whole bunch for, to add driveway access like cement, um, are there going to be any retaining walls on the property that needed to be built, um, or a deck? Sometimes there is a deck, um, off the back of the house, depending on how the land slopes, um, we need to know the distance for long utilities. And then also is there visible rock that may lead to rock removal costs?

Speaker 4: (09:26)
So what’s going to happen is, um, but she’ll come out there. He’ll take a look at where you’re wanting to put your new home in broken arrow and then help you, um, answer all of these questions so that we can do our best job to set the expectation for you. And so that you always know where you’re going, especially money-wise when doing an offsite build on your own property or in a neighborhood that we don’t normally build new homes in broken arrow in. So that’s all I’m going to talk about today. Um, we’ll see what I’ve got up my sleeve for next time, and I’ll see you soon for more podcasts about new homes in broken arrow.

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