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New Homes in Broken Arrow | Taking You through the Path

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hey guys, Catherine, here with your weekly Shaw Holmes podcast. And we are going to be talking about new homes on broken arrow again. Um, I thought today that maybe we would, um, just kind of talk about the, well, it’s going to go over the pros and cons of having a homeowners association. Um, however, we’re just going to go over mostly pros because all of the neighborhoods that shop homes built in, um, that we build new homes in broken arrow in I’ll have a homeowners association. So I wanted to just kind of go over, like I said, um, let’s first of all, let’s talk about what a homeowners association is. So basically the homeowner’s association is, um, it’s kind of like a government for your neighborhood, if you will. Um, like I said, all of our new homes in broken arrow neighborhoods are going to have a homeowners association, or it usually consists of like a president, a vice president, secretary, um, treasurer, things like that, like your basic, um, heads of like any type of government or, you know, council.

Speaker 1: (01:22)
Um, and then you are also going to have your board members, um, who are just, you know, people who sit on the board and make sure everybody follows the rules. So, um, a homeowners association is the one who is going to govern, like I said, govern your neighborhood. Um, they’re going to offer certain things. Um, they’re going to offer amenities. They normally, um, maintain things in your neighborhood. Like, for example, if you have a neighborhood pool, um, with the clubhouse or any type of like basketball courts, tennis courts, anything like that, walking trails, um, anything like that all over, like I said, all of our new homes and broken arrow communities have them. Um, and it’s, uh, just kind of, a lot of people are against having a homeowners association because they don’t like being told what to do, but it’s not necessarily about being told what to do as it is.

Speaker 1: (02:31)
Um, more, uh, just making sure that the neighborhoods stays nice and that everybody follows the rules. So let’s go ahead and talk about some, um, advantages, uh, to having a homeowners association in your new homes in broken arrow neighborhoods. So the first thing is going to be, um, that you have nicer neighborhoods and this is going to be, um, due to the fact that there are going to be rules in your new homes in broken arrow neighborhood, um, for, uh, the way that your home looks. So a lot of times, um, homeowners associations are going to have rules that pertain to the exterior of your home, um, that it needs to be made maintained, um, and not really become an eyesore. Um, a lot of new homes in broken arrow. We want to keep them looking new as long as possible. Um, also when you have a homeowners association, you pay them dues and that helps, uh, kind of maintain the things like gated, um, like the gates, if you were living in a gated community, um, maybe even hire, uh, some security officers to patrol the neighborhood.

Speaker 1: (03:57)
Um, and then, um, just kind of, uh, mostly, like I said, um, help keep your neighborhood nicer and safer. Um, another great thing about having a homeowners association in your new homes in broken arrow communities are going to be that if you do have an issue with one of your neighbors, um, they can kind of mediate that for you. So, um, if you’re having any type of issue in your new homes in broken arrow neighborhood, like, um, you know, maybe your neighbor has a really, really annoying dog that never ever, ever shuts up. And, um, you work the day shift and I’m sorry, you work the night shift and you have to sleep during the day. And they put their dog outside all day long and all it does as bark bark, bark, bark, bark. They don’t know that because they’re not at home during the day they’re at work.

Speaker 1: (04:57)
So, um, for just for example, you can take that to your, um, homeowners association and they will kind of, like I said, help you mediate that. Um, you can, um, they just address the homeowners association, um, we’ll address any sort of, um, issues like that. And then most of the time they actually have, um, penalties or fines like monetary fines for not following the rules. Uh, another thing, another advantage to having a homeowners association in new home communities, or, you know, anywhere where we build new homes in broken arrow is going to be, um, a higher quality of living. So like I said, this kind of goes back to the safety and the appearance of your neighborhood. Um, obviously,

Speaker 2: (05:57)
You know, um, you want to live around people who have the same type of mindset as you, when I’m thinking about, you know, where they live and what their house looks like. Um, everybody is, everybody is gonna want to keep the value of their home. Um, hopefully, you know, homeowners always want to either keep or increase the value of their homes. So, um, a neighborhood association or homeowners association as a really great way, um, in order to, to, uh, maintain that, um, cause like I said, they,

Speaker 3: (06:37)
Well, a lot of times have rules on how your home needs to look, um, and then, uh, also help keep your neighborhood safe and peaceful. And so it just really does help the quality of and create a higher standard for your living situation. Um, another thing is, um, they’re usually off are, uh, in homeowners associations, I talked to you a little bit about, um, the fact that they have a lot of, or not a lot of, but they will have dues and these dues are,

Speaker 2: (07:21)
Um, collected in order to maintain the new homes and broken arrow communities. Um, these maintain things such as parks, um, swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, um, they even help maintain the entrance to your neighborhood. They’re usually in charge of planning, flowers, and shrubs and trees and, uh, getting all of that done for you. So, and they help you to find that

Speaker 3: (07:50)
The neighborhood, um, also, uh, those fees go towards maintaining, um, like the pool and to pay the lifeguards and everything else. Um, so yeah, just another thing that homeowners associations do that are, um, that are good. Um, another thing is, uh, community, um, um, I’m sorry. Um, sometimes in some neighborhoods I don’t know about any of our neighborhood or a new hope in broken arrow, if any of those, um, if any of those have, uh, this type of program, but, um, I do know of a neighborhood that my sister lived then in another community that, um, you can, they actually provide your lawn maintenance for you as part of your homeowners association. Um, and

Speaker 4: (08:55)
So, like I said, they come around, they mow once a week. Um, so that everybody’s lawn stays uniform and, um, cut. And that, um, it’s just included in part of your, part of the cost of your monthly homeowners association dues that you get

Speaker 3: (09:18)
About one service for free. Um, sometimes it also is going to include things such as snow removal. Um, and like I said before, landscaping, um, like around the front of the, um,

Speaker 4: (09:41)
Communities, like in the, like on the entrance where they,

Speaker 3: (09:45)
They plant flowers and everything. So there’s quite a bit of, um, good things that can come along with homeowner’s associations. And like I’ve said, um, we are all of our new homes in broken arrow. All of those communities will have a homeowners association. Um, so if you’re looking for a really high quality of living and higher standards for your neighborhood and definitely check out Shaw homes for those options, I’ll see you guys next time on our weekly podcast about new homes in broken arrow, the Shaw homes.

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