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New Homes in Broken Arrow | the Exciting Process of Homebuilding

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hey guys, Katherine here again with another weekly podcast. And I wanted to go ahead and finish what we started on the last episode, when we were talking about new homes in broken arrow. And we had just finished talking about when all of the rough plumbing and the HVAC and everything is done. So whenever that’s finished, um, there’s going to be three different inspections. So the first inspection was on the foundation or the slab. Um, and this time the inspections two, three, and four are going to be your rough framing inspection, your plumbing inspection, and then your mechanical inspection. And this is most likely going to be, um, three different inspections. Um, the framing inspection is always conducted separately from electrical and mechanical. So this is just something else. Um, another part of the process of building new home in broken arrow. So what’s going to happen is, um, the they’re going to come out and they’re gonna inspect your rough framing, your plumbing, electrical, and mechanical, and they’re gonna make sure that those are all compliant with all of the building, the local building codes.

Speaker 1: (01:26)
Um, and then, um, once those are all good, um, and you have the go ahead from the inspector, uh, drywall can now be, um, delivered. So this is, um, a pretty exciting point in the, um, building of new homes in broken arrow is once that dry wall gets delivered. Um, so the next thing that’s going to happen, um, when building your new home in broken arrow is that now that the frames and the, um, the outside of the home has put up and it’s been wrapped, it’s going to be time to install the installation and installation is really important in new homes, not only in new homes in broken arrow, but new homes everywhere, because it helps, um, create a more comfortable home. It keeps your temperature inside consistent, and then it also improves the energy efficiency in your home. And it does that by basically keeping the hot or cold air out, um, whichever season it is, and then keeping your home out of comfortable temperature inside. So when installation is installed, um, there are several different types of, um, insulation that can be used, uh, there’s fiberglass, which is like the pink, fluffy looking stuff. Um,

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Cellulose there’s foam, mineral wood, concrete blocks can also be used as insulation. Um, and then you can do insulation concrete forms. So this would be like larger pieces of concrete, other than concrete blocks. Um, you can do a spray foam insulation and you can do a structural insulated panels, um, or you can do foam board or rigid foam. So we do the blown in insulation. Um, it just gives, uh, just gives you a higher, um, rating as far as the efficiency in your home. Um, and it works a little bit nicer. So most, um, types of insulation that are used in new homes are going to be fiberglass, cellulose, and foam, and depending kind of on where your home is. Um, your builder might also use mineral wood, but we do not do that. Um, we don’t use the mineral wood or the concrete blocks or foam board, um, just because there’s really no need for it here.

Speaker 2: (04:11)
Um, but those are just some options for you, um, in your new home, in broken arrow, um, there’s blanket insulation, which comes on our role. Um, and this is typically used in new home construction. Um, and there’s also loose fill and blown in insulation, which is made out of fiberglass. And I told you, blown in is what we use at Shaw. Um, and then the, the, another, another kind that a lot of other builders and new homes in broken arrow use as a liquid foam, um, and that can just be sprayed into place, um, injected or kind of poured. And then it’s a little bit more expensive than traditional insulation. Um, but it is a lot more, um, valuable as far as the R rating. Um, it creates a really effective barrier. Um, the blown-in insulation though does just as great of a job. So, um, anyway, once that is all blown in, um, then the dry wall process can begin.

Speaker 2: (05:27)
And this is when the home really starts to come together. The interior of the home. I mean, the outside’s already framed, uh, siding and brick and everything, um, can start being installed once that is done. But this is where the inside part of building your new home in broken arrow really comes in and that’s putting up the dry wall. Um, and then the interior fixtures, so drywall is hung up and taped. Um, those are just going to be basically sheets of dry wall that are hung up inside of your home, along the frame. And it really, it starts to create the barriers for the rooms. Um, remember the frame was already up there, but this is where, you know, your actual walls are going to be, so that’s hung and taped up, um, taped into place. And then the texture is done on the walls.

Speaker 2: (06:21)
And once the texture is down on the walls, um, that’s when that’s, when you can start painting. And, um, it really starts to look nice in your new home, in broken arrow. So, uh, you’re also, this is, excuse me, this is also when your exterior finishes are going to start. So your brick, stucco or stone are all going to be installed at this point on the outside of the home. Um, so this is a really neat part of the process of building your new home in broken arrow as well. So once the, uh, once the walls are put up and the texture and everything has done, um, it’s time to go ahead and install the, or you’re going to finish your interior trim and then put in your sidewalks in your driveway. That’s going to be, the driveway is always one of the last things.

Speaker 2: (07:19)
So, um, so finishing the interior trim is going to be like painting the inside of your new home in broken arrow, um, or not, I’m sorry, not painting. Um, it’s going to be installing the doors, the window cells, any other decorative trim. So like your crown molding, all of that is going to go in at this point. Um, also all of your cabinets, vanities, and your fireplace mantle is going to be installed at this point in building your new home in broken arrow. And then, um, everything will be painted. So this is, um, this is really the part of your home when, um, this is it’s almost complete for new homes in broken arrow. And, uh, it’s just, it’s getting really exciting at this point in building your new home in broken arrow. Um, next after that is going to be the installation of all of your hard surface flooring. So not carpet, but if you’re having any type of tile, vinyl or wood flooring installed, it’s going to be at this point in building your new home in broken arrow. Um, the final grading of your exterior finish, um, is going to be complete at this time to ensure proper drainage away from the property. Um, so this once again is a really exciting part, uh, because your house is almost complete and it’s really coming together.

Speaker 3: (08:55)
Um, once that final grading, um, the, the exterior grading is done, um, then it just, at this point, it just becomes, um, it starting really to come to life. So, uh, after this, point’s done, um, it’s time to finish all of your mechanicals and put in your bathroom fixtures. So at this point, light fixtures and outlets and switches are installed pretty much anything that the electrician would have to do. Um, your HVAC equipment is installed. So your air conditioning and heating and everything, and then your sinks, faucets, and toilets are all put in. Um, also at this point, they’re going to install your mirrors, your shower doors, and finish your flooring. Um, and then you’ll have your, um, exterior landscaping done. And then of course, they’ll come in and do a final cleanup of your home. And then your final building code official inspection happens at this point. Um, you’ll do your walkthrough and then you will end up going to closing. So this is just a really, really basic, basic, um, way to explain the process of building your new home in broken arrow. And we’ll talk more about, um, construction and new homes in broken arrow next time. Bye.

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