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New Homes in Broken Arrow | What Lots Are Available

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Okay. So you’re contemplating building a new homes in broken arrow, Oklahoma. And you’ve heard from family, from friends, perhaps from coworkers and even people who have been down this same road in building a new homes in broken arrow,Oklahoma. And they have spoken of it as being difficult, uh, stressful. They’ve spoken of it as being filled with unknowns and lots of anxiety and sleepless nights. And this is the narrative. This is the commentary that you seem to continue to, to bump up against and probably the person or people who told you that, uh, building a new home in broken arrow would be this way. Uh, didn’t work with a builder that had a proven process with an experienced team in place. The way that Shaw homes does, what we like to tell our customers is we have done this a few thousand times. So it is absolutely okay if you haven’t, uh, you’re not going to be out there all on your own, trying to figure things out.

Speaker 1: (01:37)
What do I do now? Who do I speak with now? Where do I go for this? How do I understand this? Most people during this process, their, their minds are so filled with information from realtors, from, uh, builders, from tradesmen, from people who have, uh, built a new homes in broken arrow, perhaps from, uh, reading, uh, magazines or articles, maybe Googling different things online. They have come to fill their mind with so many thoughts about building a new homes in broken arrow, That it’s almost virtually impossible to navigate your way in such that you actually go from one step to the next and do so successfully. And so with shot homes, you’re going to have a team of people right there with you from the time that you step into a model home and look at what we have to offer from the time that you work with us to look at the different floor plans that we, that we offer to onto the financing element, to the choosing of the new home side, to, uh, the purchase agreement, and then off to design studio and in the drafting and the construction and the communication closing and understanding your warranty.

Speaker 1: (03:26)
And so on. We have, uh, a team of experienced experts that are in place ready and willing, knowledgeable people to guide you along the way and answer the questions that honestly we already know you’re asking. In fact, we can probably tell you what questions you’re going to have before you even have them, because we’ve done this so many times. And so if you’re unaware or unsure of what the process is, I’m going to walk you through this right now, so that you can successfully understand how to build a new homes in broken arrow, and what that pathway looks like. So let’s start with step number one and step number one has to do with our, our model home tool. Our model home tour is, is the beginning of a 10 step process to get you into your new home in broken arrow, Oklahoma, you see, as Tulsa’s largest builder, we also have the greatest collection of fully furnished and decorated model homes in the Tulsa area.

Speaker 1: (04:57)
And so we take our clients on model home tours. I mean, who doesn’t love to go around looking at beautifully decorated model homes. And since we have these model homes, it’s, it allows us to, to show you why we laid out the rooms the way we did. There’s a lot of thought that goes into a floor plan here at Shaw homes. As a matter of fact, there’s 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of comments from customers who have walked through our doors over the past couple of years regarding the redesigning and rebuilding oftentimes of our homes to keep up with current trends and what if, what people are are in need of and what people actually want. And so we invite our clients to join us on a model home tour, and it will be one of the most information packed experiences of a home shopping experience.

Speaker 1: (06:07)
As a matter of fact, that’s what our customers and clients tell us. And so the tour allows you to see what would, what would probably take a couple of weeks on your own to just naturally happen between an hour to two hours? And this is your first step. You drive your own car. We don’t hold anybody captive during this time. We’re not here to pressure people or to talk necessarily pricing. What we’re endeavoring to do during this step is to inform people, to focus on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan, to show that there’s actually something for everyone to show the versatility, the one story, the two story, the small, medium, large, and extra large ways that we can, we can build a home. And, and so this is the model of home tour. This is step number one. Now, once we’ve gone through this, we’re going to begin guiding you through the financial piece of the puzzle and help people understand how to, how to navigate through the, this, the financial part, the financial portion.

Speaker 1: (07:23)
We, we want to help you to focus in on a floor plan that best fits your budget. And so we work with four proven preferred lenders, and we help you through the pre-approval process so that you have all the information that you need. We want to get you monthly payment quotes. We’re going to explain to you the incentives that are offered during, during that time of your home purchase experience, the, the application and approval process is, is very minimal. It’s a five minute pre-application and less than a 24 hour approval process are our preferred lenders will match, uh, current interest rates and closing costs, and they will offer all of the major products that would be necessary for you to move forward, to, uh, understand what kind of financing is available for you. As you’re purchasing a new homes in broken arrow, Once we understand the financing portion of this, we’ll, we’ll, we’re going to speak along the lines of, of finding the one of a kind home site for your new home in broken arrow. There’s many communities that we serve

Speaker 2: (08:55)
In broken arrow, where we build new homes, and we want to take this one of a kind home and find a one of a kind piece of property within one of our many communities in broken arrow to place this new home on not every new home is going to fit on every home side in broken arrow. So, uh, now that we know what the floor plan is, we’ll be able to show you what home sites, your plan, your floor plan, your new home will fit on in broken arrow. Once you select your home site, it’s time for you to pull it out of inventory by simply, uh, submitting a $1,000 refundable deposit for seven days. And that now allows you to, uh, take your favorite home site off the market, out of inventory for the next seven days, get questions answered and, and be confident and, and persuaded that this is the home site for you. And, and once we know that, then we can begin pricing out your new homes in broken arrow.

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