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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes In Edmond | We Are The Upgrade You’ll Love

Did you know here at Shaw Homes, we’ve got some of the most amazing opportunities, whether you’re looking at new homes and new home construction or could see new construction homes or just new homes in general. We’ve got a lot of opportunities. We’ve got a lot of different New Homes In Edmond amenities and a lot of different collections buyers can pick from as they walk through the process with us here at home. We’ve got a lot of different stuff and basically when I say that, what I mean in regards to our processing structure, if you wanted something for a new kitchen wanting something that’s market ready or if you’re wanting something that you’re able to build from scratch, we’ve got something for everyone. We’ve got a different option for each and every buyer.

We’ve got different amenities for each different buyer. And so for us, that just helps us remain really competitive. And we’ve got some of the best pricing here in Tulsa. So we thought the best pricing as well. I mean, we’re literally one of the biggest builders here in Oklahoma in general in this market in general. So where we are consistently go above and beyond in that consistency and in that structure and in that New Homes In Edmond process, and for us, it remains really firm for buyers just working alongside them kind of saying, Hey, you know, this is what this is, what we can do for you guys. This is what our processes and our structure is. This is what we can do. You know, when you’re looking at new homes and I’ve been, you know, construction of new home construction in Tulsa because we’ve got we built in so many different markets. We build in different areas of town and we’ve got new home amenities and in each of them, exactly the same in every neighborhood we’ve got. We try to remain relatively consistent with our options when it comes to new home amenities and new home opportunities, but that’s a really fun thing about travel. It’s not the same. It’s a bunch of different opportunities and a bunch of different options in each neighborhood that you can pick from kind of figure out what what works best for you and how that applies to your family and your process and your structure, what that looks like for your new home options and kind of walking through the process with us. But more than anything, I mean, it’s so fun getting the chance to to really show off what shop can do for our buyers because we can’t we can do a lot. We’ve got a lot of different amenities. Each of our neighborhoods has different options, whether you’re looking at new homes and admin or new homes in Oklahoma City or new environment, as they see in all of those areas and especially in all of those markets. There’s a bunch of different neighborhoods. Certain neighborhoods are going to have different options and different in many of those locations. And basically within that, like certain neighborhoods, they have pool certain neighborhoods, they have pools and parks and ponds and walking trails. And I know one neighborhood, they’ve got a pool park, a playground, a fishing pond, walking trails, creeks and then it backs up to really pretty green belt and farmland. So I mean, you really can get the best of everything in a lot of our different communities, and that’s something that is so amazing to offer health coverage because not everybody is the same. Certain people don’t really care about that. And that’s okay. You don’t have to care about that. Care about that, the sort of need that certain people have for their new homes. But some people, they’ve got kids. It’s really important for them that they have that opportunity and they have that amenities to select from, for their kids, for their family, stuff like that. So we try to be consistent in going over that and talking about that with each and every buyer to say, Hey, this is what we can do for you. This is a little bit about our process is a little bit about why we do what we do, and this is why we have these options that we do for the homes and opportunities with our homes. Because, like I always say, are builders different? Every builder has a different process and a different structure that they know and they’re going to they’re going to stick to and they’re going to follow along with them as they walk by or two. And then you have many in your home office. That’s me.

That more than anything. With that being said, as we got fires through our process and as we fight fires alongside us, as they walk through to get information to our New Homes In Edmond steps, their new home options and new home opportunities, we’re really going to try to remain very consistent and continually consistent as we guide them through because we’ve got a process, we’ve got a really great structure that has been created and to communicate well, to set good expectations and good understandings of what we can do for buyers and why, why we do things a certain way because we really do things a certain way. We have a structure and a process that we adhere to for our buyers to make sure that they’re getting the correct information at the correct time. But we don’t feel like they’re being taken care of. They have a good understanding of why we do things a certain way and how exactly that works for their new home amenities in their new home opportunities. And that’s through a very consistent basis and a continuous basis. So as we walk. And as we consistently continue guiding them through the process, because that’s that’s what I’m here to do. My goal as a whole when it comes to our homes, when it comes to new home opportunities with shore homes and I’m here to guide New Homes In Edmond buyers, I’m going to walk them through the process and show them exactly what can be done for them and why we do things a certain way. And basically why, why we have a certain process and certain, you know, different things like that. So again, I love being able to to show off what can be done or why we do things a certain way for certain buyers. How exactly that looks for a process for new home amenities and new home opportunities. And I just I very constantly want to remain very consistent for buyers. I want to make sure that I’m setting that good expectation and a good understanding of what’s to come and how exactly that applies to people. Because when people are confused, they’re not going to walk with you. They don’t want to follow along in your process because they’re confused. They don’t understand what’s to come and why things are done a certain way.

They don’t understand how exactly that applies and their new construction, excuse me, process as a whole. So there’s there’s a lot that I try to communicate and I try to communicate well. So with that being said, I’m walking our buyers to the five easy steps is something very simple, and we love getting the chance to do. Basically go when we do this and we walk through this process is to just show, Hey, this is our structure, this is what we do here at your home. This is why we do what we do. Because more than anything, I mean, the goal as a whole is to set a good expectation, communicate well and have a good expectation of what’s to come because I feel like buyers, sometimes they just don’t know what’s coming from here and they get confused. They don’t want to follow along in the process or they’re just nervous to follow along just because they just don’t understand. So for us in this step, these five steps they’ve been created and they’ve been designed and tested and tried and true, you know, over so many different years to then basically say, OK, this is what we’re doing right now. This is what our goal is. This is what is expected of us here at home. This is what’s expected of you guys next from here. And then from there, basically, we then can set a good expectation, a good standard of what’s to come. And that’s kind of what our understanding is and our guideline is. But really, as we communicate and connect with buyers, our very first step in our process, we do. It’s called the Model Home Tour. That’s the very first. That’s the main way to at least start an open communication with all of our buyers.

That way, they can have a better understanding and kind of get a good idea of what’s to come and the mindset in this and the goal in this is more than anything to figure out and to show off, Hey, this is what we can do for you. This is a different floor plan. And basically, with this thing said this, this New Homes In Edmond step is designed in in order to communicate, to say, Hey, this is this is what the function of the floor plans are. These are the flow of the floor plans. This is what this work kind of looks like. This is how your family would sit in it, walk around in person, get a good idea of how that structure would look like and how exactly that apply. That sort of different, different many different things that we build and that we have for buyers to pick from. So basically, the mindset in this is to kind of get a better idea of what that looks like and just how that applies. And basically then walk you through that and to show what we can do for you as we walk you through the different floor plans and as we as we guide you along our steps. But this, very first up, is just the best get to know you pictures.

It’s the best way that we’re able to show you what we can do for you and kind of walk you through this floor plan and walk you through that. Whether you’re looking at even seven construction or seeing new construction homes in Oklahoma, different options like that, different opportunities like that as well. So there’s again, there’s a lot better place. There’s a lot that goes into it and there’s a lot of as a process that we will make sure we go over. But more than anything, we have these steps and these structures set in place to benefit every buyer to communicate well with every buyer. So that way we are exceeding and meeting expectations and going above and beyond and expectations. Our goal is just to make sure that we’re doing the best that we can for you to basically show off what can be done as you walk through the process with us and as you get the chance to connect with us and see what we can do for you, because that’s really the goal. I mean, we’ve got a lot of options and we’ve got a lot of opportunities that we really want to show you what we can do for you as you walk through the process with us, as you, as you get the chance to see exactly what new construction will look like.

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