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New Homes In Edmond | What Are The Most Important Excellent Designs?

Something that’s really cool that I think a lot of people don’t quite realize about Shore in our process is the fourth step in the five easy steps to owning a showroom. So I’ll explain the first three or basically the very first one is the Model Home Tour. We walk you through a bunch of different New Homes In Edmond. Try to figure out what works best for you and your family based on the flow and the function of the home. And then the second step is getting you financially pre-approved. You can figure out what your purchasing power is, as well as basically what your monthly payment will look like and then getting pre-approved to super easy process. That’s wonderful and so fun to walk buyers through to kind of show, Hey, look, this is, you know, this is what you can afford. This is your purchasing power. And before we get into step number four and before I explain what what the price of it is and what that survey looks like and how it can be applied, I just always like going into detail of the first few steps. Now the cool thing is this can be applied no matter where you’re looking.

No matter if you’re looking at New Homes In Edmond new home construction in OKC, new construction homes in Edmond, all of these different areas that we’re very actively building in and we really make an effort to go above and beyond in these industries as a whole. So that’s something I explain to my buyers and kind of say, Well, this is this is an area that we’re it’s very important to us. We really try to do everything that we can to go above and beyond in this area, in this location, in these options and opportunities for a new construction. But with that being said, that very first step, it’s main focus and main function is is on and finding the home that works for you. We really focus on finding that location in that home that fits your family best and fits your your location best. And then step number, excuse me, step number two is, like I said, figuring out the finances and all of this can be applied to New Homes In Edmond, new homes in OKC, new home construction.

And I mean, all of these different areas that we’re we’re very actively building. And that’s our goal is to make an effort in those locations and kind of work to benefit buyers in those and those locations. But that’s our very first step and it applies. It’s the same in every location that you go to. It’s the same in New Homes In Edmond new home construction in OKC. It’s all like I said, I’m going to be the same for all those locations, but moving on from there. Basically, the second step, like I said, is finances. We figure out your monthly payment, what you’re comfortable with, what works for you and your family. And then the very third step we have, excuse me, very for third step is and then focusing on the land, we want to make sure that we’re looking at the land that we have and finding a time for basically for you and to look at all the options we’ve got because we’ve got so many different homes and so many different locations and so many of our home sites that you can pick from that, you know, can fit your family better. It’s it’s all these different options and opportunities that we’re offering for buyers in all of these locations that we really tried to work to benefit, to show all of those to you. So you’re able to get an insight and a better idea of what can be applied for your new construction process and what that looks like as a whole. So that’s something that I love keeping in mind for my buyers, showing off to them. You know what I can do for them, for their process as a whole. And just that way that I’m able to set a better standard, set a higher standard for their new construction process to make them feel like they’re getting all their questions answered and, you know, different stuff like that. That’s just what normally applies in those locations for those opportunities. And then from there is the fourth step is the price out step. No, this is one of my favorite steps when it comes to the new construction process here was shocked just because of how it’s structured and what we do in this process whenever we get the chance to work alongside our buyers. Basically, our goal from that point is sending it’s called a pre-salt survey. It’s super easy to go through. It’s very fun to go through. I love being able to walk my buyers through it and kind of showing what I can do for them and what that comes to in regards to their process. And basically, it’s starting to design their home on paper, which I mean, in my opinion, is so much fun. It’s beyond fun. I love getting the chance to show off, you know what I can do for my buyers and what that looks like in regards to their process and everything as a whole for their new construction process. So when it comes to the fourth step, it’s so much fun working alongside my buyers. It’s such a great way to incentivize options for them and show off what they can do and how that looks like in regards to their structure and their process as a whole. So that way, whenever I do get the chance to meet with them, that’s our next meeting.

Time is when we get, then get the chance. To go through the options, we get to get them a price breakdown and how exactly that applies to their new home option in their new home opportunity and different stuff like that, because then they they’re able to get a better incentive and opportunity at different price points so they can see what options they have a different price points and how that can apply to them in their new construction process. Because it’ll be different per location, it’ll be different per opportunity and you know, some stuff like that. So that’s something I love to break down for my buyers and showing off and kind of setting a good example for the new construction process as a whole. And again, when I’m getting the chance to do that, when I’m getting the chance to go above and beyond in the process that I know and that I’m comfortable with, and that I’ve learned over time, I’m then getting the chance to more than anything show off what Sha can do for so many of our buyers, because it really is, I mean, more than anything, there’s so many options. There’s so many opportunities. Excuse me when it comes to our process, when it comes to new home construction was sure that we really tried to be as transparent as we possibly can. We try to be as open as we possibly can through our process to make sure that our buyers feel like they’re being taken care of and that it’s not too overwhelming. So with that being said, we kind of didn’t jump into that fourth step. So with that being said are very our fourth step here at Shore and we do what’s called a price survey. And there’s a really cool survey that we walk people through. There’s pictures, there’s a guideline, it’s a price so that we show off to her buyer. So all kind of, excuse me, get into that. But basically our goal in this is to have fun. We just want to show what we can do for our buyers, whether they’re looking at New Homes In Edmond and new home construction or see new construction homes in OKC. I mean, these are different areas that we’re very active in. We we make an effort to show off and kind of do for our buyers and more than anything, make sure that they’re being taken care of and they kind of see their options per location and per price point. Because when we do get the chance to do that, then we get the chance to show off, you know, shot and we get the chance to show what what can be done for their process and just how that applies. So kind of going in. But more than anything, we show off, like in our slides, it’s kind of like a slide show. So slides with gray borders indicate that the item is included at no additional cost. So it’s no additive to a buyers, you know, extra cost. It’s already included in the price of the home. So that’s something they can, you know, breathe. A sigh of relief of an inside of the green border indicate that it’s optional, so they can add that in for an additional cost. And that’s what we are transparent of. We get the cost of everything that they may want to add into. We’ve got amazing options that are already included in our new construction options. But then we also have, you know, amenities and opportunities that are absolutely amazing that we get the chance to have selections from. I mean, people. More than anything, we want to give people some amazing options that come included in their home. And then we want to give them the flexibility that they can add some stuff in if they like. So it’s super fun to be able to show that off to our buyers. It’s wonderful to be able to kind of get that opportunity up for each and every buyer kind of checking us out. But with all that being said, whether they’re looking at New Homes In Edmond, new construction homes and then all those different areas as well as Tulsa, we’ll give them a breakdown of just price out. So it’s really fun, but I’ll kind of start going through. So more than anything, first things first.

Before we start this price out, we figure out what floor plan we want to price out. We figure out what community and then on what home site. That way we’re able to be the most transparent where they’re process and they can get the best idea of exactly, you know, if they did move forward today, that’s their exact cost, and that would be the cost of their home. Exactly. So basically for the series of home is called the heritage and we start outside and we start with the elevation. So we figure out whether they want elevation or elevation B. We kind of illustrate them on the floor plain paper.

So what the exterior looks like and basically elevation architectural terms simply means the front of the home. Some of our plans and heritage series have offered different elevations actual homes. These are known as elevation, a an elevation be. They’re illustrated on the floor plan fire accordingly. And the big thing is, elevation cannot be changed after the purchase agreement. That’s something that does have to be decided before you sign the paper. Elevation is what’s included. It offers the following exterior New Homes In Edmond materials so like brick and siting painted brick stone in various locations. Stucco stuff like that can be added in, but it’s one of the most versatile elevations, and that’s kind of a good idea. And we show pictures, and that’s kind of a start to the heritage process out that will get more into as we continue on.

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