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New homes Oklahoma City | Neck and Neck

New homes Oklahoma City | Partner With Us

Thank you for joining us with another podcast presented from Shaw homes. This is Jordan more now transferred it to seven oak south. That’s right. I’m not actually in the village at southern trails anymore. I have been moved over to seven Oak South and broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Uh, with some of the salespeople leaving another one retiring. We’ve been able to shuffle the deck a little bit. So I went from Ashbrook to south, which I consider an honor to be here because this is where all the top salespeople have been setting the last couple of years. So I consider it a privilege to do it. And so this week we are coming from the Stone Brook v Model. We actually have two models here in sevenoaks south. One of them is the Greenville, a he one, one that is. And then the other one is a stone brick and V, which I am currently sitting in right now.

So before we get into talking about these two model homes real quick, and, uh, some of the other things that happened over the course of the weekend, uh, I wanted to talk to you guys about all the exciting news that we have and expanding to Oklahoma City, a shaw homes as building New homes Oklahoma City. That’s right. We’re not just in the Tulsa area, the Greater Tulsa area anymore. We have expanded over to New homes Oklahoma Citys. So that’s the exciting part is our easy path to your Sha home, the awesome integrity of our building and our awesome, wonderful floor plans and the process that we have is coming over to New homes Oklahoma City. Um, so I’ll be touching on that throughout the course of these next couple segments. Um, but we appreciate you joining us anyway. And so, uh, I’m actually sitting in the Stone Brook v, as I mentioned before, and this one’s actually pretty unique plan.

Uh, we actually consider it the little brother to the Redford, which is a pretty popular plan in itself. The stonebrook, um, can actually only be built as a two story plan. Uh, the primary reason is downstairs, the only bedroom that is there is the, is the master bedroom, New homes Oklahoma City, and so the rest of the living is all upstairs, so you can build it as a, the stone brick h, which would have a game room and a bed. And, um, well let me think about that real quick for this one though, which is the Stone Brick v few things I want to point out about. It is it has the, a oversized and nook and the island is turn towards it and a lot of our plans, aside from just the Redford and the stonebrook, the island always faces the great room. This one that faces the neck, I think it opens up for entertaining and also allows you to have multiple, uh, areas of payment for that reason.

Um, so the thing I actually wanted to mention in the stone brick age is that it actually has four rooms upstairs and that is a game room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and then another bedroom in the stone brook and vi, like I said, the one we’re sitting in, it’s exactly the same except it has an additional bedroom. So that means there’s actually three bedrooms upstairs instead of just two. And then there’s a bath and the game room. Well, uh, the other thing that I would like to point out about the stonebrook and just as a quick reference, I’m New homes Oklahoma City will have an opportunity to see the stone brook as well. Uh, as most of our floor plans will, uh, the cool thing about the stonebrook is we actually utilize the space underneath the stairs causing the pantry to be enlarged. In fact, it’s a very large pantry as you come in and you go around the backside and you go underneath the stairs, there’s a ton of storage in there.

So we call it the prepper pantry because you can actually get your stuff ready in there if you needed to. But all the, at the same time, you could call it a prepper for the apocalypse or the Zombie apocalypse because there’s literally enough room to lay down a little sleeping bag in there and live out of there and eat all your snacks and food and survive if you need to. There. The stone break also has the snooze button design master suite, which allows that sleeper inner to stay sleeping in while the other person gets up and goes into the master. They can close that door behind them and go between the master bathroom and the closet without disturbing that person from New homes Oklahoma City, sleep. And then they can head out from that master clause that into the rest of the house without having to hijack into that bedroom again.

So it’s a pretty awesome feature that I have a handful of our plans have the stone brick does. And we actually feature that in this. One of the neat thing about the stonebrook itself is it actually has a laundry room and a utility room slash mud room. Uh, and for that reason, when you come into the garage, you’re not heading straight into through the laundry room. You actually going into that mudroom, uh, which is nice, so you don’t have to see all that laundry that you have been neglecting and you can close off that door and not have to go straight in through that way. One of the other unique things about the stone it, it does have a powder bath or what you would consider a half bath because all the aside from the master is upstairs. We want to also provide a, a bathroom downstairs for your guests to use without having to use the master.

So there’s a half bath off from the entry and it also does have a steady. One of the things about the master suite that’s unique is it actually has an l shaped a vanity. Because of that, the glass is right next to each other, makes it seem a lot bigger and it actually is, feels a lot bigger and a kind of duplicate the efforts of the natural light that you have in there as well. And so it’s a pretty good size a master suite as is walk walkthrough feature. Um, the stonebrook is located at 14, 10 east New Orleans place, New homes Oklahoma City, and broken Arrow ends between a hundred and 101st between Lynn Lane and county line. Um, we’re in our second phase in sevenoaks south. Um,New homes Oklahoma City will be featuring a stone brick as well, most likely. The next one that I wanted to talk about was the Greenville and that is the model that’s next door. It’s probably one of my favorites. And this one’s at 14, 14 east New Orleans place and a 707.

Now, with that, Greenville being 14, 14 east New Orleans place next to the stone brick. New homes Oklahoma City, this one, like I said, is one of my favorites because it actually has a big wow factor to it. Um, it is our most open design concept and you’ll actually see that when you come in because as soon as you come in. And that’s the other feature that I would want to point out is that as soon as you come in, it’s a 13 foot ceiling from the entry. And then as you continue to go out into the dining room, it’s actually a 19 feet tall,

that, which is insane. That’s awesome. To be able to have such a grand entry. So not only do you have a big one going in with that dining room, of course is large as well. Um, and because of that, you’ll see that you’ll go straight in from the entry to the dining room into the great room. And then that’s just right into the kitchen, which is why I would say that it is, um, our most open a design concept. It has also the largest area dedicated to the master suite. So if you’re looking for something that really emphasizes on, New homes Oklahoma City, the master suite, the Greenville is it, I’m talking the entire side of the home is dedicated to it. And in fact, because of that, there are unique optional master suite expansions that you can get added on. And that is a study and a, a exercise room straight off of the master bedroom.

Yeah. That means like it’s private from the rest of the home. And what I like about that is of course, that’s just what we named them. You can use them as whatever you want. New homes Oklahoma City, we actually had someone the other day and they were joking about having a big TV and each of them for each of their shows so they can just hang out and be together, but they have their own rooms to hang out before they go to bed or whatever that might be a. and they can watch their shows without even having to bug the rest of the home. New homes Oklahoma City, I also know of another customer that used one of those strictly for their 19 Christmas trees, which is pretty awesome too. He was just as a Christmas tree storage closet. And so, uh, I know myself, I’ll probably like to end up using one of them as a, a study and another one maybe as a reading room.

I’m definitely, or maybe like a prayer room. I think it would be Kinda cool to be able to have all that where you can just have a pretty much just a, a, a private suite where you just kinda get to hang out and get ready before you even go out and you can accomplish everything that you are wanting to do. Um, so I’ll continue to talk about the Greenville in a moment, but, uh, as we were mentioning, New homes Oklahoma City is what we’re really focusing on, uh, as our transition as into our expansion from the Tulsa area into the Oklahoma City area. Jordan Moore 1 10-12-18

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