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New Homes Sales Training | Most Affordable

New Homes Sales Training | Most Affordable

This is the incredibly humble Dave Dumont. I’m here with Erin and is the founder of builders training academy. Is an industry leader in new home sales training and he’s here today to share some wisdom on helping new home sales people help themselves. Erin thank you for joining us today and sharing some of your builder wisdom with us. You bet. Glad to be here. I have to ask what is the most powerful tool you have to get a customer moving forward in the process especially I know with it being a big ticket item a big ticket sale a lot of money’s being spent that people have a hard time committing sometimes getting off the fence. New Homes Sales Training
Yeah absolutely Dave. And it’s one of those scenarios where there’s a lot of different approaches that you can take and there’s you know new home sales people tend to come up with you know plans and scripts and all of these things. But quite honestly there’s only one thing that really is the most powerful thing in creating that urgency with a customer. And that is the one of a kind home site and you got to think about it this way. When you’re a homebuilder and you’ve got you know you’re a b and c floor plans. You can build your Albani floor plan 10 million times you can build it over and over and over again. And so to tell a customer hey we’re we’re running out. It’s not like QVC where you can have a counter you know clicking down in the background while you’re talking to the customer from 500 down to zero and up or out of the Albany plans. Guess what we can’t build them anymore so that can’t create urgency for them. So what you really have to do is you have to get them to focus on the land. Because here’s the thing. Newsflash God’s not creating any more land once once it’s out it’s out. It’s not like you know the lava is expanding from Hawaii out into space and creating these new landmasses that are you know going to continue to expand forever. New Homes Sales Training. No when they find that one of a kind home site they find lot 10 in your neighborhood and it’s got the trees in the background just like what they wanted.
It’s it’s something that is never going to be recreated again. New Homes Sales Training. And so it’s amazing what happens when you get that customer to that one of a kind home site. There is a look that they get in their eyes kind of like the look your wife had on her wedding night. Dave I just that kind of look is the look you’re looking for in your customers eyes is that look of this is it. This is the one that I want forever and ever and ever so that that is really the greatest creator of urgency in our business. Why should sales managers really put so much effort or thought or or try to steer the process towards getting to the buyers potential buyers out on land out to actually look at the soil. You know I have a favorite saying that I like about this it’s if you don’t cite them you won’t write them. I mean here’s the thing if you don’t physically go with them and take them out and show them the land then you are never going to get them to move forward. They’re going to see a home they might fall in love with the home. But if they don’t fall in love with the land you are never going to write that contract. You need to kind of ingrain that saying into your mind you should write it down and put it on your on your monitor at work not somewhere where your customer can see it but somewhere that only you can see it over and over again. It should say if you don’t cite them you won’t write them. And that is the truth. You know getting them out on site.
Part of the reason that it is so powerful is because for one the customer feels more important when you take them out on site. I mean they’ve probably had an experience with a couple of new home sales people already where maybe they went in and looked at their models and talked to them in great detail but then the sales person just kind of ended it right there. Talking about houses only and never really talked about land or didn’t take the time to show them home sites. So when you do it you’re really taking it to the next level and you’re making the customer feel more important. You also are making it so that they have less time with your competition and more time with you and you know here’s the thing people are busy today. They’ve got a lot going on in their life and they’re not just looking to you know go waste a bunch of time they’ve got a limited amount of time to spend looking. So the more time that they spend with you and the means the less that they spend with your competition and they’re going to they’ve got this this time clock ticking in their head of how much time they’re actually going to spend before they make a decision. And so the more you can spend with those the closer you get them to being ready to go ahead and pull the trigger on something. And the other thing is is it becomes a visual for them and they become more emotionally connected. New Homes Sales Training
I remember a time when I took a customer out on site one time and an on the map in my office they looked at these eight home sites in a row that all were on this wooded area backed up to a wooded area and they pretty much said any of those will do for me you know just any of them are fine because there are all kinds of wooded. That’s what I want. But I insisted on taking him out to the home sites and walking them with them. New Homes Sales Training. We actually parked our car and walked from one home site to another. And the amazing thing that happened is during walking down those home sites the customer actually had an experience where they got to this one home site it was like the sixth one we looked at and stopped and got teared up in their eyes. And the reason he got teared up in his eyes is he saw this big three trunk tree that was just like the one in his backyard where he grew up. And so what was really cool is he had had pictures of him and his siblings taken standing in the middle of this big three trunk tree at their house when he was a kid. They took a picture there every year all the way through school. And so he thought oh my gosh I can do the same thing with my kids which his kids were really young. And it became this emotional connection. Looking at a map in a model home that’s a black and white and two dimensional is never going to create that kind of emotion for your buyer.
You’re talking about the three dimensions. You know it’s it’s it’s real that’s where the land becomes real it’s where they’re actually going and feeling it touching it smelling it. What tools should every new home sales manager in the country have or carry with them. What preparations should they make when they gonna to be out citing customers when they should be out looking at the land itself. New Homes Sales Training
Yeah that’s a great question. You know when you get out there on site there’s definitely some things you want to do. First of all if you decide that you’re only going to take people out on sunny days when it’s 72 degrees then I hope you live in San Diego and that’s where you’re selling homes because in the real world you’re going to have whether you’re going to have crazy stuff happen or you’re going to have rain and all kinds of stuff. So what I would suggest is that you have all of the equipment for getting out in different kinds of weather. You should have at least two umbrellas in your vehicle one for you and one for the client and I prefer the jumbo sized umbrella something that actually keeps you dry so that you don’t start getting uncomfortable. Not one of these That’s like the size of a plate you know 10 inches wide because as soon as the customer starts getting wet they’re going to be uncomfortable and they’re going to want to leave and you want to get them out on site for some period of time and then you want to have boots and you want to have warm clothing. You want to even probably have some extra gloves in your car because that cold weather you know you want to be able to take them out on cold days also. Unless you’re one of those sales people who’s like a lot of the realtors I’ve met in this world and that is you’re only going to do business during certain months of the spring and then you’re going to close down shop the rest of the year.
So you want to be prepared for the weather. And then the other thing is I think it’s really good to take a 100 foot tape measure with you because if you think about it most people can’t really visualize on just a big blank piece of land whereas the corner of the property where does it start where does it end. Where is the home going to sit. And so if you have a 100 foot tape measure which is cheap Go Go to any local big box store and you can buy one every you know an Ace Hardware or something like that. You take that out on site with you and you can measure off exactly where the dimensions of the home site are and where the home is. This gives you a huge advantage because you can actually look at the land as if the home was already built on it. And if you want to you could get some some of the little orange cones or maybe some orange steaks and you can actually stake off the land for them to give them a rough idea of where everything’s going to be. And then the last thing would be some kind of a tablet where you can pull up the floor plans and maybe the plat of the community to give them visuals while you’re out on site. New Homes Sales Training
I mean those would be some good things to have with you incur sales if you’re a car sales person talking about how many times they say you’re representing a product that’s not that great it’s not the greatest car in the industry talking about how often that vehicle can break down or its negatives is obviously way to just shoot that sale right out of the sky. It is you’re talking about foreign cars I mean as an American I guess that. Exactly. So is there any surefire way is there any big mistake that you could make when you’re citing Klein out there anything that you could do to just blow up the sale.
Yeah. In fact there’s probably a lot more than one way. New Homes Sales Training. But I can tell you a surefire way to just blow the whole thing up and that is to get the customer to absolutely fall in love with the one of a kind home site and then find out it’s already sold. Or the plan that they want with the correct number of garage bays that they want is not going to fit on the home site. New Homes Sales Training.  I mean that’s the surefire way to lose your deal. Because here’s the thing. Once they make that emotional connection and you’ve taken them out there and presented this as something that’s a viable option for them they are done looking. They have already started moving their furniture in their mind. If you have to reverse course and tell them it doesn’t fit. You probably will lose the deal. I can almost guarantee it probably. Ninety eight percent chance that you have just lost the deal. So here’s the thing. Before you take anybody out on site you need to be an expert on your land. Here’s the thing. We actually this is going to sound weird. We actually don’t sell homes we sell land we are sellers of land. You need to know your land better than anything else. You’ve got to get that in your head as a new home sales person. I mean it’s kind of like McDonald’s. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this before but you know they say that McDonald’s is not actually a company that is a hamburger company.
And if you think about it I mean do you know anybody that can make a better hamburger than McDonald’s. I mean besides my wife I would say everybody on earth can so. But that’s not what they are. People think of them as a restaurant. But that’s not actually what they are. They’re a company that has all of the most expensive real estate in the world. They own all of the major intersection corners. They are a real estate company not a not a restaurant. And so for us it’s like you think we’re a homebuilding company and that’s the product we sell. It really isn’t the person who is a sales person that knows their land better than they know anything else. That is the person who is going to be the best salesperson. New Homes Sales Training
Excellent. Well Aaron thank you for joining us today. I’m David Dumont. We’ve been speaking with Aaron anti-SBT the founder of the builders training academy. Thanks for listening and be sure to apply everything you heard here today for better business tomorrow.

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