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new housing additions broken arrow | Best in town

new housing additions broken arrow When building with shaw homes and building a custom homes, broken arrow home, we think it’s important that shot to have respected, preferred lenders that we work with these lenders are ones that we have personally vetted. We know that they are familiar with our process and what it take to go through our process what’s necessary and what we like to what we like our clients to be able to discuss with the lender. We want our clients to be fully prepared, whether they’re taking out of construction loan or doing a va loan or an fha loan. We want them to be educated and have a lender that they can speak with us and be able to access easily and works on the weekends as well as working at night, because sometimes our customers will have questions, and then we like for all of our lenders, to be able to reach out to our customers and really be familiar with our process and really what’s needed. And, what’s expected, we do use three different lenders here:at shaw homes for custom, homes, broken arrow we use ethan wacker at bank of oklahoma is one of our best for hard lenders, and we really appreciate the work that ethan wagner. Does we also use lexi games with spirit bank, and we also use juan rodriguez with first oklahoma bank and first oklahoma mortgage like i, said these. These preferred lenders really do an excellent job for us they go above and beyond for our customers and that’s what we appreciate and that’s why there are preferred lenders with first oklahoma bank of oklahoma offer $1,500 off of the final closing costs on the home. We feel like this is an awesome incentive for our customers to be able to use, and we think that you know it’s really accepts exceptional-that all three of our lenders offer this for all custom homes, broken arrow. We also see a really great need and having these preferred lenders, because it’s so easy for our customers once they walk in the door in order for them to get ahold of the lender, they’re not having to go visit. A bank they’re not having to make an appointment and sit down it’s something that they can easily do over the phone once they get ahold of that lender. All they do is a simple application process that usually takes about 15 minutes and then within 24 hours. They will have that pre-approval letter, so they can move forward, and at that point the lender really just goes over with them basic steps that they may want to take. You know if they’re trying to improve their credit or if they need some advice on whether or not there are items that I need to pay off or if you know sometimes that’s. The case is even that it helps to not have items that you do have that revolving credit. That can really be a tricky thing. new housing additions broken arrow So it’s really really helpful for people to be able to access those lenders and to get all of that and advice, and it’s all that’s all going to be risk-free on your not having to pay any price to get those numbers. If you want to get that pre-approval letter, that’s not going to cost you anything. So that’s another thing:that’s really great are preferred. Lenders are also going to match any costs as well. So if you were getting some kind of specialty through your bank can for your credit union, and you think that it’s just the best deal and there’s no way they could match it that every time so that’s another reason why we go with him and when you use one of our preferred lender if you’ll get 100% of our incentive. So, for example, this month our incentive is $15,000 off the cost of upgrades in the home or you can choose to take $10,000 off face price of the helmet self such a great deal here. We’re trying to get you the best way to build your custom homes and custom homes broken arrow I’m, with all of the amenities that you can imagine dollars in free upgrades, and you will always receive 100% of that incentive when you use one of our preferred lenders, oklahoma mortgage. Another thing:that’s really important for the shaw homes process is our in-house design studio. So we are very, very proud of her designs to do here at shaw homes. This is where we tell you that you make your new shaw home. Only perfect, for you are experienced home design experts help you understand the selection cereals available for your new home, really help. You discover the actions in a pallet that truly reflects your personality and taste. We’ve really done the hard work of finding all the rights elections and putting them in one place with expert advice that hand so now I’m. The only thing that you need to do is choose design we’re really proud of our home studio, because our in-house designers do such a fabulous job. We would all of the awards every year at the parade of homes, and everyone tells us that we always have beautifully decorated, model homes. Everyone can’t be wrong really making these walls home and it’s easy to see a lot of land. You know it’s sometimes hard to get an idea when they, when they aren’t decorated, it’s hard to get a feel for a living in his face when it doesn’t have a couch or bed, and they really just make it extra special by adding those little things that you would have in your home makes me easy, makes it easy to imagine what life would be like. They’re also gives you a great perspective for what you can have in your new home, because these ladies really do an excellent job, helping you with the selection process and how things together that are going to look right and I can tell you what’s trending the traditional lofts in the modern love to splurge a little bit more reserved these. new housing additions broken arrow

new housing additions broken arrow Ladies just do such an amazing job and we’re just so happy that we have zits, fast and house design studio. We feel like that really sets us apart here at shaw. We know that our customers has really become accustomed to hear on for custom homes broken arrow, like I said, quality is really are our top priority. When you build the shaw homes, your own personal builder will meet with you to explain our billing procedures and provide you with a construction schedule at the schedule. Meetings or, if you have any concerns meet with you to review all the progress and answer any questions that you might have. We always say. We, don’t want our clients to get out of the way, like other filters to the shock homes. Quality assurance plan involves you every step of the way, because it’s shaw homes we have one single goal, is your complete satisfaction from including important hidden extras, dupont tyvek house wrap and engineered floor. Trusses experience, support staff of shaw homes capably oversee the construction of each and every new home and keep you involved in the process every step of the way. We think that it’s so important that we show you what kind of how how we feel that every time you can count on our warranty really sets us, apart from everyone else, obviously really ensures that you’re going to have a quality, custom homes, broken, arrow, home shell homes has the best home builders warranty in the greater tulsa area. With our 10-year structural warranty, our 2-year mechanicals warranty limited warranty that covers your entire home. What’s an insta, an in-house warranty department, we can ensure that you will have an answer to every question every step of the way new housing additions broken arrow

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