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new housing additions broken arrow | Custom Builds

new housing additions broken arrow Stop 4 estructura options and pricing now that your home site is reserved, we will meet back at your favorite model home and review the smart flex features that are available to you for that plan and create a price quote for you. These options can also be found on the interactive floor plan section of the website. This is all done in an effort to get you the information you need about pricing, so you can make an informed decision with custom homes, broken arrow. We find that this is very important in the decision in building your own home desktop is also called the price out on the price. That is when you go over all of the selections inside of your home and discuss what options are important to you when building. new housing additions broken arrow We know that a lot of those he says come together and it’s important for our class. Our customers with custom homes, broken arrow, to make a decision once they’re doing their price out. The price out is the time when you really go through what all is included in the home. What comes standard and that face price of the home, your new home specialist, at that time, we’ll discuss with you all of the options that are going to be additional at that time. new housing additions broken arrow They will also discuss with you what is included in that incentive when you use one of our preferred lenders as well. Next to you and move on to the purchase agreement anytime during the home site, reservation. You can move forward with purchase agreement at the time of purchase. We will apply the funds from your home site reservation and an additional deposit towards your purchase at the time of purchase agreement. new housing additions broken arrow All decisions for the structure of the home need to be final, such as number of garages, one story or two story account and anything affecting the footprint for the blueprint of the house. new housing additions broken arrow Other decisions pertaining to colors and finishes can wait to be finalized once in the design studio. At the time of the purchase agreement, like I said, the funds from your home site reservation will go towards the deposit and purchase price of the home if the purchase price of the home is between 200000 and 250000. The earnest money deposit will be $5,000 if the purchase price of the home is between 250000 to 300000. The earnest money deposit is $10,000 if the purchase price of the home is between 300000 and $350,000, the earnest money deposit is $15,000. Anything with a base price of over $350,000 will be 5% of the purchase price of the home. All of that money is due when signing the purchase agreement. Any additional down payment that you would like to make tour can be done at the time of closing once the title is signed over when you receive your keys and once that mortgage payment is signed over septic system, design studio at shaw homes, you will have your own personal design consultant to help walk you through the process of picking out the colors and finishes in your home. You will be in very good hands, as our design staff has been intimately involved in the selection of the colors. You see in our award-winning model homes design studio in the tulsa area, filled with everything you will need to be your one-stop shop for visualizing and selecting your color palette, all-in-one location without the hassle of driving over 20 different warehouses, all over town. When you are finished, choosing your colors, we will finalize the selections with your signature, is approval and then launched into the building phase of your home that will be for all custom homes. Broken arrow in the seven step, is our plan review now that all selection decisions are final. It’s time for the plan review where you will meet your construction manager, who will work directly with you there complaining if your home, the plan review, is our chest system of checks and balances to make sure that the person responsible for building a home has had all the details of your home correctly relayed to him to ensure a smooth building. new housing additions broken arrow He will go over all the full size blueprints specifications and finishes with you, as well as site plan and home placement. At this meeting, when this meeting is completed, it’s time to schedule a excavation and get started now, step 8 the building process. During the building process that the home, we will have two scheduled meetings with you. The first is called the pre drywall meeting. It is at the point in construction and where we are ready to drywall, but all of the cats at the home or still exposed for you to go over with your construction manager. This is a good time to review everything in the home, because it’s easier to make an adjustment to something before drywall. Then it is after drywall. The second meeting reschedule with you is called the homeowner orientation meeting. This is where you get a room by room walkthrough of your home with your construction manager, or he will help you to understand how everything in your new home works. You will learn how to ignite pilot light use all of the appliances in mechanical as well as do a quality assurance, walkthrough step. Time closing. We will notify you if your closing date, new housing additions broken arrow approximately 30 days prior to your closing by emailing you a closing letter with helpful information and instructions. This letter will have contact information for the different utility companies. You will need to contact in order to get service turned on in your name. You will have your closing at the title company office and all the paperwork from shaw homes will already be there. When you arrive at your closing and agent of the title company will walk you through the paperwork and give you the keys when all the signatures are completed. new housing additions broken arrow

new housing additions broken arrow That will be for all custom homes, broken arrow, step 10, the warranty. Once your closing has occurred, you will break in your warranty.. And have direct access via phone or email to our warranty department in your home owners manual, their emergency phone numbers. If you need answers or help during non-business hours, if you don’t contact us for any needs, then you will be contacted by our warden warranty coordinator at 60 days and again at 11. After closing, to see if you have any needs, intense apps are so important because they really help our customers get an idea of what is to expect next and now it’s important to go over at the 10-step construction process with, provided this simple, step-by-step guide to help. You know what to expect when you work with shaw. We want you to be informed and educated about the process so that you can make the best decisions for your family’s needs. If you should ever have any questions or don’t understand, any of the steps will be there to help you through it all with custom homes, broken arrow, step, 1, preliminary matters after the purchase agreement is signed, but before we begin moving dirt, many things are beginning to happen. We will create a stop playing if you’re a lot showing the location of the home on the property. The building plans will be submitted to the developer or architectural committee for their approval. Other plans will be submitted to the appropriate, city or county permit office, with our application for a building permit. The banks will require building plans and specifications for a property appraisal prior to closing for a construction loan. Also, at this time, we will order windows, doors and brick due to the nature of government bureaucracy. It is not unusual for these processes to take 3 to 4 weeks step to the design studio within 3 days after the execution of your purchase agreement, you should schedule an appointment with our design consultant to finalize the selections for your new home. This appointment should take place within 2 weeks from the signing of the purchase agreement. A timely selection process allows us to prepare the necessary purchase orders to start the building process as fast as possible. Please refer to your design studio addendum for complete details. Once all selections have been made, we will schedule a plan review with your construction manager to review all the details. These steps are so important for custom homes, broken arrow and for all of our for all of our customers, so that we can help guide them on the process to building their new home new housing additions broken arrow

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