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Oklahoma City new home construction | A beautifully decorated home

Oklahoma City new home construction | Beautiful Options.

Here we are with another segment here at shaw homes. This is Jordan more and seven oaks south joining you at Stonebrook v. and so we’ve, uh, had the pleasure of talking to you guys a little bit, uh, about the importance of the model of homes who were and, and, uh, you know, why, why would you want to start there? And I know a talked about it. People have a tendency to be a little reluctant at first because of course, you know, make, buying a home, especially Oklahoma City new home construction can be a bit of a daunting task. I think most people think it is. And because we’ve done this so many times, we’ve really simplified it. And so we just want to let people know, hey, it’s not that daunting and we know exactly how to get you the best home for you and money and we want to put every tool that we can in your hand to help you make the correct decision, the best choice.

And we find that in order to make the best decision, you have to have all the information. And so that model home tour is where you start. And I’m telling you by the time people get there and they started going through it and by the end of it they are ready to do it again. And they love it. In fact, what we’ve actually heard most of our customers say that even if they end up building with someone else or buying a used home, they actually find it to be the single most helpful thing that they did during their home shopping experience. And like I said, the reason why is because we focused on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan. And so, uh, aside from that, we’re really focusing on Oklahoma City new home construction and really what that means for us. That means what we’re expanding outside of Tulsa.

We are going to the Oklahoma City area. So we’re, we’re actually the largest builder in Tulsa. We’re the largest builder in eastern Oklahoma and we’re heading over to mount the largest city in Oklahoma. And, uh, you know, of course we’re bringing our process with us that easy, um, pretend step way to owning a shaw and are beautifully decorated model homes as well. And so, uh, Oklahoma City, we’re about to have the experience that Tulsa has had a over and over again here and we get to bring that over there to you as well. So we’re excited about that. And so we talked about the model home, who or financing and for Oklahoma City new home construction, the next thing we always talk about is the home site reservation. This one became a little, this one hit a little bit more close to home yesterday. I drove all the way out to Enola to the Ruby states community and it was rainy and cold as all good up yesterday.

And we drove out there and I was able to hop in the backseat of their truck and we drove around that community and I’m telling you, they wanted to build there already, but by the end of it going around and becomes a lot more real to them to select that homicide. This is, this is one of the most important things. Oklahoma City new home construction I’ve, I’d probably venture to say that it’s the greatest craiger for urgency. And it really is because there’s only a limited number, Oklahoma City new home construction of home sites that you can build a home on a, yeah, we have over 500 different, 28 different communities, but that doesn’t mean that every home site will work for the home that you selected. And that is also doesn’t mean that that’s where you want it to be even in the community or even facing the right direction. So once we find that out, a few of those things and ask you some questions, we’ll narrow them down.

And that home site, I have 11 other colleagues that I work with that are all working with about 10 to 15 different people at any given time that could be looking at the same piece of land that you are. And could we be thinking about putting a reservation on it so that homesite reservation allows you to take it off the market. Oklahoma City new home construction, we work on a live system here and I can go on there and actually reserve the home site for you for only a thousand dollars. The awesome part about that is if is fully refundable for a week. And Oklahoma City new home construction, we actually never cashed the check, we just hold on to it. And if you do, this kind of slows things down so that way you’re not making rush to decisions. Like I said earlier, the best way to make a good decision is to have all the information and we want to make sure that we give you all the information we don’t want to pressure you or make you feel like you’re getting a, you know, having a rest his decision when it’s the home that’s one of the biggest investments that you’ll have in your life and for most people.

And so we want to make sure that you have all the information. So there’s where we kind of slow things down and you’ve got a week to be able to do that. You can actually even swap home sites, get to kind of take your time, get all your questions answered. And it blocks other people from taking it. We can build your favorite plan a thousand times over because of resources. And if you know, we, we’ve, we have built that plan, hopefully the thousands, thousands by now. However, we cannot produce more aware once the land is taken. That’s it. And Oklahoma City new home construction, so once you find that place that you want to build, we want to make sure that, um, we reserve that for you and this sounds and dollars actually goes towards the earnest money of your home, which ultimately goes towards your down payment. This doesn’t go towards my vacation fund that goes, it’s your money and it goes towards your home.

Um, and so for Oklahoma City new home construction, the next thing that we talk about is the price out. This is, I’m actually ended a price that last night and doing another one tonight. And the fun part about this ones, we build your home on paper where you get to show you exactly what it will cost down to a dollar to build your home. And it’s a total price out on the spot, tons of options to pick from you. You’ll meet over at the model and it’s usually takes 45 minutes or longer. It’s an itemized pricing, no surprises. You get all your questions answered. So I know a lot of people are asking me how much is this home right where it’s at, here’s where we get to tell you, because every home is a different price and we could build the same exact tone, every single option and upgrade and pink color selection on the home site next to it, and it would be a different price.

Oklahoma City new home construction so what we can do is usually get people ballpark of Kate, this community starts at this and usually goes up to about here, um, and give you a ballpark so that way we know what you’re working with and we all, we always know that broken arrows more affordable to build in that big xp and jinx. And Oklahoma City new home construction, the further out east you are, usually the more affordable it is. Uh, the, the more prime locations are usually costs more. The thing is, is we don’t even know the price of the land because Mr. Shadows and tell us what the price is. We just know that it’s wrapped into the base price of the home. And then the only other variable there is, depending on your home site is select. If it’s a longer green belt, there’s usually a premium, if it’s in certain other areas that might not fit all the plans, there’s just, there’s a credit that are and so we provide those for each of those and that price is where we get to give you that exact number.

So for Oklahoma City new home construction, it’ll work the same exact way. We want to make sure that you have the information again to make that, make that decision. We don’t want you to be surprised. It’s a what it comes down to the actual. One of the biggest surprises for people is that when they go through and put everything within one the home, they find that it’s actually pretty close to their budget already. And so we said go ahead and put everything you want in there because we can always take it out later, but then you can put it in and know what that price is and sometimes that’s just a difference of who knows, maybe just $60 in your mortgage payment and most people can make that adjustment in their budget to get what they want in their home. You know? And so those are the things that we’d like to point out and during the price out, um, the important thing to know is what that number is, so that way you know what that earnest money will be and what it looks like to move forward and that price.

So when you get to closing that down, payment is as well if you are getting a mortgage. So for Oklahoma City new home construction, uh, our next step and the, and the processes, the agreement was I’ll cover in the next segment. And for now I just really want to talk about just the importance of the paths. At this point we actually cover usually step one to five with someone that first comes in the model home, just to let them know like what that first half of that process is like. I’m sending that proper expectation for them to know this is, this is kind of what we do to find those things out. I know you were asking about numbers. This is where we give you the numbers and I’ll give you every single number you’ll ever want. This is where we find out which community that you want to build in.

This is where I find out what plans, where we find out how much it is to add those wood beams or the hardwood floors in instead of the carpet. So this is kind of where we start to, uh, find those things out and set that expectation. Again, they don’t want to come in and just ask for what the price is. We’ll be glad to tell you what it is if this homeless for sale and it’s not, the models aren’t for sale until we close that on the community. However, there is a further down in our process and a few steps down will actually give you every number you want. But we need to know a few things before I can do that. Um, we do things different than other builders where they would set up a model home and sell it. We do not, we literally use it as a model so you can see all the different options. So for Oklahoma City new home construction, I will continue onto the path on the next segment. Jordan Moore 4 11-9-18

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