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Oklahoma City new home construction | A Couple Of Months

Oklahoma City new home construction | A Couple Of Months

This is Jordan more joining you in sevenoaks south regarding shaw home was. That’s right. We are expanding our family to Edmond, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Edmond, new homes. We are moving out that way. So we’re going over your path to your new shaw home and we’re about halfway through it and we’re going to talk to you about the second half, which will be a lot shorter than the first at first half. Really is the important thing that people needed to know in order to start moving forward and, and to get all their questions answered. But then as we progressed in the path, of course we start to cover more and more of the path. And so after the purchase, during the purchase agreement, a few other things is your, Oklahoma City new home construction, your additional deposit would be due now for Admin, new homes. Uh, you also need a mortgage approval letter that would be due at this time. And this is where we want to talk about contingent or delay of built. Now they both work very similar in the sense that the contingent, uh, we will, um,

basically put everything on pause for up to 120 days or four months. And the purpose of this is like maybe you have a home to sell and if your home is for sale and you put it up on the market and it sells in five days, you’ll probably need about 30 days before you can close on it. Oklahoma City new home construction then, so you’re about a month out and at that point then you only used, you know, basically what 65 days a of those 120 and we can then move forward and press play again from that pause. And so it’s important for people that have a home to sell that we have that option might be contingent on some other things, but it’s usually just on the sell of their home. The delay of the bill delay builds pretty much the same exact way. It just would not be contingent. It would just be able to, uh, differ, uh, when the build what start. And we can do that up to four months as well, and this usually works for people that might,


you know, they may have an apartment and they just signed a lease for another couple months. It’s important that, you know, they line up, we can get as close as we can because it’s going to be six to seven months for us to be able to build anyway. And so if we can, uh, you know, maybe you just signed a nine month lease to the apartment, we can kind of line up when that, um, when you’d be able to finish up and move into that home. And so, uh, those, the two things that we always want to find out, and then we’d say, just congratulations at that point and you were able to start moving forward and you are a have started your shaw home. And the next step after that is the design studio a for Oklahoma City new home construction new homes. This is going to be an exciting thing that not a lot of builders do.

We actually have the largest design studio in Tulsa and you’re working with award winning designers. I’m telling you, these ladies are awesome. You can tell by walking through these homes that you get a pretty good idea of it for Admin, new homes, it’s going to be the same way. And these, Oklahoma City new home construction, you know, for example, at the parade of homes over the last couple of years and no builder has won more than two awards except for us and we’ve won 17 last year. It gives you a pretty good idea about how awesome they are and how great of a company that this is. And so the way that the design studio works is we go through m, three easy meetings. The first one is the interior meeting and we go, uh, they go over all your interior selections that you went through and you get to pick the colors and kind of pairing and matching them.

And I know this can be sometimes a really daunting part for people, but because you’re working with a professional to professional designers, they can really chunk down the decisions for you. When you make a certain color selection for your wall. There’s only so many that you can make for your trip. When you make a certain color selection for your cabinets, you can only do so many other ones for your islands, you know what I mean, so, or whatever that might be. So, Oklahoma City new home construction, they’ll be able to help you kind of narrow those things down. Each of these meetings are a week apart. The idea behind this is really just to kind of allow you, allow you to have about a month in the design studio so that way we can get work done in the background for you, but also at the same time you’re pacing yourself and the decisions that you need and, uh, to have in your home.

And so between the interior and exterior meeting, which like I said, is a week apart between those two, they’re going to end up giving you homework so you can go around and start looking at different colors of bricks on homes because that’s entirely different than looking at a photo. They’re going to let you go around and look at certain colors and selections that you want to be able to make. So that way when you get to that exterior meeting, Oklahoma City new home construction, it’ll be a lot easier for, for you to narrow down and for Admin, a new homes to reemphasize to you that there are no structural changes at any point. And so that was already agreed on the purchase agreement, but it’s just to let you know that I can’t do it anymore. I’m, like I said, you were working with award winning design as it the largest studio.

Tons of options offered. It’s a simple process and as a quick note, there are no children allowed in the design studio. Moving on to the next step is the plan review and this is basically the best way I can put this one is it’s our checks and balances. You’ve made a lot of selections between price out the design studio and our plan review. We basically review your selections. We discussed the timeline, we were going to discuss a lot of things because we’re trying to set a, Oklahoma City new home construction make sure that everything was communicated properly in between the salesperson to the design studio and now to the design studio to the builder. So it’s just really important that we’re making sure that we’re communicating everything and then we’re discussing to you exactly what’s about to happen and then we’re going to do it. And so we’ll discuss weekly updates and discuss the homeowners orientation.

You’re actually going to end up meeting at the main office and you’ll get to meet the builder or the construction manager that’s building your home. And he’s going to review your blueprints and review your site plan and discuss the greater the land and then you head into step eight for a admin new homes. And that is building. That’s exciting. So right off the bat, you’re actually going to have a couple meetings at your home. We’re going to have to create drywall meeting that they’ll set up with you so you can kind of walk through your home and get an idea of the guts of your home. Oklahoma City new home construction that’s all the, uh, all the electrical that’s running through it and all the pipes for the plumbing where your rooms are going to be, where the toilet’s gonna be, you know, uh, all those important things. And then you’re also going to have the homeowners and orientation done right before closing to make sure that everything is exactly the way that used to be before you move in.

Um, other than that, we want you to know that this is your home is an open factory. Of course, be careful because you are on a construction site, uh, and uh, but we want you to know this. It’s an open factories at open door. You can go in there and check it out and you can see what they’re doing every single day. We encourage it. We don’t want you to ask questions. We welcomed them and, uh, that homeowner homeowner’s orientation, they’re going to basically go through everything, make sure that everything’s up to par, up to quality. Oklahoma City new home construction it also just show you a few other smaller things like lighting a pilot light and you know how to do that. The next step is to owning an Edmund, a new home that’s shaw homes and Edmond, Oklahoma. And that’s closing. Yep. For closing, you get to meet down at the title company.

Your down payment is fulfilled, pay any closing costs. The mortgage would be assigned for at this point if you have a mortgage and the title would be transferred and this is when we give you the keys and it’s time to move in and we had into one of the most exciting parts and that is the warranty. We actually have Tulsa’s best warranty that the 10 year structural warranty, two year mechanical and a one year limited warranty. We have a 24 hour emergency line and a full time coordinator, a warranty coordinator on staff. We don’t outsource this outside of the country and this is actually a human being in our building that will be calling you and we give you a 60 day follow up phone call and an 11th month followup phone call, but you can of course call us at anytime if you have any questions. Our goal and everything is to provide excellent service and so with that being said, for Oklahoma City new home construction and bringing you all these exciting features that we have going through the path, going through some of these plans, going through our guest registration card, we’ve given you a lot of information this week. I think you’ve learned a lot and I learned a lot with you every single week. So for Edmond new homes, Shaw homes and Oklahoma City show homes and Tulsa. This is Jordan more and we will catch you again next week. Jordan Moore 6 10-26-18

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