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Oklahoma City new home construction | Additional Upgrades

Oklahoma City new home construction | Additional Upgrades

Thank you for joining me for another segment with Shaw homes on Jordan more at the village, at southern trails. Our latest addition to what our focus is is Oklahoma City new home construction. It’s right. Shawn Holmes is actually expanding into Oklahoma City. It’s exciting news. We’ll have several communities there. Uh, most of our floor plans will be able to be built there and fans will have probably a few surprises, uh, going along with it as well. So that’s the exciting news. Uh, I know in our last segment I was able to talk to you guys a little bit about the path and then some people really are curious about how much the model home is and it’s so severely disappointing to let them know that we actually aren’t selling our model home. There are some that are for sale and usually after a community’s closing out, then we’ll actually sell our model home.

I know some builders actually just put someone in the home and then try to sell the home and that’s how they do it. We don’t, we just want them. So you can come in and look at the function and then when we close out the community, that’s when we sell it. So, Oklahoma City new home construction, we always tell people he had this problem is actually not for sale. I’m Oklahoma City new home construction will be very similar experiences to the fact that we’ll have model homes there and as we get close to closing athletic community, we will be glad to sell those people, sell the people that were really wanting that home, uh, at that time. But other than that, we can build it the exact same way exactly where you want it. If that’s what you would like to do. The reason why we can’t give you an exact price on that one is not because we’re being cryptic or we’re trying to avoid it, it’s because there are literally so many variables that go into the price of the home.

And once we kind of go through the path, I think people start to realize that, oh, wow, it doesn’t matter how many know which floor plan that I pick and which variation of the floor plan that I’ve picked, whether it’s a one or a two story. And, uh, I know people realize that it really depends on even which community, you know, here in Tulsa, you know, if you build an genx or big speed, it’s going to be more expensive than building in broken arrow. So, um, not only that, it also depends on the community that you’re in. Oklahoma City new home construction then even which a comm site that you pick, because you know, we take an average of what the homes, uh, uh, each survey of the land. But then we also have a premium and a credit depending on where that home site is located. So if you’re a towards the entrance of the community are backing up to another one, you’ll probably most likely get some form of a credit, uh, or if you’re backing up to, um, you know, uh, uh, preserve where there are trees and a pond and those things.

Those are the sites that everyone wants, so there’s a premium that’s added onto and so once we can figure out which plan, uh, that you want to build on the exact, uh, at least or at least pretty close to the home site that you want to build it on, we do something called the price that, where we can itemize that for you. Um, if you’re building an Edmund new home that price out is exactly the same and we actually just take you through and show you exactly what it would cost to build that home on that piece of land. Oklahoma City new home construction then that’s including all the additional upgrades that you want when we want people to kind of go crazy here. So that way they can see, I know with one of my customers, they went through and added everything that they want to just about everything that they wanted and it was almost right onto their budget.

I think it’s surprises them that how much of those things that they can afford, especially with the incentive that we do offer with that. Oklahoma City new home construction, so with that being said, once we get to that price out, we can give you an exact number of what those, what you, one of those things, that’s why we can’t just give people a straight number because it wouldn’t be, that’s not really the right question to ask because the home itself isn’t for sale and it wouldn’t just, it wouldn’t be an accurate number for where they want to build it because the home that I’m sitting in now, if I was to price it out with every single option might be more than what they would want in the sense of all the options. If you, um, you know, I don’t have a dog and we put doggy doors on that included, doesn’t make any sense for us to include that in the base price of the home for you.

We let you pick the selections that you’d want to and foul. Oklahoma City new home construction in fact, what this incentive we give you 15 grand to play with. Uh, so, um, I’ll be excited to announce the incentives for Edmond new homes as well. And when shaw homes builds over there, the next step after that is the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is where you’ll watch a, an informative video, and this is where we really kind of gets slow things down and answer some things about the price out, make any adjustments that you want to there. It’s about an hour meeting and this is where we let you know that structural options are final and your home site selection is final, but your colors and your finishes or not. So if you decide to go with the Redford three and you want to build that in Somerset on this day, those become final.

But if you decide that you don’t want to do hardwood floors and you just want to do tile instead, you are allowed to change those all the way into the design studio. So as long as it’s not structural, as long as it isn’t on changing the land that we’re building it on, you can make those adjustments. That agreement is where the additional deposit is due. If your home is less than $250,000, five grand will be due on the purchase agreement. If it’s between 250 and 300, then it will be sanding grand. If it’s from 300 to three slash 50, it’s 50 15 brand. Oklahoma City new home construction if it’s from a three slash 50 up, it’s roughly five percent of the home, but will actually give you that number. Um, and we can also work with installments because it takes six to eight months to build the home anyway.

Oklahoma City new home construction we can do those in phases. So in Edmond new homes, when it comes to the purchase agreement, this is also when the mortgage approval letter would be due and we also need to find out a, if this becomes a contingent contract or if it’s a delay of build, if it’s contingent. And then on the sell of your home, we give you 120 days to sell your home. Uh, we will sign it as contingent and revisit it. If it’s a delay of billable, give you $100 up to 120 days. And we can actually move forward in the process with the contingent. We basically stop here and as soon as you close on your home, we resume in the process and go right into design studio. If you’re doing a delay build after this, we would schedule your design studio and hop in and make all your selections. Oklahoma City new home construction of course we wouldn’t build until it lined up with the delay of the build. Um, and then congratulations because now you are on your way to having your home built. I’m Oklahoma City new home construction. Next step is the design studio. The design studio is fun for most people because this is when you’re making all your selections are color selections. You’re

your finishes and your flooring and your cabinets in the design studio. It’s three easy meetings. So you have, we have one exterior meeting to a second. One is the, Oklahoma City new home construction, sorry, one interior meeting. The second one is the exterior exterior meeting and the third one is the final signatures. These are all a week apart because you will need some time to kind of just marinate on the selections that you made. We’re not trying to rush you into this gives you time to kind of think about it and plus the design studio ladies will give you a little bit of homework to look at some homes. That way you can get a feel for what those colors will look like in an actual home rather than on a paint swatch. I’m once again, we want to emphasize that there are no structural changes now and Tulsa. We have a award and award winning. We have award winning designers and I believe in Oklahoma City new home construction. We will also have award winning designers.

The largest design studio and tons options offered. It’s a simple process. We do want to emphasize though that there are no children allowed during these meetings. There’s a lot of decisions that are needing to be made, so we want to make sure that we’re focusing in on those because they can already take awhile and each of those ladies were working with about 30 different people at the same time and we want to make sure that we can get you guys in there and make those proper selections. So in Oklahoma City new home construction, the next step would be the plan review. This is basically just our checks and balances just to make sure that we’ve got everything right and what you wanted a, we review your selections, we discussed the timeline, we just talk about everything we’re about to do and that’s what the updates that are pretty dry wall meeting that we discussed, the homeowners orientation and we actually meet at the main office and this is where you get to meet the construction manager who is building your home. We review your blueprints and your site plan and discuss the greatest land. So that’s the exciting part of your path to your, Oklahoma City new home construction, uh, that fell homes was expanding over to. And we will continue this in the next segment. Jordan Moore 4 10-5-18

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