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Oklahoma City new home construction | Building a Home

Oklahoma City new home construction | A House or Home

Thank you for joining us again for another podcast. This is Jordan, more the sales manager at the villages southern trails and if you’ve been listening to the last couple, we are excited to announce Oklahoma City new home construction. So that’s right. You heard it right. We’re not just building and Tulsa and broken Arrow, bixby, jenks or actually moving over to Oklahoma City as well. We’re expanding. And so I know everyone’s excited about that because we have the easiest process when it comes to building a home. We have thought of it all. We’ve done it a few thousand times and now we get to expand that over to Oklahoma City, making the home buying and home building process. So simple for Oklahoma City new home construction buyers. And so with that being said, we’re going to talk about a few move in ready homes that we have available here and Tulsa. And I know in the fear, uh, here in the near future we’ll be able to talk about homes that are moving ready there and some of the communities and opportunities that you’ll have to be able to build an Oklahoma City.

So what I wanted to talk about was Ashbrook Ashbrook is one of our unique communities because it’s very small, uh, it’s, it is very quaint, it doesn’t have a ton of amenities in the sense of, uh, of some other ones like Yorktown where it has, you know, a soccer field and a basketball court and a swimming pool, whatever that might be. The ashbrook communities, a little bit more quaint, but they have half a bigger home sites now. That’s exciting for people that want a lot of land. Maybe someone’s considering a pool, which pool can be built on just about any home site anyway, but this will give you a lot of space to be able to build that or entertain in the backyard if you like. Having a large backyard. Ashbrook gives you the opportunity and the ability to do that. Um, with that being said, we have a move in ready home, which is the Addison p, the Addison p is actually built in highland creek as a model home.

So you get to see that one furnished and you also get to see it, uh, as a movement ready, empty home, Oklahoma City new home construction, in Ashbrook. And so this home is 2000, a $282,400. It’s move in ready. It is a 2,430 square feet. Three bathrooms, two stores, three car garage. Now this one I’m in itself has some pretty unique selections and has several trees along the backyard there to cover up the phone line that’s back or the electrical line that’s back there. Um, the awesome part about that is the, the addison itself is our most efficient four to five bedroom plan that we have to offer. And the reason why I say that is because as a four to five bedroom plan for the amount of square footage is unheard of, uh, as a 2,430 square foot to have that much as that would be a game room and a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs for that amount of square feet.

And so we really like to utilize and become more efficient and our plans by creating them like the Addison p, so it seems and feels to be a, uh, a little more quaint, uh, as people would think would be quaint, but it’s actually not. It’s a very good size home for the amount of square feet that you get. And as an Oklahoma City new home construction, this might be the perfect home for you to build on your home site. Now this one is moving ready as I mentioned, uh, aside from being the most efficient four to five bedroom, this is actually a perfect a plan to be able to have a nursery. And, and the reason why is right off of the master bedroom, you come through the master bath and the master closet and pop out to the laundry room, right there is a bedroom that can be used as a nursery.

This one’s a little smaller than the two that are on the other side because the addison does have split a design living. And so with that being said, those that, Oklahoma City new home construction, have a, a child or that, you know, for our nursery, this one’s a perfect plan for that and it has split separation of bedrooms, so therefore it’s on the other side of the home where the other two bedrooms are on the other side of the home. So it doesn’t disturb them as much as the baby is crying. Um, we’ve heard the empty nesters will sometimes use those to go in and watch their shows of the end of the night, or if maybe one of them is snoring and keeping the other one up, they actually just go right down there and go lay down without disturbing the other person. And so the other one, the other thing that I would like to mention about the addison is that it is actually a gamer comfortably fits nine people.

Once again, that’s a huge feat for a four to five bedroom plan that’s only at 2,430 square feet. And this is comfortably, uh, you can see it as you go in the model where we haven’t set up with a sectional couch. And the chairs that we have up there, so if you’re wanting to entertain and the kids can be upstairs and you have the adults downstairs, it can be very well balanced inside of that plan. And so in Oklahoma City new home construction, uh, you, you are more than welcome to build an addison as a one story or two story. And like I said, it’s, I as a, as a one story and it is a 1,956 square feet plan. And as a two story, it is 2,430. And that’s including the game room. Uh, the other cool thing about Ashbrook is it’s just a smaller community.

It’s basically someone described him yesterday, it’s like a horseshoe. You can come in one, go through the backside of the community and come out the other one and we’ll eventually expand that into a phase three and build more homes sites out there. But that is just right off of 241st street by the, uh, by highway 51. So this one is, the road is actually an anita and not too far from Highland Creek, which is 255th street, which is Evans road. And now both of these at the Evans, Highland Creek is actually considered a where you can get an rd loan and only it doesn’t require anything down to build. Of course you build with us. We do require an earnest money which will go towards the base of your home or your closing costs. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction we do offer these floor plans that you can build over there as well. Um, a few other things that I wanted to talk to you about is the Prescott, the Prescott is the model home that is in Ashbrook. It’s actually the press got, um, eat and it is a two story plan and this one does start as a one story. And I would say that’s probably our largest one story. Um, I could be wrong on that one. But as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we do allow people to build the Prescott as a one or two story. Uh, this one starts

at A.


I don’t remember the amount of square feet. Uh,

so the press got and itself a few things that have been pointed out, at least as far as features go, is that it is, it has the largest amount of windows in the living space. So if you’re talking about square footage of windows, this one actually has some most and we intentionally built the patio off to the right side so that way you know, it wasn’t a wasn’t covered and over top of where you would be getting that natural light. And so you get a lot of natural light. I know, that’s one thing I hear a lot of people say when they come in or if you just watch hd TV for five minutes, people just want natural light and this is one of those plants that offers a lot of it. And so with that being said, this plan has that Oklahoma City new home construction, it also has the most storage area in the home as far as clauses than any other plan that we have.

And as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we want to be able to provide storage for our customers. And this is one way that the plan comes included as one story. You just take out that stairs and it is just a massive walk in closet when you go in there as a two story, we still utilize that space and the bedroom, the front bedroom over there and underneath the stairs there and some neat little crawl area that we utilize that space for people. And so that’s kind of what I wanted to talk about. Uh, the other thing is we have a late night laundry, quiet, quiet, uh, that way it’s over on the other side of the home. And last but not least about the Prescott is that it has a huge pantry. It’s not the largest one of all of our plans, but it definitely has a large one. So if you are interested in building a new home and Edmond as an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, we are now building over there in Oklahoma City. Do not hesitate to reach out to us on our website or give us a call and we’ll be glad to book you on a model home tour where you’ll get to see all of our plans and see the function behind them. Thank you for joining us and we will talk to you again soon. Jordan Moore 4 9-21-18

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