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Oklahoma City new home construction | Final Touches

Oklahoma City new home construction | Finishing The Job

Here we are with another segment with shaw homes featuring Edmond new homes in Oklahoma City and so we’ve been talking about how easy it is for you to own a Sha home and we’ve done this process a few thousand times here in Tulsa and we’re excited to bring it to Oklahoma City new home construction in Oklahoma City as well. And so this easy process to owning yourself and will be accessible to you as well. So you talked about step number one is our model home to her and the second step is financing. The third one is your home site reservation and fourth is your price out. That’s what we wrapped up talking about and our previous segment. And our next one we are actually going to talk about the step number five, which is the purchase agreement. And this is where it’s a, we are able to start putting things on paper and start moving forward, uh, on the construction of your home.

In order to do that, we have to have a purchase agreement and that step number five, and you’ll actually Washington informative video that is done by our sales manager. And the reason why we have a video is because he says the same thing every single time and there’s no question as to what was said and how it was said. And the reason why is we’re dealing with a purchase agreement of a very large investment. So we want to make sure that we give you the proper information. And so it comes from the mouth of our own sales manager of the company. And so he will go over that information. And Edmond new homes, you’ll still wash a present this one to you as well. And so this is roughly about an hour meeting, uh, and then this is where we want you to know that structural options and home site selection become final at this point.

So whatever floor plan that you ended up picking this day will become final and whatever homesite that you ended up picking, because on the home site reservation and you’re able to hop around a few times at during that week, but at the purchase agreement, whatever homesite that you end up picking becomes final. So the floor plan and the home site become final on this day. And the primary reason is because once we put this a purchase agreement through a, we released a, a handful of things that go through the main office, automatically start generating, Oklahoma City new home construction, permits and we start working with the city to get moving forward on the building in your home. Anything that would, uh, obviously we don’t allow the change, but changes like that would delay the build and becomes complicated and actually incurs a lot of fines and costs, which is why we don’t allow it anymore.

Oklahoma City new home construction uh, but I would like to emphasize to you that colors are not final and finishes are not final. So when you’re going into that price out and you’re really having a hard time whether or not you wanted to add things to the kitchen or if you wanted to add the mud bench to the utility room or you were having a hard time if you wanted to do stain or paint on the island, it’s not final at this point. You actually will be able to change that even a couple weeks into the design studio. And then it becomes final. So you have some time to be able to make those decisions because those aren’t structural. That’s the other thing I would mention is that even if you stuck with the plan that you liked, we cannot make any structural changes. That means any moving, any exterior walls or anything that would require us to move those walls or the foundation, uh, any sidewalls can be adjusted and the design studio at that point.

And that would be okay. So the purchase agreement itself, uh, in Oklahoma City new home construction will work just like it doesn’t Tulsa and we allow people to do a contingent contract if they need to. And this is usually based on a few things. And then primary one is whether or not our customer already has a home and making it contingent on the sell of their home. So if they’re home sells a, we can do a release of contingency and then that allows them to us to, you know, move forward on the construction of their home. Um, the contingency lasts for a 120 days or basically four months and usually is more than enough time for people to sell their home if need be. They can a sign, another purchase agreement, but at that point we will have to do the updated pricing and we’ll have to do the updated incentive.

We won’t be able to honor the ones that were at that time, Oklahoma City new home construction, before, but at that home site is still there and then want to continue to do that. They, they can. Um, so that’s where we find a contingent or if we needed to do a delay of bill, that’s another option that people have where we can delay the buildup to a hundred and 20 days as well as allows that person to try to time up a. That time when the home is complete, some people will know that they’re going to be moving here and a year, you know, it takes us six to eight months to build. You do a delay of bill the which is four months. You can actually start building a year in advance in your home will be almost ready. I’m on that project, the timeline for you, it says what we find those things out and we need to figure, figure that out.

If it’s contingent, you won’t be able to move on to the design studio until we have a release of contingency. If it is a delay of advil, which would require, you know, all the funds and everything. Uh, if it’s delayed build, we can actually go ahead and move over to the, of the design studio and make your selections. And then, Oklahoma City new home construction, basically we’ll just wait on the build of the home was based on that timeline that you would have ended up agreeing on. And so with Oklahoma City new home construction, we do present these offers, these same things as well during the purchase agreement. So after the purchase agreement we move right on to the design studio. And this I think is probably everyone’s favorite part is because this is where you get to make all your, all of your selections. And the greatest part about all of that is we have award winning designers.

We win at the parade of homes every single year because of the way that these ladies design our homes, they are amazing and they are incredible at it. And for that reason, uh, you get to work with them as well that will help you narrow down your decisions and what works best in your home. So yeah, there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of options to pick from, but they also, part is, is once you’ve selected one that kind of narrows down a handful, then once you select another one, those narrow it down even more and they will, they will be able to chunk down that information for you and Oklahoma City new home construction, that style and these designers will also be there as well to help feature our design studio. And we have tons of options offered to simple process. There are no children allowed in the design studio, but the main thing is that it’s three easy meetings, one interior, one exterior, and then your final selections.

So at that point, uh, the interior, a selection meeting roughly be about two hours. This is actually in your court on how long this takes, but it usually you’ll have that much to do. The reason why it’s interior first is because you’re able to make a lot of the selections in there and each of these appointments are about a week apart and between appointment one and two because the second one is your exterior. They’re actually going to give you some homework to go out and drive around and look at some of the exterior options. The thing is it is a little different when you see the brick out on an entire home and you see the sun on it and it’s also different when it’s wet or when it’s cloudy, so you get a better idea of what the brick looks like. So in Oklahoma City new home construction, it’ll be just like it is there.

They’ll send you on that homework so we can give you a better idea of what it looks like as a whole on the entire home so that a next meeting after the year exterior one is the final signatures. That’s when we actually start to finally finalize all those selections. That’s when those paint colors and finishes actually do finally a ended up becoming final. And so that’s the exciting part because the next thing is the plan review, um, this is actually more or less just a checks and balances for ourselves because now that you’ve went through and made all your selections, this is our best way to look at everything and make sure that we got it all right. And so it’s more for us than it is for you, but regardless, we like to explain to you and give you a heads up as to telling you about what’s about to happen before it does actually happen.

So an Oklahoma City new home construction will go into the plan review and we actually just discussed your selections. We talk about the timeline, we talk about a weekly updates and homeowners orientation. You’ll actually meet at the main office here and you won’t be at the model home. You’ll actually get to meet the construction manager, the one that’s actually building your home. Uh, we’ll review your blueprints and review your site plan and discuss the greater the land. So basically just giving you a heads up as to what’s about to happen because step number eight is building and that’s when we actually start to get moving forward and you get to see the fruits of all of your decisions. So it Oklahoma City new home construction We, uh, we’ll talk about this a little bit more on the next segment. Jordan Moore 4 10-12-18

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