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Oklahoma City new home construction | Go On Tour

Oklahoma City new home construction | Talking About Easy Works

Well, here we are in another segment with shaw homes. This is Jordan more and seven oak south. Joining you for another, a segment of the feature topic of Oklahoma City new home construction. That’s correct. We are expanding our family into Oklahoma City, so yep. Tulsa. We still build here and the Greater Tulsa area with that simplified, easy and beautiful home, a easy process and beautiful home will be brought over to benefit the customers and Oklahoma City, which is of course a much larger city than Tulsa. So we have been talking about how easy it is to own a shop. We have simplified the process. I’ve said it 100 times over and I’ll say it a hundred times again, we have done this a few thousand times so you don’t have to. We don’t think that you should have to do all that hard work and thinking and making all the selections and thinking it all through when we’ve done it, we want it.

We want to simplify it. For you to make the process easier for you to own a home. I think a lot of people think it’s a daunting and overwhelming task and I think it might be with a lot of builders, but it does not wish all homes. It’s easy and it’s fun. We should be fun doing all this. Not Stressful. Right. And so in the last segment, when we were talking about Oklahoma City new home construction, we focused on the model homes who were and how important it was for us to be able to take people on that. And Oklahoma City new home construction, I think usually by the end of it, I actually, I would rather say, I know by the end of it people are so glad and thankful that we went on the tour with them and I think there’s a few things. I think it’s spending time with them rather than spending time with someone else.

They’re spending it with us and we’re actually able to invest in them and give them the information and, and establish a relationship with a customer. And by the end of it they feel like we have been a ton of help, which we have been. We’ve narrowed down a lot of plans for and we showed them that benefits if each of the plans and we’ve given them the numbers and overcome there maybe any objections that they might have answered those questions for them and so by the end of it we know that we’ve heard from a lot of our customers that even if they didn’t build with us or they even bought a used home that the model homes who were was the most helpful thing that they did during their shopping experience and as I mentioned before and the primary reason is because we focus on the function. Not The price method decoration.

Even though that’s nice to take those photos and keep track of them, but we’ve focused on the function and we want to bring out those things because most people aren’t thinking about others going through and we’re all like, well, how many square feet is it and what color is the paint on the walls? When we’re building a home? You get to make that selection and you get to pick from one of our seven over 70 different floor plans. And so that can seem like a lot of numbers, but that’s part of the tumors we get to narrow it down for you. So the model too or is so important and I think some people are reluctant at first because you know, Oklahoma City new home construction, it’s tearing, some homes are not sure about, but I know by the end of it they’re always glad that they did. So Oklahoma City new home construction will feature this path to owning a new shaw home and the next step in the process is financing.

And so what makes us step, of course so important is just knowing where our customer is at in the process. Have they been approved or have they not? And so going over this, this gives us a better idea of where they’re at and what they need to do. And uh, this gives us an opportunity to find out what is comfortable for their monthly payment. And, you know, this also helps us find out whether or not they already own a home and whether or not whether or not it needs to be sold. And so this step is actually fairly easy and could be easily looked over, but also is easily one of the most important. Here in Tulsa, we have three preferred lenders and that’s the Bank of Oklahoma Spirit Bank and a first Oklahoma Bank. And so the reason why we have three preferred lenders is because leading up to not having preferred lenders, we’ve seen a lot of people get frustrated with the process because they, uh, had maybe their deal blew up because a lender gave him an inaccurate number or they lied about with our closing costs would be, or what the percentage rate would be.

And so by the time they get to closing, they find that out and it blows up at closing. And so it’s important, uh, for, I know Glenn Shaw a, even in Oklahoma City new home construction that we provide the best customer service that we can possibly provide for our customers. And that starts there, uh, when they go to another, you know, basically a third party and they go over there to talk to them. They know that they, that they have helped hundreds of customers through the process of owning a shaw home so they know the process, they know how easy it is, and they also provide great customer service or they wouldn’t be a preferred lender. And so that is the next step. And we always tell people that even if you come in with another one because you think that you have a great interest rate or closing costs, they will match it and sometimes even beat it.

And they also offer all the popular loans that most people would use, whether it’s conventional Fha, a section one 84, which is the native American loan va loans, a rd loans, whatever that might be. A are all offered by our preferred lenders as well. So you’re actually not going to get something somewhere else that’s better than what our preferred lenders already offer. And they’re one of the, uh, important parts and things to know is that the incentive that we provide each month, uh, in order for you to receive the full incentive, he must have the preferred lender or you will only get some of the incentive so you’ll still get one, but you actually get the full amount if you go with our preferred lender. So financing is obviously important to talk about because we would need to know what our customer’s budget is and Oklahoma City new home construction would be no different in this step.

And that’s just finding out, you know, how much of a home they can’t afford so we can keep them in their budget. We don’t want to stretch people outside of that. We want to make sure that we keep them inside of their budget and find out what works best for them. Uh, I know for myself this has been an important step lately because I’ve found a lot of my customers in the last few weeks I have a budget of $250,000 and that gets just a little tricky because heritage series starts at 240 and a Manchester ends at 2:30 and so you’re, there’s a bit of a fine line and finding that out and so that’s important for me to discuss with them. So I know whether or not they can afford a heritage home or if I need to send them over to Manchester so they can build a Manchester series, Shaw Hall.

So with Oklahoma City new home construction, a financing will be the second step. And then the third step is actually the home site reservation. And I know I will pretty much only do a rough touch on this one because I’ll have to continue to talk about it on the next one since we’re running out of time. But for Oklahoma City new home construction, it’ll work the same way is you can reserve a home site. The idea behind it is we can build the plan that you want a hundred times over, a thousand times over with the supplies, but we cannot produce more land and so it’s important that if we find the home that you want, that we’ve put down a homesite reservation on it so that way we can take it off of the market so no one else can get that piece of land that you want to build your home on.

I know that that can be a make or break for a deal because, uh, for that customer, if that the home might be important, but the home site might triggers something else that is a little even more important. I think it is, creates a lot of urgency for our customers because they realize, you know what, I need to get this piece of land before someone else does. Because I know in Tulsa we have about 11 other salespeople all working with about 10 to 15 people at the same time. And we never know if someone else was looking at that one. So that reservation, we’ll take it off. So I wanted to say appreciate you joining us for another segment for Oklahoma City new home construction, Shaw homes, Oklahoma, and we will talk to you again on the next segment. Jordan Moore 3 10-19-18

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