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Oklahoma City new home construction | More Functionality

Oklahoma City new home construction | Come In For A Visit

Hey, this is Jordan from Shaw homes, the sales manager at the village at southern trails bringing you another podcast on Monday, September 17th and 2018. Our exciting news that we’re talking about is Oklahoma City new home construction. That’s right. We’re building a homes in Oklahoma City now. This will become more official and the timeline of what that might be here soon. We’re just glad to announce that that’s the direction that we’re heading. So in the last part, last couple podcasts, we covered something that was pretty important, which is our path, which will be the same path that you get to use from Tulsa over and Oklahoma City. So, uh, what I want them to chat with you about today is a couple move in ready homes that we have in the village at southern trails community. Uh, there are two that we have here and I wanted to start with them and Rhodes to p, the monroe to pt is actually what we have at as our model home in this community.

It’s a very one that I’m sitting in right now in this Monroe to pee, can build, be built in Oklahoma City new home construction as well as Tulsa, new homes. Uh, this actual house will, uh, his price is 310,920 $600. And so, uh, it’s move in ready. It’s active, it’s ready to go. It’s 2,700 square feet and this is a two story home and it’s four bedrooms, three baths. Like I said, again, it’s two story and it’s a three car garage. The awesome thing about, um, the monroe is that it, it, it is our most them versatile floor plan. This plan can be built 15 different ways and now that is either really exciting for someone that likes options are really overwhelming and daunting to someone that is trying to narrow them down. The cool thing is, is basically what it comes down to is we have three one story versions and then from each of those we have five, a second story options for each of those plans.

Oklahoma City new home construction so that kind of narrows it down for you. So if you’re really just wanting a one story, monroe, uh, you can just, you have three options at that point. I’m from, if you’re running a two story, obviously it becomes just a little bit, um, you have a few more options, but the Monroe p, uh, can be built in as an admin new home as well as Tulsa again, and the manure to p actually has the largest great room of any plan that we have. And so I know a lot of people are looking for a little bit more functionality for their plan and they one a little bit more space in their living room. This is the plan that would give that to you. And because the great room is larger, naturally the outdoor living area is as well. It’s an expanded covered patio.

Oklahoma City new home construction so it’s the largest one of any of the plans that we have to offer. Now we have several other plans that have large covered patios that come included, but this one is the largest one that we have to offer. And so I know a lot of people that want to entertain this plan is one of the best that you can do because of the living area and of course the outdoor living area as well. A few other things about the road that is noteworthy and I would like to point out is the master bathroom actually has the most master vanity space of any of our plans that come included. And so that’s actually a split design. There’s one on each side, uh, and the bathroom, which would make it, I feel like it makes a bathroom feel just a little larger a since you have to back to back mirrors facing each other.

And so of course you have a, his and hers vanity at that rate or hers and hers and he’s got a little bit of a corner in a sense that he can use, um, Oklahoma City new home construction comes with this feature as well. And that is a corner tub. This is one of the only plans that we have that has a corner tub. Oklahoma City new home construction so that’s between the two vanities basically. And the shower. And you can actually have an optional feature there where you can have a drop in tub that, uh, that goes in there. It looks really slick and really nice. Um, so those are a few of the options that the Monroe has. Um, what else I would also say about the neuro has that this one specifically the monroe too, and I believe the Monroe Monroe three has the snooze design or the sleep, the snooze button design that we’ve put into a lot of our floor plans.

A lot of the older homes. You basically go into the master bedroom and then you can go into the master bathroom and then there are master closets in there. And then you have to come back out again to leave. The cool thing about this news by a design button, uh, and these plans is that you can actually get up, close the door behind you when you go into the master bathroom and then get ready and go back and forth between the closet and the bathroom and then leave out through the laundry room. Not disturbing the other person’s sleeping or whatever that might be going into the rest of the home. So for our plant, several of our plans have this feature, um, but this one is a definitely featured in our monroe two and three. The Monroe one does not have this feature because, you know, some people don’t want that.

Some people don’t like the idea that you can access the master bedroom through the garage as you walk through those and, or maybe sometimes hearing the laundry from there. And so there are, of course, pros and cons, each of those lists and we believe that each home has its advantage to whatever you’re looking for, whether you’re an empty nester and maybe as an Admin, new home and Oklahoma City new home construction, uh, you might be looking to downsize or maybe your multigenerational, uh, this Monroe to pee, that’s move in ready here is ready to go and is exactly what I was just talking about on all those features for that Monroe. And so that means upstairs or will be a game room and there will be a, a bedroom and a bathroom. And so that’s how the two p columns, there’s other options where you can add another bedroom or some of them other plans we’ll even give you the option of adding a bonus or media room and a game room upstairs as well as other bedrooms and bathrooms.

Um, so once again, this can be built as a one or two stories if you choose to build it on your own. But this one is ready to go. Oklahoma City new home construction this is a three, seven, two, five south elder boulevard and broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Uh, our other move in ready home that we have, um, and can be built as an edmund new home in village at southern trails is the red for one. And it’s, it is a one story. Now this home is 2,349 square feet. It’s one of our largest, one story plans that we have to offer. It’s got three bedrooms, two bathrooms once again until one story. And it’s a three car garage. This home is one of our popular ones that we introduced just a few years ago and has won awards in the parade of homes for the decor that we have. There’s one actually in somerset that she would be able to, to or in Bixby, Oklahoma.

Now this floor plan a is very unique because of a few things. It has a unique turned island towards the neck. It doesn’t really have formal dining. I guess you could use this study as formal dining if you wanted to, but it has an and a large network and a unique hearth design option there that you can put a fireplace in that corner and fit a large table and that highland faces towards, um, that table. So it’s, I think it’s really neat to be able to connect and entertain because you can, you can sit four to six people at the island and you can have a large table in that notebook and in, you would be comfortable there. Um, as well as the Redford has the most cabinet space that comes included more than any other plan. Oklahoma City new home construction, a few other things that I would want to mention about the Redford, um, aside from those two features is that it has a marriage saver master suite and it’s got his and her vanity closets, so it’s got a vanity on each size.

They’re actually the same size of the tub and so it’s on both sides there. And then closet itself is actually split. It got a left and a right side. It’s not wide open, it’s separated. And that’s why we call it the marriage saver. That way, uh, you know, uh, you’re not, you’re separating the two areas and not having to deal with one. So as an Admin, new home you can build the Redford one in Oklahoma City there. And as I mentioned is one of our more popular plans. This one can be built as a two story if you would like though this move in ready one is only a one story. This, a Redford one in the village of southern trails is that it’s addressed as three slash six slash one eight south for court in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. And so we appreciate you joining us with the exciting news about Oklahoma City new home construction that we’re expanding in to Oklahoma City, uh, not just in the Tulsa area anymore. We’re, we’re spreading out into a that wonderful city and we thank you for joining us and being able to talk about it. And we thank you that you share your excitement with this. As we move over there and announced to everyone over there, you will be able to build a shaw home very soon. Jordan Moore 3 9-21-18

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