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Oklahoma City new home construction | More Than Just Talk

Oklahoma City new home construction | More Than Just Talk

Hello, this is Jordan with shaw homes and another segment talking about how easy it is to purchase a new home and our exciting news that we have for you guys is that we’re expanding shaw homes out of the Greater Tulsa area as well. Oklahoma City new home construction, and moving and expanding it is what I should say over to the Oklahoma City area, specifically Oklahoma City new home construction. That’s right. Our easy process. That path to your brand new shaw home, that easy path that we’ve created in our wonderful floor plans are easy process, has, has all been, Oklahoma City new home construction, expanded over to the Oklahoma City area. And we know obviously Oklahoma City is much larger than Tulsa. So we’re excited to be able to move into that market and to see what happens there. I know that we have been doing this since 1985, so we have a lot of experience. We’ve done this thousands of times with thousands of people and we build beautiful homes that meet the needs of any of our customers.

So with that being said, we do keep it simple. I have. That’s because we actually have a 10 step process for you to own your home and in Oklahoma City new home construction, this process will be the same way and that starts with a model home tour. The importance of the model home tour is multifaceted, but the idea here is really just to talk function behind the design. That is the focus here. It’s not to talk about price, so talk about all the numbers because there’s another, there’s another appointment that will end up doing that. We’ll talk about all the numbers, but here we’re just talking about the function. What we want to do is just find out what plan suits you most and so what we do is we actually have a 90 minute tour and this’ll probably be a little different in Edmond itself because depending on the location of those homes and which ones that we go to, but either way the concept is still the same and that is you’ll actually follow us out in your own vehicle.

That way if any kind of emergency pops up or if anything happens, uh, you are free to go at any time. And so you just follow the community manager out and we go to here in Tulsa, we actually had six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. And so with those being available for people to check out, we actually will even check out some of our move in ready homes. That way you can see as a function of some of the plans that we might not have fully furnished and decorated a. But since we actually have over 70 different plans, uh, this gives us the option to show you a few of those. And then also we want to find out at the same time is kind of what is your timeline, what does that look like to you? Is that something where you will end up building, um, you know, is it six to 12 months? Are you looking for something more immediate? Oklahoma City new home construction, so, you know, that’s Kinda like what we like to figure out during that time as well.

Oklahoma City new home construction so that model home tour is roughly, it’s going to be about 90 minutes. Sometimes it takes a little longer, which is fine, but it’s six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. You get to drive in your own car. Like I said, we’re not pricing so there’s no pressure. We’re just focusing on information. We’re just focusing on function and we believe that there’s something for everyone was versatile plans. That’s a water two story and so that is always our first step. The next one is financing and so this one’s important. Unless you’re buying a house with cash, we always want to kind of start to figure out what that number looks like for you guys because it’s just as important. It is to you as it is for us. We don’t want to show you homes that are not within the range that you know maybe that you’re not looking for.

We wanted to show you something that that we know you’re looking for it and financing is kind of where we start with that one. We can get to monthly payment quotes so we can find out what that looks like for you. We actually have three preferred lenders that have an extra incentive if they choose not to use our incentive, they won’t get the full incentive, they’ll still get the incentive that we have to offer, just not the full one. And so with that being said to 500 applications, some people think that it costs something and that it’s a long process. It’s not an only takes five minutes, it’s pretty quick. And then within an hour, within one day you’ll hear back from the lender that’ll let you know if you have been approved or not. And uh, for how much and what that number looks like.

The awesome part about our lenders is that they matched the interest rate and the closing costs. They offer all the same loans at any other, uh, any of the other banks do. We Offer Bank of Oklahoma, uh, first Oklahoma mortgage and spirit thing, which are the three largest banks that are in the Tulsa area. So, uh, with financing being nurse a step number two, the next thing that we always want to talk about as a home set reservation, the reason why we mentioned the home site reservation is for the, uh, primary reason of reserving a homocide. Uh, the thing is, is we can actually build the floor plan that you want a thousand times over however we can not produce more land. And so with that being said, it is only $1,000 to reserve the home site itself. And the awesome part about it is that it’s refundable for seven days.

This allows you to have no rush to decisions and you can actually swap homicides. It’s allowed at that time. You get to kind of take your time with it and get all your questions answered. We actually don’t even cash the check, we just hold onto it that way. You know, the whole thing is to lock a competing customers from taking your one of a kind home site. Uh, as I mentioned, we can build the plan 100,000 times over, but we cannot make more land. So if you fall, we find out that this home site is unique to you and you really like it because, uh, I don’t know, maybe the trees that are there or, or the view that you have from your backyard or just the placement of the home site itself and knowing that it fits the plan that you selected a, we want to make sure that we can reserve that for you.

So once we go in there and our, and our computer system, we can take it on so the other salespeople cannot reserve it as well. And like I said, you’ll have it up for a week, uh, which allows things to kind of slow down and you can make, make some decisions. And if you choose to move forward, that thousand dollars actually goes towards earnest money of your home. So the next step after that is the price out one. And so with Oklahoma City new home construction, you’ll feature, uh, this price out as well. And this is actually where we get to price your home out the way that you want. And that’s down to the dollar, the total price print out on the spot and you actually have tons of options to pick from and you have a knowledgeable staff that you’re working with. You’ll actually end up meeting at your favorite model or at least the model home that you met your salesperson at.

And it usually takes only about 45 minutes, but hey, it can take much longer. I know I was in one last night, then it took me four hours, which is fine, but that’s just what the customer needed for me to continue to make those options for them. They had the time to do it. Oklahoma City new home construction so did I. and so this is itemized pricing. Again, no surprises and you get all your questions answered. I think this is probably one of my favorite steps just because there’s. There’s no fog and and making the decision. It’s not like you going through and you’re getting length as rough estimate of what it will cost. You’re actually finding out we know exactly what it’ll cost to build that home down to the nail and the board and the amount of paint that we use, how many bricks that we use so we know what it’ll cost because we’ve itemized line by line what those things would have end up being.

So it’s not a surprise to you. You know, it’s not like you’re getting some estimate from another builder and then you’ve got to close and we find out that that’s another one because it was over or that it was under or whatever. That is. Not that under is bad, but most of the time it’s over. So with Oklahoma City new home construction, new homes will present the price out to you as well. We’ll get that all figured out for our Oklahoma City people and you’ll be able to price out that home down to the dollar exactly the way that you want to because you know you have your base price of the home which comes included with a nice list of things that most people already they want. And then what you can do is you can do optional features which would, um, uh, you know, something that isn’t already in the home, and then you can do upgrades for things that are already there and you might just want a different style.

For example, you, uh, made still want to do tile, but you might want to do an upgraded tile or you can do optional things like adding a mud bench into the utility room, like in the stonebrook. And so those are the handful of options that you get to experience in that price out. And so that’s step number four. So we’re almost halfway through that path to that Shell home. We understand it’s, we’ve made it easy. We’ve done this a few thousand times, so you don’t have to. So we appreciate you joining us for another segment for a US talking about Oklahoma City new home construction and Shaw homes and Oklahoma Jordan Moore 3 10-12-18

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