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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Oklahoma City new home construction | Review Your Selections

Oklahoma City new home construction | Select your plans

Thank you for joining us for our final segment this week. This is Jordan, more here as shaw homes and we want to continue to talk about the easy path to owning or sean home. We’d been through steps one through five and just finished up with the purchase agreement as an Edmund new home builder. It’s always just important for us to go over these. We usually touched on this before and after every single meeting so people understand what that process is. The next step would be the design studio and that’s number six. We actually have a award winning designers in the last two years. No builder has won more than two awards except for us last year we won 17 at something that definitely bragged about the ladies that are in the design studio. Awesome. Oklahoma City new home construction, we had the largest design studio and the area. We have tons of options offered.

We have a simple process and we, this is really interested three simple meetings, Oklahoma City new home construction, that is, Oklahoma City new home construction, one interior. Uh, the second one’s the exterior and the third one is final signatures. Each of these are about a week apart, so that way you can kind of marinate on your decisions, you know, what’s going on. Um, you’re not feeling rushed in any of those because you know, things will end up being final by the third meeting. Each of these meetings take a little while to complete because we’re going through everything in detail and all your color selections. This is why we advise that there are no children in the design studio at this process. Um, as an Oklahoma City new home construction. The next step and the phase is the plan review. The plan review is more or less a checks and balance for us, uh, to make sure that we have everything accurate.

That way we can check it off and make sure that everything was community communicated properly from a step one to four, actually really from step one to five, that’s where I am able to talk to the customer and get them onboard and sell the home. Then we pass it on to number six, which is the design studio, and they look at all the selections and then a finalize them. Oklahoma City new home construction then we pass it on from the design to, to the, to the builder. At this point we review your selections, we discussed the timeline, we discussed weekly updates and we discussed homeowners orientation. So the idea here is just to make sure, wait, did we communicate everything properly and does everything look good before we get going? And then we also at this point, just talk about everything that is about to happen before we do it.

And then we do it. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, we would end up meeting with the main office. You get to meet your builder there, you’re going to review the, your blueprints, review the site plan and discuss the grade of the land, um, which is pretty awesome. And then the next step after that is number eight, which was building. This one’s pretty simple, but that’s exactly what we’re doing. This is the most simple one to describe it yet takes the longest. Here is where we start construction on your home, you get to enjoy the progress and we have the construction manager will actually be sending you out weekly updates. So, uh, just to let you know anytime that we built it is a open job site, you’re welcome to show up and check out the home at any time. Of course it is a construction site, so we advise you to be very careful and cautious around the equipment, but you’re able to go and check those out.

But if you’re not able to do that or you’re out of town, the construction manager will send you updates with photos that will show you the progress of your home. That way you know exactly what’s going on. Like I said, this is about a six month process and so it’s just sometimes can be a little painful for the customer because we went from having meetings all the time to just not really almost talking at all because they’re in the build process, but there was a lot happening. So the purpose of that is so that way they know that we’re still in touch and we still have control of those things. Um, we welcome questions and you’re, we actually end up having two meetings and as an Oklahoma City new home construction that will work the same way. You’ll have a pre dry wall meeting where the construction manager will walk you through your plan before the drywall goes up.

So you can see the guts of the home, you can see all the plumbing, uh, behind the walls and you can see all the way that we’re running as a Romex and two for, for the electrical outlets. And, uh, you know, just getting everything set up so you get to see basically the skeleton and the guts of the home before the wall goes up. And then finally there would be a um, homeowners orientation where you’ll walk through with the builder and he’ll get you acquainted with your home and just show you things like where everything is at and the attic where you’re a, how to light a pilot light and just goes through a whole checklist just to make sure. Once again, everything’s good to go for the day that you move in and close. And so step number nine is an Oklahoma City new home construction, is a very important one and probably the most exciting is closing.

This is where we find a company and this is where you would fulfill down payments. So in number five, the purchase agreement, this is a you, you were required to give and an additional deposit and which is what we’d consider the earnest money and um, your mortgage approval letter is due then this is the difference of those. So after the mortgage, after the additional deposit, it’s the any additional amount that you wanted to be able to put it on the down payment of the home and you will need the mortgage sign for if you do have one pay closing costs, the title would then be transferred over to you and the keys would be given and it’s time to move in. And that is not the last step because we have one other thing. And then Tulsa, we have the best warranty in the area.

And so it was an Oklahoma City new home construction will end up offering the same thing there. And that is a 10 year structural warranty. A two year mechanical warranty and a one year limited warranty or what we call everything warranty. That mechanical warranty would be things like, you know, your, your plumbing and electrical and anything that would be considered more mechanical and then a one year limited warranty is mostly everything but the sod and the landscaping because you can kill those. And as an Oklahoma City new home construction, we also have a 24 hour emergency line and a full time warranty coordinator on staff. We don’t outsource it. It’s actually done in our main office. And if I have someone on staff that you can get ahold of, we have, um, we, you can get ahold of us at any time during, uh, at any point if you do have any questions, but we will get a hold of you at 60 days after you close to do a followup just to make sure everything is going well.

And we also did an 11 month followup right before the end of that warranty just to make sure we can get everything done in that punch list to get that done for you. So that is the simplicity going through the path. Shaw Hall usually comes in and you go through about half of it risks through each of the steps. Then we go into further detail what that book would look like for them. We also provide this in the packet on tour. People have access to it so they know exactly what to expect. I can’t tell you how many times had customers that will blow up the packet say, well, we just finished up doing that model home to her and we were discussing financing. Oklahoma City new home construction, I’d say that that next step is the home set reservation. How do I go about doing that? So basically we have shown them, uh, our customers to use that path as well so they know exactly what to expect before they even get there and built. The whole purpose of this is just to make it as easy as we can for you. This shouldn’t be a donaldson or overwhelming faster. You should just enjoy it, make your selections, have fund loans with a beautifully decorated model homes. Find out what that is, uh, fits your budget and make those investments. And then enjoy the process of being built and then your brand new home before you.

So these are all the things that we do a cover with our customers and that we give on the other side of that paper is usually our model home to her path so they know exactly where we’re going and where they’re located. Because a lot of times after our model home tour, our customers, we’ll go through it at least one or two more times, one other time just to verify if that’s a to it, goes with the plans again, because there’s just so much information to take in that they want to see them all over again before they decide which one to price out. And then, uh, they’ll go through it and usually another time right before or during the design studio so they could get ideas of how they want to design their. Oklahoma City new home construction, so, um, with that being said, as an Oklahoma City new home construction, a, we encourage you to hop on the website and check out a shaw homes.com and Oklahoma City and see what we have to offer. They’re like I said, we build in several communities and we’ll be glad to build a home for you there as well. Jordan Moore 6 12-14-18

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