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Oklahoma City new home construction | Sell Your Home

Oklahoma City new home construction | Sell Your Home

Thank you for joining us for our final segment this week. This is Jordan more with shaw homes and we’re just talking about the importance of that model home tour and the features that we do cover in the model homes as we take people through them. These are a lot of things that people are really thinking about when they’re coming through the home. Sometimes they might notice a few things or be surprised, but like sometimes if we just don’t point it out, they just don’t realize it. So we want to be like to cure curator of the Smithsonian and just kind of go through and point out the things that people might not be noticing. Oklahoma City new home construction on top of that they’re seeing a lot of homes. So after awhile some of them might bleed together and you’re can’t remember which homes which have which have that and what the colors were here and the selections were there.

So we’ve got to make sure that we can point those things out and what those things that they’re looking for, what you’re looking for and I’m home and point you in the right direction. So for an Oklahoma City new home construction, we always want to take people through that tour and really just spend time with the customer, find out what those needs are, spend more time with them, let them kind of a fuss customs discussed between each of the drives, about what they liked, about the last plan, what they didn’t like about it. We always encourage people to tell us what, what is it that you did, like, what is it that you didn’t like that way? Um, it points us in the right direction. It’s not gonna hurt our feelings. We don’t take it personal because it helps us really narrowed down the best fit for you.

Like we said, there’s a floor plan for everyone and our goal is to make sure that we find out what that is and then present that as an option to you. And so on that tour we started on broken Arrow, ended up in jenks. Narrow those things down during the, along the way we want to find out where do you want to build, um, and we probably would have already qualified you as under financing. But it’s always important for us to find out where you’re at in that and just let you know that, hey, there, there are things in our industry that changed a lot and now thing that thing is pricing. And so as January first comes into the new year, uh, we have to renegotiate all of our contracts with all of our trades. Oklahoma City new home construction I’m telling you, the prices don’t go down when that happens, they only do go up.

So I want to make sure that we can lock in that price for you. And the way that we can do that is by going on a noncontingent going on a contingent contract. The awesome part about a contingent contract is it is based or contingent on possibly the sell of your home or whatever that might be and, or approval, whatever this is. That way we can go ahead and reserve the prices. The incentive that is, this is the best incentive that we’ve had yet. And that’s $15,000 off the base price of your home, towards upgrades or even towards closing costs. You get to choose how you want to spend it. And if you censor, you use our preferred lender that you get that full amount. If you don’t, it’s only $10,000. And so that is one of the awesome parts is we can do a contingent contract and hold that pricing and for up to four months, the one that number won’t change because I guarantee you that if you don’t do a contingent contract that every month that it will increase, especially as a new year counts, they’re only going to increase in ever go down.

Oklahoma City new home construction so we want to make sure that we get you in at the best pricing as possible. Interest rates are also going up. We can, we can kind of lock that in as well. You want to make sure that we are getting you that best number. The other thing about doing that is you’re also able to reserve the land. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, this is extremely important because you have a lot of other people looking at all these different home sites as well and they can be debating looking on a place that you want to build your next home. We want, we want to be able to take that off of the market so people aren’t building on that one of a kind of home site as I’ve mentioned in the past. We can build your home a thousand times over, but we can’t, we don’t, we can’t produce any more land.

Once someone builds on that or reserves on it and it goes into contract with that and we start building on it, there’s no going back on that. That’s that piece of land is gone forever for that. So we want to make sure that you find that a one of a kind of home site. Oklahoma City new home construction so those are the biggest things that we always want to let people know. I was like, Hey, it’s not going to get any cheaper. I’m going to tell you that right now. Um, it’s only going to get more expensive, especially as the year comes. And so we want to make sure that we lock you in on those prices. That’s the important part of doing a contingent contract or even a delay of bill. We can go ahead and hold those prices for you so that way you’re sheltered from any price increases.

These are important things for people to know and is that as an Oklahoma City new home construction, we want to present those as every single option that we can so people know that there isn’t any pressure there, but we also want to make sure that they know that things will change and we will of course accommodate them in a month or two or down the road whether they’re wanting to build but it doesn’t really get any better than the current time to make those selections. And so what we want to find out is how much can they put down a. If there home is less than 2:50, then it’s fine. If it’s 2:50 to three, it’s 10. If it’s three to three slash 15, it’s 15 and it’s over at 3:55 percent and so it’s important for them to know that’s how much is required to put down, but we can be flexible.

How much can you put down now and how much can you put aside every single month to work towards that amount and if it’s based on the sale of their home, then we can tell them to put a certain amount of down and then give us the rest of it when they’re home does sell. And so these are the important things is an Oklahoma City new home construction that we always want to emphasize. People. Uh, there’s just no better time than the economy is great right now. Um, but as, as election go and the ears go, houses only do get more expensive and they do increase in price when you’re dealing with things like the terrorists and importing all those supplies, that only increases the email that we have to pay pass along as well. So we’re always glad to be able to save our customers money. So I’ll give them the incentive to pick it, how they want to send it, the use of their home.

And that’s why we put that money in the back of your pocket so you can really make the selections that you want or make it fit more inside of budget. We find that most people really get the majority of what they want for about that $15,000 and anything past that. Well then that’s something that you’d be willing to pay for it at that point. So they’re kind of, like I said, he figured out the base price of the home and then get back close to where that budget that again, or can take down and you can make a few selections that you want to keep it close to that question. And then Oklahoma City new home construction, we want to make sure that you have all the information to make the right choice. And so for people that have been in before, our goal is just to follow up.

Um, especially the ones that have been on a tour and aren’t moving forward. We want to make sure that we get them in on the best price and the best options possible. And those that are coming that I have not gotten the tour, of course say there’s so much value to the tour that it, that we’ve heard that it is the single most helpful thing that people will do during their home shopping experience is to go on that tour. And I’ve seen that happen multiple times. I’ve given multiple tours and it happens every single time. People are very appreciative and thankful that we do it because no one else does it. No one else takes them on those two are so they can see all these beautifully decorated model homes and all the different options that we do offer. And so, um, when we take people on those tours, it gives us an idea of what works best for them.

And uh, other than that, the other things I would probably want to talk about is financing. We actually have now have three preferred lenders and that’s be okay. First Oklahoma Bank and spirit bank, which are the largest banks in the Tulsa area. And uh, with that being said, they can give you monthly payment quotes so that when you know exactly what that will cost. So once we kind of find out that Ballpark, what would that look like monthly, once we know how much your that you’re wanting to put down for a down payment, what would it look for look like as a principal interest, taxes and insurance, which is what we call a piti payment. I’m taking all those things into consideration and it only takes about five minutes to fill out the application. You’ll find out in the less, uh, less than a day once you are approved for.

So there’s an Oklahoma City new home construction that’s going to be just as important to you within a day. You’ll find out what you’re approved for it or approved it all. And our preferred lenders do interest rates matching a closing cost matching and also offer all the popular loans that um, all the other banks do. So really it only is beneficial for you to go to one of our preferred lenders because you get the additional incentive and they match or beat all the other banks as well. The reason why we have those is because Mr Shaw himself has seen a lot of deals blow up over the course of time and because of lenders giving bad or wrong information and when they find out and closing that that’s not what it was. People back out and we want to make sure that we have someone that provides just as much customer service on that and on that financing as we do after our process. His goal is to make sure that our customers have the best building experience and that’s his goal. That’s our goal. That’s why we provide a preferred lender. So thank you for joining us again this week. This is Jordan, uh, as an Oklahoma City new home construction will catch you again next week. Jordan Moore 6 12-28-18

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